I hate to write one of these, I know they are boring to read and sometimes unnecessary, but I thought I'd add a basic one just incase.. please note I am not a professional or legal advisor so this is written based on some help and my personal knowledge.

Updated Nov. 22, 2015.

All content on this blog is written by me and I am not responsible for the validity nor accuracy of any information other than my personal opinion. I try to give the most accurate and well researched information of the product, usual straight from the brand, however we all make mistakes. What is written is solely my opinion unless otherwise stated. What works for me may not work for you, and vice versa. If you decide to try a product or service I have recommended I am not liable for your experience or issues with that product/service; be it skincare, makeup, a sale, event, etc. My intention is not to harm, and the content on my blog are not to be taken as facts because they are either a personal opinion, or researched information.

All products are bought by me unless otherwise stated at the bottom of the post. I am PR friendly so I do accept products for review purposes. Please note that this will not affect the content of my posts and I will be 100% honest. Accepting product(s) for review does not guarantee a blog post! It can take at least a few weeks for a proper review, sometimes longer. I try to get the content up as soon as possible but as most of my work is a hobby, please be patient! I do try my best to meet deadlines if you have one in mind please let me know ahead of time.

I am willing to participate in advertising, sponsorships, and paid insertions, but I will put them under consideration depending on the relevancy to my blog. Any of these forms of advertising or products sent for review will be clearly disclosed always!

The views and opinions expressed on this blog are my own unless otherwise stated or quoted. I do not write to defame or humiliate any directly or indirectly involved party. Comments made on this blog are the sole responsibility of the comment author. Any spam or marketing ads are filtered or removed as quickly as possible, but I am not responsible for the content of external links (however I do always try to make sure they are valid!). Sometimes, external links in my posts can change or become broken, please do let me know if you come across any of these.

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