Velour Mink Lashes

Velour Mink Lashes Review

I've never been a fan of lashes, until this past summer of 2017. I discovered that eyelash extensions were booming and you can get them done at every corner salon, and even privately in lash artist's homes! I also found out that they could be done for less than $200 (which was my initial thought of what eyelash extensions cost). So I did extensions for about 2 months, I tried 3 different lash artists and ultimately I did not have good experiences. I don't know if it is just my super straight lashes, but I had a hard time with them (I'm planning to write about this soon!).

I began using daily false strip lashes instead from the drugstore, and then I was asked to test out these 3 lashes from Velour Lashes. Perfect timing! I know Velour is an expensive lash brand, with lashes ranging from $34 and upwards, but I have never tried any high-end lashes so I was definitely curious to see how worth it they were.

Velour Mink Lashes Review

I chose 3 different styles of lashes, but they are all mink hair. They come in super fancy boxes with a container inside, which I think is a bit wasteful, but it definitely feels luxurious. The lashes that I chose all have an invisible band, I prefer it because I think it gives a more natural look.

Velour Mink Lashes Serendipity
Velour Mink Lashes in Serendipity

Velour Mink Lashes Strip Down
Velour Mink Lashes in Strip Down

Velour Mink Lashes Skin to Skin
Velour Mink Lashes in Skin to Skin

I honestly have no idea why I chose lashes that all sound the same. I had a hard time remembering which pair was which: Serendipity, Strip Down, Skin to Skin? Velour you're killing me here!

The first pair, Serendipity is my favourite. I have smaller hooded eyes so the other two, even when cut to size, are still a little large for my eyes. Skin to Skin looks a little ridiculous on me I can't even wear that one.

Velour Mink Lashes Review

First I wanted to mention the Velour Lash Adhesive ($15 CAD). I think it is fairly priced, but I didn't find it holding these lashes on. I found that these lashes were a little thicker, and so the glue was not able to hold the shape on my eyes. I think the glue would be alright for thinner, lighter, drugstore lashes, but it was definitely struggling to hold these.

I use the Velour Too Easy Lash Applicator ($28 CAD) to apply the lashes on my eye, and to clamp the lashes to my natural lashes so it blends them together. I do not use the comb side for anything really. I love the lash applicator and it makes the application process a heck of a lot easier.

Now onto the lashes:

The lashes themselves are great. I have used a single pair about 4 times already and they are holding up nicely. I'm seeing a few strands begin to fall out but I am hoping they will last at least quite a bit longer. Honestly, it'd be nice to see these last at least 30 uses due to the high price you pay for them, but I don't see that happening. I won't say it can't happen, I'm sure if you are the type to take great care of them, they will last. But for myself, I get a little irritated when trying to remove my lashes and I will go to the ends of earth to remove them (heh).

They are strong and I can definitely see the difference between drugstore or cheap no-name brand lashes that I've used in the past. The band is thick and doesn't seem like it will fall apart anytime soon.

Wearing Velour Mink Lashes in Serendipity

Wearing Velour Mink Lashes in Serendipity

Wearing Velour Mink Lashes in Serendipity
Wearing Velour Mink Lashes in Serendipity (all photos)

All in all, I'd definitely splurge on a pair of these and I now understand why people do. They look awesome and for a special night or night out, I'd say they're worth it. I wore Serendipity to a friend's birthday and to my own birthday, and I would definitely purchase a pair for my next birthday! They do last more than one use, so if only being used for special occasions you can probably get away with only purchasing two pairs a year or so. I won't stop purchasing more affordable false lashes (like drugstore, Ardell, Kiss), but I also think it's fine to splurge on a pair of two of these! Shop Velour Lashes at Sephora, or on their official website here.

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