Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil Review & Regime

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil Review and 3-Step Regime

I am a big believer in tea tree oil, I think it's a great, more natural way to help get rid of acne faster. I used to use tea tree oil religiously when I was in high school, because my skin was going through puberty and was way too sensitive for any salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide products. I got lazy over time and haven't really used many acne products since then because I found them to be too harsh for my skin. I totally forgot that tea tree oil was my thing in high school!

Thursday Plantation mentioned these five tea tree face care products to try, I said yes because I knew that tea tree oil worked well for my acne, and I was curious to see how the rest of the products would perform. I have seen the brand in Walmart before and I know that they are a reputable brand. They originated in Australia, and are actually one of the first brands in Australia to utilize tea tree oil there.

All of the products here contain 100% pure Australian tea tree oil.

I had no idea, but upon doing some research I found out that tea tree oil is also good for bacterial infections, chickenpox, cold sores, congestion, earaches, fungus, bad breath, head lice, psoriasis, dry cuticles, itchy insect bites, sunburns, staph infections, and probably more!

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil Review and 3-Step Regime

STEP 1: Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Face Wash Foam (150 ml, $14.99 CAD) is a thin, non-oily/greasy foam that gently removes sebum excess, dirt, and make-up without stripping the skin. The face wash does (half) of what it says, it is very gentle and does not strip the skin, but unfortunately it was not strong enough to remove my makeup or have the skin feel 'cleansed' which is what I look for in a cleanser. It also contains chamomile to help soothe redness, but I didn't notice whether it improved my red cheeks or not.

STEP 2: The Thursday Plantation Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Toner (100 ml, $12.99 CAD) is alcohol free so it does not disrupt the skin's pH, and uses both tea tree oil and witch hazel to purify and tighten pores. It also contains aloe vera and calming lavender to sooth redness as well. It feels slightly cooling on the skin at first, and is quite refreshing. The scent of tea tree oil is a little strong, and it does leave the skin with a bit of oiliness/residue. I definitely would prefer to use this during colder months of the year, because during the summer I want to have as little oil on my face as possible. It is a little too 'residue-y' (I know, not a word *sigh*) for me.

STEP 3: The Tea Tree Face Cream (65 g, $15.99 CAD) is step 3 in the tea tree regime, and it contains tea tree oil of course, along with Rosehip and Vitamin E to moisturize and maintain clear skin. It is supposed to restore the skin's moisture balance after cleansing and toning, and also contains macadamia oil, rose hip oil, and shea butter. It is said to be easily absorbed and won't leave an oily residue. After testing, I did feel like this was true, -that it absorbed well and didn't leave an oily residue on my skin. Actually, out of the 3-step routine, this moisturizer was my favourite and I would probably purchase this out of the 3 when I run out. Aside from the toner, it just felt most effective because it stays on and absorbs into the skin. I also didn't have an issue wearing this during the day under makeup, thankfully, it didn't cause any excessive oil on my face. I didn't think this was anything super special, but it does what it says it does and is a nice daily moisturizer.

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil Review and 3-Step Regime

Now for the famous Tea Tree Oil, this is the smallest size available (10 ml, $7.99 CAD) but is more than enough for casual use. It also comes in a It is a natural acne treatment, and also is said to relieve minor cuts, abrasions, bites, and stings. I totally would never have though to use this for cuts/bug bites!?!? Mind-blowing. I didn't really test it for that, but I can say I like it for, 'assisting', in improving my acne faster than if I didn't use it. It's just a great alternative to harsher chemical 'acne-busters'. Knowing that this little bottle is such a multi-use product makes it feel like such a great investment.

And lastly, Thursday Plantation's Tea Tree Medicated Gel for Acne (10 g, $11.99 CAD) is a similar product to the Tea Tree Oil, but is more of a treatment gel to help dry out acne and pimples. It only contains 20% tea tree oil and also contains cinnamomum camphora (0.5%). The gel comes in an aluminum tube, which, I must say, is quite annoying because when opened it squeezes out EVERYWHERE. I literally tried to avoid using this unless I needed it because I knew a ton was going to explode out of the tube every time. I didn't find this effective, like the tea tree oil itself (obviously, since it is only 20%, duh Michelle!), and I would personally rather invest in the pure tea tree oil than this. I also would like to emphasis my hate for the packaging.. :p

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil Review and 3-Step Regime
Swatch Samples (sorry they are difficult to see): Tea Tree Face Wash Foam, Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Toner
Tea Tree Face Cream, Tea Tree Medicated Oil For Acne, 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil

All of the Thursday Plantation products should be available in Canada at Walmart, Loblaws, Superstore, Rexall,, and some Natural Health Food Stores.  Overall, I'd 100% try out the Tea Tree Oil first, out of the line, but if you are already a fan of tea tree oil there is a great product line-up here to try out. Except the Medicated Gel (sorry Thursday Plantation, please fix the packaging issue and then it might be a decent product!). For drugstore, the prices aren't the cheapest, so in my ranking order of what you should try first, I'd probably go with Tea Tree Oil, Toner, Face Cream, Face Wash Foam, and then the Medicated Gel (or not the Medicated Gel at all, unless you're curious).

These products were received as press samples. This article is not sponsored but may contain affiliate links.