Tangle Teezer Customized Compact Styler Hair Brush!

Tangle Teezer Customized Compact Styler Hair Brush Review

I know you've seen this hair brush before! Tangle Teezer is a UK brand, focused on helping you detangle your hair with minimal tugging and "ouch!" while introducing new and fun designs at the same time. 2008 was the first launch of the original brush and the brand has exploded since then.

The brush I have here is the Compact Styling Hairbrush. Is that A Lovely Allure logo on it!? Yes it is! I was able to customize my own brush with a graphic via the Tangle Teezer website!

Tangle Teezer Customized Compact Styler Hair Brush Review
The website gives you the option of customizing the Compact Style Brush only, but you are able to add your own graphic to the brush, or use a premade design from the website. They have 8 different colours available for the top and bottom of the brush but I stuck with the basics. I thought it would be awesome to use my actual logo on the brush, despite the fact that it only fit (nicely) diagonally!

Tangle Teezer Customized Compact Styler Hair Brush Review
Tangle Teezer Customized Compact Styler Hair Brush Review

The brush is customized and arrives to you like this, in a cute tiny black box. The quality of the graphic was better than I expected. The brush was a lot smaller than I expected, but it's shaped with the proper 'curves' and fits perfectly in the palm of my hand.

Tangle Teezer Customized Compact Styler Hair Brush Review

It includes a detachable cover, that slips on and off of the brush easily.

Tangle Teezer Customized Compact Styler Hair Brush Review

The Tangle Teezer uses a two-tier teeth system to prevent as much fuss, breakage, and damage as possible. I've tried the Blow Styling Hairbrush before but this was my first time actually trying a Detangling Brush from Tangle Teezer. The brush is ideal for either wet or dry hair, I personally prefer to brush my hair only when it's dry anyway. The brush detangled my hair gently, and I was able to avoid adding any unnecessary tangles like some brushes (that I've used in the past) do. Also, this brush is a great head massager! If my scalp is itchy, this thing is my saviour.

Tangle Teezer Customized Compact Styler Hair Brush Review

I would 100% recommend trying a Tangle Teezer brush out at least once! It is a great investment and it won't break the wallet.

You can get a regular Compact Styler for $25 CAD. Currently, on the Tangle Teezer website, you can get a personalized Compact Styler for roughly £16.67 + £2.97 shipping which amounted to roughly $32 CAD (with the exchange rate). I wouldn't hesitate to pay an extra few dollars for a personal customized brush. A lot of people haven't tried the Tangle Teezer brand and I think it's a great gift idea and great to buy for yourself as well.

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Schwarzkopf Gliss Ultimate Repair Review

Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair Ultimate Repair Review

GLISS Hair Repair is an affordable line of hair products by Schwarzkopf that just launched in North America! At first I thought this was a new sub-brand from Schwarzkopf.. but Gliss has actually been around for 50+ years in Europe! They've only just launched in Canada and the US for March 2017. 

Schwarzkopf is well known for their salon professional hair products but the GLISS line is reasonably priced and can be found at in drugstores, (it is available at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada). 

The entire Gliss line is focused on addressing hair repair. 

The 5 Gliss lines available in Canada are:

Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair Canada Launched
Ultra Moisture, Extra Volume, Ultimate Repair, Color Guard, Oil Nutritive

I had the choice of one, and I chose the Ultimate Repair to help fix my extremely damaged, ombre/balayage hair. Each line has a shampoo, conditioner, and matching hair treatment.

Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair Ultimate Repair Review

It seems the majority of the GLISS formulas contain keratin (I know the Ultra Moisture, Ultimate Repair, and Oil Nutritive have it), but the Ultimate Repair contains 3x the amount of liquid keratin than the others. It's designed to repair up to 10 layers of lost keratin, and get hair up to 90% stronger.

I noticed my hair feels soft and airy when using the shampoo and conditioner duo. A little refreshed as well. The scent is so lovely. It is like a summer coconut and just smells so relaxing. 

The Express Repair Conditioner is the real winner though! This is a leave-in conditioner. It looks like a bottle of cream and oil but when shaken it mixes up, and you then spray it everywhere!! If my hair is dry I like to spray it on the ends only. But I go to town with this when my hair is damp. I like that it doesn't make my hair feel oily or weigh it down at all, but leaves it smooth.

Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair Ultimate Repair Review
I was also sent a portrait of myself! So beautifully done by Monica Smiley.

The GLISS Hair Repair brand is available in Canada at Shoppers Drug Mart and retail price is roughly $9.99. I like that it's kind of a drugstore intro to the Schwarzkopf brand, and I would definitely purchase a set once I've finished up the shampoos on my shelf.

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Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette

real techniques brush cleansing palette review

Everyone's coming out with an easier way to clean your brushes lately! I'm a fan of Real Techniques because they have good quality stuff, but are also reasonably priced. The new Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette retails for $19.99 CAD, and contains 3 different patterns on the palette (for optimal brush cleaning?)..

real techniques brush cleansing palette review

The palette comes with a sample pack of their new Brush Cleansing Gel as well.

real techniques brush cleansing palette review

The back of the palette has a slit for your hand so it's easy to hold.

real techniques brush cleansing palette review

I don't know why but after trying the palette a few times it just wasn't meeting my expectations. I think maybe it's due to the fact that it's completely silicone, it had a hard time cleaning my 'heavier stained' brushes. My liquid foundation brushes just weren't getting cleaned, the foundation was getting stuck onto the silicone and was getting put back onto my brush. A little bit of a pain in the butt. I used the Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Gel (which smells awesome btw), I also tried it with 2 alternative soaps and got similar results.

It did a much better job of cleaning my brushes that I use with powder products. But I don't think it's a good investment if you're trying to clean foundation brushes with this (like I had intended).

▹ ▹ ▹ ▹ ▹ ▹ ▹ ▹ ▹ ▹ ▹ ▹ ▹ ▹▹ ▹ ▹ ▹ ▹ ▹ ▹ ▹ ▹ ▹ ▹ 

Overall, I think this is the first Real Techniques product I've tried that I don't really like. I'm kind of on the fence about it. The concept is sooo good and I really wanted to like it, but I wanted it solely for my foundation brushes and it doesn't do a great job of cleaning them (as mentioned above). I think it works well for brushes that only have powder residue on them (eyeshadow brushes, blush, bronzer, highlighter brushes, etc).

If you want to put it to the test, you can find the Deep Brush Cleansing Palette online at FarleyCo and the link will also show you other locations where the product is available. It can also be found at select Rexall Pharma Plus, and select London Drugs. I believe I've also spotted it on Amazon.

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Ole Henriksen Skincare Regime & The ReLaunch!

ole henriksen skincare regime and relaunch 2017

Ole Henriksen is a brand I haven't spoke much about before. I've only recently started to regularly use their products and I do have good things to say. The brand is not a new brand, starting out as a spa and a small mail-order only skincare collection in the 80s. It has grown into such a popular collection, with Sephora being the #1 place to find Ole products.

I had the opportunity to meet and talk to Ole himself, back in August. It was such a great experience and I was also pampered by some of his awesome products! I took home a few things to more throughly test but haven't gotten around to writing about it until now. 

Ole Henriksen meet and greet
Hi Ole!

Beginning 2017... Ole actually re-launched ALL of the Ole Henriksen products

Actually, a lot of products seem to be removed from the line, but the favourites and bestsellers are here to stay. The packaging and a few names have changed, but as far as I know the products are still the same. 

I have the old packaging, and unfortunately one of the products is being discontinued.

Ole Henriksen Clean Truth Foaming Cleanser Review

The Ole Henriksen African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser, now called The Clean Truth Foaming Cleanser ($38 CAD) smells yummy and fruity. It is a foam cleanser in a decently sized bottle and contains anti-oxidant african red tea, pumpkin extract, black currant oil, and vitamin C. The ingredients list has slightly changed along with the packaging change but nothing too drastic. 

I use this every morning and have almost finished the bottle. It doesn't remove makeup. It also doesn't leave my skin feeling dry and is easy to use and wash off. It's paraben and sulfate free! 

I love this cleanser and would definitely think about purchasing this one, but I'd have to weigh out whether the cost is worth it. 

Ole Henriksen The Clean Truth Foaming Cleanser
The Clean Truth Foaming Cleanser's new look

Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation Perfecting Moisturizer review

Ole's Sheer Transformation Oil-Free Perfecting Creme, now called the Sheer Transformation Perfecting Moisturizer ($38 CAD for 50 ml) is designed for all skin types and probably their bestselling moisturizer. It's oil-free, contains vitamin C, licorice root and pea extract to improve dark spots and discolouration. 

This is another Ole product I've been using daily. I somehow seem to always go for this one when I see it on my counter. It just does so well under my makeup, it's so light on my skin and is easy to apply. I think I'd purchase this one over the cleanser, just seeing as I know it'll last longer in the end so it'd be better value for me.

Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation Perfecting Moisturizer
The Sheer Transformation Perfecting Moisturizer's new look

Ole Henriksen Uplifting Transformation Eye Gel review

The Ultimate Lift Eye Gel, now called the Uplifting Transformation Eye Gel ($52 CAD) smells soooo good, like cucumbers. It designed for evening use only, to tone, hydrate and reduce puffiness. It contains cucumber and algae extracts and bio-peptide. The instructions are to apply it all over the eye and lids, even up to the brow bone for full hydration. 

You can definitely feel the extremely hydrating properties when it touches your skin and a slight cooling because of the cucumber. This is probably one of the more fun eye creams to apply (heh) because it feels like liquid jelly! I do like to use it about once or twice a week. 

Ole Henriksen Uplifting Transformation Eye Gel
The Uplifting Transformation Eye Gel's new look

Ole Henriksen Total Truth Eye Creme Review

The Total Truth Eye Creme with SPF 15 (discontinued) seems to be discontinued for 2017. I guess I can understand why this one is being discontinued. I mean, I don't have anything hate for it, but it is a little thick, hard to spread under the eyes, and my makeup doesn't apply very well on top of it. 

I do prefer to use this one for night but I think it is targeted for daytime use because it has SPF 15 and smells like spf. I did like that it contained vitamin C, omega 3 extracts, micro algae and tri-peptide 5 (to hydrate and firm). 

Ole Henriksen Truth on the Glow Cleansing Cloths review

The Clean Truth Cleansing Cloths, now called the Truth on the Glow Cleansing Cloths are $36... but for 100 which actually makes it a decent price (I think). The size pictured is the 30 wipes, but I can't seem to find this one for sale on Sephora's website right now... so unsure if they will still sell it in this size. 

I really enjoyed the cloths, they removed my makeup well and smelled good. They also contain vitamin C, CoQ10 (cause I'm sure all of us consumers know what that is... haha), and black currant oil to 'rejuvenate and hydrate'. 

Ole Henriksen Truth on the Glow Cleansing Cloths
The Truth on the Glow Cleansing Cloth's new look

Overall, Ole Henriksen is definitely now on my list of trusted skincare brands. I'd purchase the Sheer Transformation Moisturizer first out of anything, but would consider the other products as well (maybe during a Sephora sale, so don't have to dish out so much $$?). 

Ole Henriksen is available at Sephora stores and online.

These products were received for consideration. All opinions stated are my own and are never influenced by anyone. 

Bite Beauty Lip Pencils & Amuse Bouche Review

bite beauty lip liner influenster review

I know I know, I'm not the first to showcase these lip pencils with their matching lipsticks! I, along with quite a few other influencers have been given the opportunity to try the Bite Beauty Lip Pencils, as well as 2 of their matching Amuse Bouche Lipsticks through Influenster. Bite Beauty is known for their lip products and are actually produced in a lab in downtown Toronto. I've only ever reviewed their Matte Creme Lip Crayons before (here). 

bite beauty lip liner influenster review

The Bite Lip Pencils I have here are in shades 020, and 044. I personally hate that they are numbered and aren't named, but what can you do. The formula glides on effortlessly, they are creamy (but not overly creamy) and super easy to apply. I wouldn't recommend to wear them alone, but they are great as a base before layering on an Amuse Bouche Lipstick! They seem to last just as long as any other lip pencil I've tried and smell like pencil (ugh, typical). Fortunately there seems to be a matching shade for each lip pencil, unfortunately, they are not labelled with the same name as the Amuse Bouche lipsticks.. Personally, I probably wouldn't purchase one of these because I don't often wear lip liners and these will probably last forever. But for a darker shade like Whiskey, 044 is definitely a good liner to have before applying the full lipstick all over the lips.

bite beauty lipstick amuse bouche influenster review

The Amuse Bouche Lipsticks were sent to compliment the lip pencils, but I think I ended up loving them more. These one's here are the mini lipsticks (not full sized). They smell amazing, reminds me of Fresh Beauty's tinted lip balms, there is a very citrusy/fruity scent. They taste fine and are very well pigmented. The nude shade, 'Honeycomb' is definitely a true nude on my lips and lightens up my slightly dark pigmented lips very well. It doesn't last more than a few hours (max!) especially with a lot of eating and talking. However, I do wear Honeycomb quite often and I would definitely consider repurchasing this shade, or any other neutral shade in the range.

bite beauty lip liner 020 044 and amuse bouche honeycomb whiskey swatches

bite beauty lip liner 020 swatch worn
 Bite Beauty Lip Pencil 020

bite beauty lip liner 020 and amuse bouche honeycomb
  Bite Beauty Lip Pencil 020 + Amuse Bouche in Honeycomb

bite beauty lip pencil 020 and amuse bouche honeycomb review
   Bite Beauty Lip Pencil 020 + Amuse Bouche in Honeycomb

bite beauty lip pencil 044
   Bite Beauty Lip Pencil 044

bite beauty lip pencil 044 and amuse bouche whiskey
   Bite Beauty Lip Pencil 044 + Amuse Bouche in Whiskey

bite beauty lip liner 044 and amuse bouche whiskey
   Bite Beauty Lip Pencil 044 + Amuse Bouche in Whiskey

As you can see from the swatches above, the 020 lip pencil with Honeycomb is the much safer bet if you are interested in trying any Bite lip products. The nude shade did not wash me out and I do find myself wearing it quite often. The 044 pencil with Amuse Bouche Whiskey is A LOT riskier, and I'm not going to lie I had a bit of a hard time getting the lip line even with 044 because it is a lot darker of a shade than I'd normally use. 

I don't think I'd find myself buying another Bite lip pencil anytime soon, these will take me forever to finish! I don't typically wear lip pencils and I'm more likely to purchase an Amuse Bouche (I do really like Honeycomb!) once I run out. The Bite Lip Pencils are available at Sephora for $20 CAD here, you can also purchase the Amuse Bouche Lipsticks full-sized (4.35 g) for $30 here.

These products were received for consideration. All opinions stated are my own and are never influenced by anyone. 

New P&G Body Essentials

I tend to only talk about facial skincare and makeup here, so it's not often I end up talking about other body care. P&G brands like Olay, Secret, and Head & Shoulders have been around for decades, and can easily be found in drugstores, supermarkets and convenience stores. If you haven't heard of the brands in this post... you either are not from North America or living in cave or something (heh).

Olay recently came out with a new line of body washes, Olay Fresh Outlast. It comes in about five different fruity scents. The one I have here is in Crisp Pear & Fuji Apple. The packaging is cute and the price is good, the bottle I have here is huge! but I do believe it comes in smaller, regular sizing as well. The scent smells like the real thing, it lathers well and doesn't dry out my skin. I have had no complaints using it but it is just a new scent and size, the formula doesn't seem anything new or special. 

Next I have the Secret Clinical Clear Gel Antiperspirant/Deodorant in Completely Clean. The scent is as described.. it is pretty plain and doesn't smell like my ideal deodorant but it does the job. This is the clear gel formula and is designed to fight odour all day long with 4x protection from stress sweat. I'm not typically fond of the clear gel formulas, I much prefer regular old-fashioned deodorant, but it works as well as a typical deodorant does for me. However, I don't notice it protecting much more than other deodorants. 

This one here is a known favourite. The anti-dandruff hair care line by Head & Shoulders. There are quite a few scents with slightly different properties in the line but the one I have here is the Instant Cooling Relief. It contains tea tree essence and peppermint oil to give your head a minty-cool feel. I found that the shampoo didn't give me the 'cool' feeling, but the conditioner made my scalp feel super cold! I have an itchy scalp and I did find my scalp slightly less itchy after using this shampoo, but the peppermint and tea tree definitely didn't help with my itchiness at all, if anything the cooling effect brought more attention to my itchy scalp.  My boyfriend does rave about this being the only thing that works for his flaky scalp however, so I have been letting his use this lately!

In the past, I enjoyed the Olay Eye Brightening Cc Cream and wrote a review about it a while back (here). The new Olay Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream comes in the same packaging, and is also designed to fight puffiness, dark circles, wrinkles, and fine lines. The eye cream contains colour correcting technology, and a formula enriched with peptides and vitamins. It doesn't feel heavy on the eyes, absorbs super quickly and it feels so nice to use during the daytime. It is not pigmented enough (at all) to work as a concealer or for any coverage of that sort. I don't see this as having enough benefits for nighttime use but I love to use Olay eye products under makeup!

These products were received for consideration. All opinions stated are my own and are never influenced by anyone. 

Dermablend Smooth Liquid Camo Foundation, Setting Powder & Makeup Remover

Dermablend Smooth Liquid Camo Foundation, Setting Powder & Makeup Remover review

Quite a while ago (Fall of 2016), I attended the Dermablend Professional Canadian Launch and received a few products to try from the brand. Dermablend is a medium to full coverage brand and is considered the #1 camouflage brand in the USA by dermatologists!

•  Dermatologist Tested
•  Allergy Tested
•  Sensitive Skin Tested
•  Non-Comedogenic
•  Non-Acnegenic
•  Fragrance Free

Dermablend camo cover cream covering tattoos
Dermablend Artists at work; covering tattoos with Dermablend!

I don't remember exactly what the artist used, but I believe they were covering the tattoos with a full coverage Cover Creme, with a powder foundation or setting powder on top.

Dermablend Smooth Liquid Camo Foundation review

Firstly, the Dermablend Smooth Liquid Camo Medium Coverage Foundation. It contains SPF 25, is a tiny 30ml size and retails for $42 CAD. To be honest, the size is so small it makes me not want to use it besides on special occasions, but a little ends up going a long way! The price is not bad considering what we see at Sephora nowadays (Marc Jacobs Remaracable is like $70 for 22ml, craazyy!).

The foundation claims to be medium coverage, but I find it to be a solid full coverage on me. It covers redness no problem, and acne spots, and just evens out the skin really well. The shade I have is 30W, it is a perfect match for me when I'm tanned in the summer but slighty too dark for the winter months. I might look into getting a shade lighter to add to my collection. I didn't find it irritating to my skin and I like that it has no added fragrance (aka it smells like plastic). I really don't mind it, it isn't overpowering and if you don't have a strong sense of smell it might smell like nothing to you. It is a little tacky at first, but smooths out well when you add the setting powder afterwards.

Dermablend Smooth Liquid Camo Foundation bisque 30w before and after
(Click image to enlarge)

I'm so so impressed with the coverage as you can see above. No editing!! It hides my redness and beauty marks quite well and evens out the skin tone. The shade I am wearing is Bisque 30W

Dermablend loose Setting Powder review

The Dermablend Professional Loose Setting Powder has been getting much use in my beauty routine lately. I was so excited to try it out as I don't usually have experience with 'baking' to set my face. It retails for $34 CAD, contains 28g of product and claims wear of up to 16 hours. This setting powder works so well over the Liquid Camo Foundation, it's like they were made for each other. My skin feels baby smooth after applying this over top of any foundation/concealer, and it helps my makeup last longer BUT not close to 16 hours long. 

But honestly, I wouldn't expect it to be some miracle powder to make my foundation last that long, it does well enough by extending the wear of my foundation before the oil ends up seeping through near the end of the day.

Dermablend loose setting powder review
I'm confused, am I doing it right? 

I like to apply the powder under my eyes and on my t-zone with a mini beauty sponge (the one pictured above is Sephora brand). Then I wipe the excess off with a powder brush. 

Dermablend long wear makeup remover review

The Dermablend Professional Long Wear Makeup Remover comes in a tube with 150ml of product, and has the best retail price in this post so far, at $23 CAD. This makeup remover is amazing for removing Dermablend foundations, or any other hard-to-remove face products. It's kinda messy, you apply it like a wet cream all over the face and rub it in to loosen the foundation. Next remove it with a cotton pad (or a few), and I'll then wet my face and go over it again with a final cotton pad. It works better than a micelle solution and isn't as messy as an oil.

Dermablend Smooth Liquid Camo Foundation, Setting Powder & Makeup Remover swatches
(1) Dermablend Smooth Liquid Camo Swatch, Setting Powder Swatch, and Makeup Remover Swatch
(2) Dermablend Long Wear Makeup Remover in action!
(3) My hand after wiping off the makeup remover with a cotton pad

Dermablend Smooth Liquid Camo Foundation 30w bisque worn
Full makeup face, wearing Dermablend Smooth Liquid Camo & Loose Setting Powder. 
NYX Lip Lingerie in Push-Up on the lips & Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Contour Quad in Rust & Tattoo Liner on the eyes.

Overall I am a big fan of the brand after trying these products. I do not think the price point is too high, and I do want to buy more from them and perhaps repurchase these once I've used them up! I'd actually like to try the Liquid Camo in 25N (a shade lighter) so it's more wearable for my pale winter months.

Dermablend Professional is available at select Shoppers Drug Mart's in Canada so far, you can check which locations stock the brand on their website, here. In the USA, I've seen the brand carried at Ulta and Sephora stores.

These products were received for consideration. All opinions stated are my own and are never influenced by anyone. 

Sudio Vasa Bla: Rose Gold Wireless Earphones Review

sudio sweden vasa bla rose gold wireless earphones review

I have something different today, something non-beauty related but it might just catch your eye and instantly become added to that birthday wishlist! Sudio Sweden recently reached out to me for feedback on their new VASA BLÅ Wireless Earphones. What caught my eye wasn't even their bluetooth wireless capabilities, it was how cute and fashionable they are (damn, am I materialistic?)

To keep up with new technology, Sudio has created their version of this new revolutionary product, the wireless bluetooth earphones! I am definitely no super audiophile, but I do like a good quality sound system; whether it be earbuds, headphones, stereo, etc.

sudio sweden vasa bla rose gold wireless earphones review
sudio sweden vasa bla rose gold wireless earphones review
sudio sweden vasa bla rose gold wireless earphones review

The Sudio Vasa Bla comes in a slim box, that opens to reveal a very 'Apple' product-like packaging. It's minimal, as it should be. I've laid out all of the box contents above, minus the instructions sheet and owners manual.

• Sudio Vasa Bla Wireless Earphones
• Leather Case
• Micro USB Charger (Cable Only)
• 4 Extra Pairs of Earbud sizes
• Cable Clip 
• Quick Start Guide, Owner's Manual & Guarantee Card

Unfortunately, these did not come with a wall plug, likely because of the fact that they ship all over the world and everywhere uses a different outlet. But considering the price, I was a little disappointed it was missing this. The leather case is a good trade-off for the missing wall plug however, it fits the Vasa Bla perfectly and is thick enough that it feels like they're going to be protected in my purse.

sudio sweden vasa bla rose gold wireless earphones review

Sudio VASA BLÅ Features:

• Bluetooth 4.1 technology
• Sweatproof, with remote and mic
• Up to 8 hours of unlimited play-time
• Standby for up to 10 days
• 10 min quick charge, 120 min full charge
• Range of 10 meters
• Studio quality sound and noise isolation
• Lightest on the market

Sudio Sweden officially offers the Vasa Bla in four gorgeous and fashionable fun colours. Rose Gold Black, Rose Gold White (mine), Blue, and Pink. They do offer other products in various colours like their wired earphones and wireless headphones, but their main focus colour seems to be gold rather than the typical silver, which I think, makes them seem fashion forward.

sudio sweden vasa bla rose gold wireless earphones review

The controls are on one side, with the battery pack on the other. They look the same so it can be easy to mix them up, but the controls tab is slightly slimmer. 

The indicator will flash red to pair, and will continue to flash blue to indicate that it is on. The middle control can be used to answer or end a call, pause or play a song, and turn the device on and off. The volume controls are used to control the volume of the earbuds, which (btw) is separate from your phone's volume. The volume controls also can be held for 2 seconds to change songs.

sudio sweden vasa bla rose gold wireless earphones review

When I first opened these I was a little nervous. Seeing as they are a company I am not familiar with, I wasn't sure how they would perform. The initial reaction I had was 'wow they sound great! But there isn't enough bass?'. I was a little disappointed, but I realized that changing the earbuds really helped them fit properly, so I could hear all of the tones much better. Even my boyfriend, who is a little more tech savvy than me said that they sound amazing and he would steal them from me if I didn't choose the most girly colour (heh!). I do still wish it had a bit more bass, but it does have good sound and a good range of highs and lows. 

The unit itself is light, I haven't used other wireless earphones before so I don't have a good comparison. When they're in your ears, compared to regular earphones they are a bit heavy, but I found that letting the cord rest on the back of your neck really helps and makes them feel almost weightless.

The earbuds are interchangeable, with various sizes included, but they were a pain in the a%* to change. I will definitely update on the battery life. I have not noticed exactly how long it lasts, but it

Overall the quality is good, and I brought these on a trip with me to New Jersey with no issues. They are so handy and just cool to have. Also a huge plus...wait for it: NO untangling cords!!!! The cord is so short and shaped that it never tangles.

sudio sweden vasa bla rose gold wireless earphones review

Now for the price.. they're a little pricey at $140 CAD each. I know I'd have to think this one over if I had to purchase it myself, the sound isn't amazing and the price is a little high. But I think this is a great gift especially for someone who is into the 'fashionable' side of technology. Sudio offers free express shipping for all orders so the fact that they are located in Sweden really is not an issue. The Vasa Bla are so beautiful and I'll continue taking them with me whenever I have a long bus or train ride for sure.

I am also able to offer you guys 15% off with coupon code 'alovelyallure'! If you are eyeing them already, I'd say it's a decent deal for a pair of wireless earphones. You can take a look at what Sudio has to offer, here.

This product was received for consideration. All opinions stated are my own and are not influenced by any affiliates.