Sephora Sparkle & Shine Stocking Stuffers

sephora sparkle and shine stocking stuffers holiday 2016

I know Sephora's checkout aisle gets to you. It gets to me too. I am like a kid in a candy store when I finish my round of the store and make my way to the checkout. having to avoid eye contact with all the miniature sized goodies so I don't end up spending an extra $50 bucks! But during the holiday season I actually love these kind of displays. Mini items like this are great for stocking stuffers for family, or perfect to put in a personalized gift basket! The Sparkle & Shine Collection has a super cute design, is Limited Edition, and out now for the 2016 holiday season!

•  Sephora Sparkle & Shine Skinny Brush Set (here's a link to similar set)
•  Sephora Dual Boar Mini Brush $19
•  Sephora Strays Away Set of 4 Mini Tweezers
•  Sephora Sparkle & Shine Classic Mini Multitasker Brush #45.5 $18
•  Sephora Sparkle & Shine Lash Curler $23

sephora sparkle and shine the universalist makeup travel cosmetic case holiday 2016

I know a bit too big to be a stocking stuffer, but the Sephora Sparkle & Shine The Universalist Cosmetic Bag is probably one of the cutest cosmetic bags that can literally fit everything! Heck, even my straightener pretty much fits in here! It has a top compartment with a brush holder (can you say holy grail makeup bag!?!) and enough pockets for smaller items. For $61 CAD, I think it's a good investment. Sephora needs to bring out more colour options!

sephora studley the perfectionist sponge and travel case set holiday 2016

And lastly, how can I forget my favourite, the Sephora Studley Sponge and Travel Case Set? This cutie comes with a The Perfectionist Pink Airbrush Sponge on a detachable case and keychain. It's cute and isn't useless because it actually comes with the makeup sponge! I have a full review of the Sephora 'The Perfectionist' sponges here, if you want to see how well it performed compared to my Beauty Blender.

If you don't like these, there are so many other options for stocking stuffers on and in stores. I don't think I'd look anywhere else while shopping for a makeup lover this Christmas!

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