Atelier Cologne Necessaire Citrus Cologne Absolue Set

Atelier Cologne Necessaire Citrus Cologne absolue Set
Atelier Cologne Necessaire Citrus Cologne Absolue Set

For the holiday season, Atelier Cologne brought out a few gift sets with deluxe sample-sized fragrances. I was excited to see this as I always hear positive comments about the brand! Atelier's fragrances are made in France and each and every scent are said to have a story behind it, a 'moment in a bottle'. The set I have here is the 'Necessaire Citrus Cologne Absolue Set'.

The Citrus Set consists of four 4ml/0.14 fl oz. mini colognes which makes it a little on the expensive side for deluxe sample sizes.

The four scents ..

•  Pomelo Paradis *new (fresh pomelo from Florida over rich notes of blackcurrant bud)
•  Orange Sanguine (zesty burst of crushed ripe fruit, sweet blood orange juice against bitter orange peel & geranium)
•  Bergamote Soleil (unisex fragrance with soft hint of floral)
•  Clementine California *new (fruity, green and sweet fragrance)

They are strongly scented and pretty true to the descriptions. I am terrible at describing fragrance notes but I'm not afraid to say that my absolute favourite is Pomelo Paradis! It is the most yummy fruity, likely due to the blackcurrant, and I couldn't stop smelling this one. The rest of the scents are also pretty true to their descriptions which surprised me! The way the scents matched their description reminded me of the brand Demeter Fragrance, but with a more concentrated and highly thought-out line of luxurious scents. I'm not going to lie, I felt a little expensive wearing these scents throughout the day. The only scent I didn't like was Bergamote Soleil, I had a feeling it was a unisex fragrance when I tested it, and it just doesn't make me feel sexy when wearing it (I regretted spraying it over my shirt)! I will probably use it as a room spray or give it to my boyfriend.

I was afraid the scents might be a little similar when I found out this was a citrus collection of scents, but they are all so unique against each other! They all pack a punch and seem to be concentrated enough that you don't need to use more than one or two sprays.

The set is available at Sephora stores and online for a limited time at $32 CAD ($64 value).

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