Real Techniques Duo Fiber Collection Review

Lately, there has been a lot of hype around Real Techniques and their new Bold Metals Collection, which features a set of new individually sold brushes with a higher, more luxurious price point that aren't even available in Canada yet. But here I am still reviewing this old collection... (heh, kidding, it's not old)! 

The Duo Fiber Collection actually came out sometime in summer of 2013, however, it was marketed as a limited edition set. In 2014 it was decided that the set was going to be a permanent addition to the line of brushes. The Duo Fiber is definitely the most unique collection to be added to the Real Techniques brush lineup because of the 2 different synthetic fibers in these brushes. This set doesn't come with a brush holder/travel case like some of the other Real Techniques sets do.

The fibers are quite visible, as you can see there are shorter, denser black bristles, in between the sparse white bristles. And yes, these brushes are designed to be used with powders or with cream products.

There are only three brushes in the lineup, but you don't really need any more than that. These three are very versatile and are:

Duo-Fiber Face Brush
Duo-Fiber Contour Brush 
Duo-Fiber Eye Brush

In terms of how to use these brushes, I was a bit confused at first, but I've pretty much got it now after having tested them out.

The Duo Fiber Face Brush is designed to be used with powder products such as a setting powder, compact powder makeup, mineral powders, and even blushes. I found it great to apply a setting powder, or to highlight the cheekbones. It works well for anything you don't want to apply too much of, basically. I wouldn't suggest it for blush unless it is a very pigmented blush, because it will be difficult to pick up product.

The Duo Fiber Contour Brush is designed to be used with contour products, such as a bronzer, contour or blush. I love using it with my Illamasqua Cream Pigment in Hollow to contour the cheeks, it works well with a powder bronzer like The Balm Bahama Mama

The Duo Fiber Eye Brush is designed to be used to add a bit of colour in the crease of the eyelid. I found the brush a bit scratchy and have better, softer brushes to use for the crease of my lids. So I use this brush to lightly contour the nose with the same Illamasqua Cream Pigment or a bronzer like The Balm Bahama Mama.

I found all 3 brushes to be less softer than the other Real Techniques brushes, and found them to be a bit scratchy.

Products Shown: Duo Fiber Collection, Illamasqua Cream Pigment in Hollow, MUFE HD Pressed Powder, The Balm Staining Powder Blush in Houndstooth

Overall, the brushes aren't the softest in the Real Techniques line, but they are decent for someone who uses powder products often or doesn't want heavy application. They are definitely ideal for pressed powders that are highly pigmented, but I wouldn't use them with a drugstore blush or bronzer. They definitely aren't a necessity to a makeup collection, but they do come in handy. 

My favourite brush has to be the contour, with the face brush coming in second and the eye brush as my least favourite. No, I would not re-purchase these brushes if the set I have now were to break, but I would not regret purchasing them for the $20-30 that they are sold for (note: I did get this set as a sample but I was going to purchase them anyways). 

The Duo Fiber Set retails for $20 but you will usually find it for a little more. Available at Ulta*, Boots, (overpriced alert!!), iHerb (probably the cheapest, for North America at least), and Obsessed Canada. Have you tried this set? Do you use duo-fiber brushes?

These products were received for consideration. All opinions stated are my own and are not influenced by any affiliates.