Make Up For Ever Graphic Liner Review

make up for ever graphic liner review

Make Up For Ever recently introduced two new liners; the Graphic Liner ($29 cad) and the Ink Liner ($27). Both similarly priced, but with slightly different finishes and applicators. I chose to test out the Graphic Liner, because it was catered towards both beginners and pros. 

To be honest, I haven't ever tried a high-end (or, Sephora) brand liquid liner so I didn't have much to compare it to. I'm a huge fan of gel liners, and after testing this out I do have a few likes and dislikes about it.

make up for ever graphic liner review

The Graphic Liner has a super-fine felt tip. I have tried a few drugstore liquid liners and this is probably the finest tip I've used. The finish is glossy,  a 'glossy plastic finish' to be exact.

make up for ever graphic liner review worn
Make Up For Ever Graphic Liner: I believe I took the bottom picture first, and thickened the line a bit and took the top photo.

I actually found it quite difficult to use on my lids. The tip is so fine and it is a bit intimidating! I am clearly not the eyeliner expert, and I feel I have much better control with a gel liner. I did find this liquid liner hard to control because it is constantly pumping product to the tip. There is no "push to activate liner" or "dip your brush into this pot over here" so it took me some skill to make a decent line. I also didn't like the smell. It has a marker scent to it and it is a bit bothersome to me when applying. The scent does not linger and is gone after you close the cap, of course.

Although the fine tip is so intimidating, I liked that I could make the eyeliner as thin or as thick as I wanted. It took concentration, but I was able to make such a thin line in my inner corners, something that us hooded eyelid girls struggle with. There was no smudging, and it does not come off when ran under water but if you rub it under water... say goodbye to your eyeliner.

make up for ever graphic liner swatched before and after water

Above are some lines I made with the Graphic Liner felt tip. You can see how thin the line can get. I took a long hot shower and rubbed the lower half of my swatch and the liner came right off. However, I was impressed with the staying power of the rest that I didn't rub, it was only faded but still on pretty well. 

make up for ever graphic liner review worn

- Very precise tip
- Staying power is decent
- Once it sets, it isn't going anywhere
- Dries super quickly
- Strong, opaque colour
- No smudging

- Might be difficult for beginners, difficult to control for a shaky hand... ha..
- Fine tip is intimidating 
- The scent
- Not waterproof, will come off under water if you rub or wipe it. However if not rubbed, it will dry again once out of water and won't budge again.

make up for ever graphic liner review

It works much better when making long, quick, confident strokes. Any hesitation will definitely show. I'd say this liner is not for beginners, and more suitable for those who are a bit more experienced with liquid liner. Would be an excellent combination to use this over a gel liner for beginners or those with a shaky hand.

Overall, I wouldn't purchase this liner once I finish with this one. I would however, like to try the Ink Liner because I feel I might see a bit more control with that one because you are able to dip the brush into the pot, rather than this which is more of a free-flowing tip. Find it here* at Sephora, for $29 CAD.

This product was received for consideration. All opinions stated are my own and are not influenced by any affiliates.