New Year & Favourite Posts of 2014

Hii! I apologize for my lack of posts since Christmas but I think I had a bit of Christmas post overload and had to take a bit of a break. I'm back for the new year to show you my 4 favourite posts of 2014, not based on views or anything but just the posts that stood out to me the most while going through my archives :) I also talk a bit about what to expect for 2015, and what I've been feeling lately so please read on! :)

4 Favourite Posts of 2014:
•  Dyeing my Hair with L'Oreal HiColor in Magenta
•  Festival Beauty: Turn It Up with Covergirl, Olay & Herbal Essences
•  Beach Day Essentials
•  Jet Set Into Fall With Revlon to: Stockholm

My all-time favourite decision was to finally decide to post about dying my hair with L'Oreal's Magenta. I actually get a ton of hits through this post, and I'm glad my trial and error has helped others use the hair dye effectively. Some of my favourite posts were through campaigns through PR of companies such as P&G and Revlon. These posts were so fun to put together and some of my best looks were photographed in these posts!

Getting Caught Up
I do still have many reviews to catch up on. I am planning to get those done as soon as possible. I have just been enjoying the long winter break from school. I also get stressed very easily, and the new laptop thing has been bothersome for me lately, as well as a few other issues such as having to get my wisdom teeth out, creating my school schedule (University is like Hunger Games compared to College...), and other personal issues.

I also haven't been wearing a ton of makeup throughout the break, so it has been hard for me to photograph any face shots for my reviews.

Tech Update
The laptop I mentioned in my last post, I actually ended up returning -twice. It was such a gorgeous colour, it actually looked like rose gold in certain lighting, it had all the right specs but unfortunately I noticed weird noises coming from the CPU area.. and I have reason to believe there might be a defect with the models that were most recently produced for Canada.

I ended up buying a new Sold State Drive - a replacement for my Macbook's hard drive, which made it a ton faster and made it usable for now (yay). I am hoping to do a few tech posts in the near future, because I have literally done so much research on laptops in the past few weeks it isn't funny.

Future Reviews
I always try to base my reviews on what I would want to read, and make them as informative as I can. I even do research prior to writing the review to get a bit more information on the product. I do love writing and providing everyone with honest reviews, but I find that they are often really time consuming. Also, seeing a lot more activity on Youtube gets discouraging, because you know that most people prefer to watch videos over reading.

Basically, I know I always say this, but I want to try and get my reviews shorter and straight to the point so they are more readable. (Ugh, I know this isn't going to happen.. I have a tendency to try and include as much ramble as I can..)

What Else to Expect
•  I want to begin to write about other things I like... not just beauty. I would like to start an occasional series (not sure what to call it yet!) on hauls, clothes and their fit, experience with the store/online shop, etc. Not so much fashion/styling posts (seriously, I'm a lazy person and I'd prefer to not dress like a supermodel everyday) but just basic clothing fit reviews. This is going to be hard for me because I don't have nice backgrounds to take larger photos in front of but I will have to think of something.

•  As mentioned, I also want to have a few tech posts. I'd like to think that I am decently knowledgable when it comes to the basics of computers/electronics, so I'd like to share tips and my experiences with others :)

•  In general, I just want to expand on what I write about and incorporate other reviews and topics that I was afraid to include on my blog before because I thought my readers might not like it. But I've decided to do it, and if it isn't interesting to someone I hope that they just won't click it rather than unfollowing :)

Seriously, I think I'm just conflicted between my girly side and my tomboy side.. growing up with a father who loves and works on cars, I've developed some of those traits.. but another side of me is like "noo! you love clothes and beauty products!". I do love posting reviews, but lately haven't been as creative as I'd like to be to think of creative beauty posts. Actually, a lot of my creative posts were thanks to campaigns through P&G and Beauty United and I'm really happy to be apart of that.

I do still have my 2014 favourites, an empties post, and a ton of other beauty posts planned, be excite!
If you see me go missing for a bit, I will be back! It's normal for me. I just don't like routine ;)