Guest Post: Meg's Makeup Bag Favourite Brand of 2014

Hi Everyone, I’m Meg from Meg’s Makeup Bag, and I’m Michelle’s CBB Guest Blogger for December. The instructions for this month’s blog post were quite simple, share a favourite from 2014.

 For me, it was an easy choice; I've been obsessed with Charlotte Tilbury makeup since it was launched in North America in September. So today's post is all about my Favourite Brand of 2014 - Charlotte Tilbury.

 While Charlotte Tilbury Makeup has been available for almost a year in the UK, it was almost impossible to get ahold of in North America. When the brand finally launched in North America, the site started to carry it, which was amazing because they have overnight delivery, even to Canada (it's also very dangerous).

 For today's post, I decided to share my top 3 favourite Charlotte Tilbury products; the Filmstar Bronze & Glow Palette, the Fallen Angel Limited Edition Eyeshadow Palette and the Powder and Sculpt brush. It was hard to pick my top 3, because I own a little bit of everything from her line (seriously…I’m slightly addicted), and haven't ever been disappointed. The quality of the products are amazing, and considering their pricing is within the same range as YSL and Givenchy, they're definitely worth having a look. Plus I'm a sucker for all the rose gold packaging.

Filmstar Bronze and Glow Palette: This was my first Charlotte Tilbury purchase, I had seen so many of the UK bloggers taking about it, I ordered it as soon as it became available. It's definitely deserving of the hype, it's such a wonderful contour product. It's the perfect neutral contour shade for a wide range of light to medium skin tones. The contour side isn't completely matte, which I normally wouldn't like but in this formulation it works well and gives a healthy glow. The Highlight side is very subtle when compared to something like MAC MSF Soft & Gentle, but it's right up my alley. It's subtle enough to be used everyday without looking like a disco ball, but can easily be built up if you really want to glow. If you were going to buy one product from Charlotte Tilbury, I would recommend this one.

Fallen Angel Limited Edition Eyeshadow Palette: This eyeshadow palette is just the perfect example of how awesome Charlotte Tilbury products are. The attention to detail on the packaging, and on the eyeshadows themselves is absolutely gorgeous. I initially had a hard time using this palette, because it looks so pretty. The eyeshadows are so buttery soft, and can be used wet or dry. This particular palette is a limited edition for Christmas, and it's wonderful for a smokey eye. It has all the shades you need, and they blend so nicely together. The shades are lovely as a wash of colour, or as built up for a darker, more pigmented look.

Powder & Sculpt Brush: This brush is designed to work with the Bronze & Glow Palette, and together they're a great pair for contouring. The shape of the brush gets right into the hollow of my cheek and makes contouring idiot proof. It's quite multi functional, as it also works great as a blush brush. The bristles are so soft, and it's well constructed, definitely worth the investment.
So there you have it, my favourite brand of 2014, Charlotte Tilbury. I cannot say enough good things about this brand, it's well deserving of it's status as favourite brand for 2014.

Have you tried anything from Charlotte Tilbury?

Thanks so much to Michelle for letting me guest post today!