Christmas, Boxing Day & Words of 2014

Hey Lovelies! I have been a bit MIA this past week because I didn't have any posts scheduled (not that I ever do, #procrastinator). It has been a super busy 2 weeks for me, with Christmas and Boxing day, and I'm sure you all can say the same!

I do have a Favourites of 2014 post planned, but it isn't ready so I thought I'd share what I got for Christmas, a bit about 2014, some late birthday gifts, and my Boxing Day haul for now.

Starting off with the Christmas gifts! I got quite a few small things from my Nana, an electric toothbrush from my dad and stepmom (I needed this!), and a bit of chocolate. Actually, my grandparents ended up giving my boyfriend the chocolate so I didn't really get any chocolate -_- But my favourite and most usable gifts were some cash and gift cards! I got the Cadillac Fairview card from my aunt's close friends, and the Timmies card from herself. I am very close with my aunt and currently live with her and my grandparents. The Cineplex is from my boyfriend's mom! I don't see her often so I thought it was very nice that she thought of me.

My aunt also got me some soft and fuzzy pj pants! It's like she knew I was browsing Forever 21 for them the other day...

Ok now for my boxing day haul!...

target towel

One, lonesome towel from Target :D it wasn't even on sale.. Ooh it is actually a performance towel! I have the same one and have been looking everywhere for another. It was $7.99 I believe.

Yes that is all I got on boxing day (is that sad?). I planned to online shop but didn't see anything I liked online. Yorkdale was literally backed up the highway for kms so I wasn't about to go there either! I was in Burlington and saw a Target so decided to pick up something before it closed (it was literally empty).

I didn't really get much else so I thought I'd show some of my recent purchases below..

michael kors jet set travel tote dark dune

This Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Tote actually was a gift for my birthday from the bf, but it came a little before Christmas. It is in the colour Dark Dune which is like impossible to find in Canada. I was so happy to receive it although there were a few dents on the leather. I am in love with the colour!

v moda crossfade lp headphones

I picked up these V-Moda headphones from Amazon for $70 on Black Friday! It was a super discount, down from $150-200, and the sound and bass is awesome! They do get uncomfortable after an hour or so.. so I was thinking of upgrading the ear pads to a larger size.

asus zenbook ux303la

And my newest girlfriend.. the Asus Zenbook! I picked this up on sale as well, but it was still quite a pricey machine. I've gotten sick of Apple and the way they stopped support for my operating system months after I bought the laptop, and overall I didn't like the limited ability to do things on a Mac. My laptop was also, probably defective (it had many internal and physical problems) and I received pretty bad service from Apple (I assume because I didn't buy the extended warranty). So after almost 4 years, it's back to Windows I go! But don't get me wrong, my Macbook Pro was such a sturdy, strong laptop with a great screen and it was great for the first year of having it (the lack of viruses thing was great too).

Looking back on 2014

Looking back on 2014, it was a year that definitely had its ups and downs. There were losses and gains but in the end I am glad to have support from the people that I love. I went through a lot of school, issues with trying to transfer to University from College, but in the end it all worked out!

In regards to blogging, I've finally got a set of lights so I am able to take photos at night now. This was a huge problem for me for the past year because I could never find the time to take photos in the perfect daylight. I've also had a lot more experience testing products, beauty products in general, and come to the conclusion that not every product is perfect. Everything has it's flaws and it is okay to mention them. I have always been all about 'honest' blogging but in the past I avoided writing reviews about quite a few products I really didn't have a good experience with.. especially if they were from PR. In the future, I would like to get some of these posts up, and continue sharing my experience with products, even if I hated them. I want to be completely honest with my readers and by not posting some of those reviews in the past I feel like I wasn't.

I want to say a special thanks to Kriselle of Livin and Lovin! She recently wrote a Best of 2014 post and included me as one of her favourite beauty bloggers! I can't express how great it felt to see this and what she wrote about me was very sweet. Please share the love, visit her blog and read the post here.

My Fresh Sweet Nudes Review was also included as one of Coco's favourite blog posts of the week which I was also ecstatic to see because she is one of my favourite beauty bloggers (and gorgeous too)! So thank you Coco of The Beauty Milk :)

Did any of you crazy people go out for boxing day? :p What did you pick up, or get for Christmas? Share any posts with me too, I love to read them! New Years Eve is tonight! What are/were your plans? Cheers to 2015!