Skin Envy Hair Removal Strips & Soothing Cream Review

skin envy wax strips and soothing cream review

I've been a little MIA lately because guess what.. I'm finally graduating college! Well.. I hope.. I mean.. the reason I haven't been able to post is because I am finishing up 3 final classes, and passing/failing these classes will determine whether I am able to move onto university for September as a direct entry student! (Not exciting..just stressful.. don't know why I added the exclamation mark). 

I have a quick review on two skincare products that go hand in hand, by a company called Skin Envy (By ProFactor). Their products are centered around the removal of body hair and aftercare. Most of the women I know use shaving as their main method of hair removal, but I typically wax or epilate. I do this in hopes of the hairs growing back slower, less thicker... and hopefully one day they won't grow back at all! I think waxing is a great method of hair removal, as long as it is done right, as the proper aftercare is done.

skin envy sugar beeswax strips review

Skin Envy's Sugar & Beeswax Strips for Face & Bikini come in a package of 16 strips (well there are 8, double sided = 16..). For the price of $7.99, I find this to be quite expensive (2 strips = $1), but I do see that face and bikini wax strips are often priced highly (why is that? they are so small). I use small strips like these for areas such as the moustache, fingers, around belly button. I tried warming them up in between my hands, but realized they didn't need much warming, they were basically ready to go! The strips were very sticky and I found them to be decently effective, although I do think I've used more effective strips. I could cut 1/3 of a strip, and use both sides for all of my fingers (knuckle area). I was able to get almost all the hairs, but wish I had been able to get them all the first shot! I was pretty impressed at how sticky they had stayed after using the same strip a few more times. The box also comes with 3 finishing wipes, but I usually just stockpile these and only use them if I'm waxing a large area.

skin envy soothing cream review aftercare

The Skin Envy Soothing Cream is a cream with 2% lidocaine hydrochloride (a topical anesthetic) that is meant for use after the waxing process to soothe the skin. It is said to "provide temporary relief of pain & itching associated with minor burns, cuts & skin irritation". I don't find this a necessary step unless the pain really bothers you. It does provide me with instant relief of any stinging I was experiencing, but I wish this provided other skincare benefits. It does have quince seed extract & vitamin E to moisturize the skin. I have also used it on an area where I have major itchiness, and it worked to relieve the itch similar to my hydrocortisone cream. However, I'd only recommend this if you are very sensitive to pain or experience itching and want fast relief.. but I do feel like there are many more cheaper products that will do the trick such as aloe vera.

Both products are fragrance and paraben free. The Sugar & Beeswax Strips for Face & Bikini are available for $7.99 (16 strips), and the Soothing Cream is priced at $8.99. They are both available online for purchase at FarleyCo or are also available at Lawton Drugs & Walmart stores.

This product was received for consideration. All opinions stated are my own and are not influenced by any affiliates.