Loreal Miss Manga Waterproof Mascara Review

loreal miss manga waterproof mascara review

I couldn't help myself! I HAD to pick up the Loreal Miss Manga Mascara after seeing so much blogger hype around it. I chose the waterproof version, of course, because I have naturally straight lashes that will only hold a curl with a waterproof mascara. I think I picked this up for $10 at Walmart, but I have heard it can go on sale for a few dollars cheaper, yes, even at Shoppers Drug Mart!

loreal miss manga waterproof mascara review

The packaging is cute and a little scary now that I take a look at it again.. but nonetheless it will definitely attract women and girls of all ages, especially because it is new! The whole claim about this new mascara is the 'manga effect' which I assume means to give the illusion of bigger eyes through the volumizing mascara.. The packaging claims the typical instant oversized 12X lash volume. What's different about this mascara is that it has a uniquely shaped brush, also called the 360 flexor brush with a conical shape, which is supposed to catch hard to reach lashes..

loreal miss manga waterproof mascara review

First off it doesn't clump, and separates the lashes well. You can really achieve a natural look with this, and applying second and third coats shouldn't be a problem. The waterproof formula holds my curl well, and elongates them, but I wish it added more volume. It doesn't help with thickness, so I'd suggest maybe adding a thick/volumizing mascara afterwards as a second coat. It doesn't smudge (well it did once or twice.. all mascaras will randomly smudge on me sometimes). It's difficult to coat the bottom lashes because of the brush, but if you are able to, it helps to lengthen them. I also like that it lengthens without the use of false fibers. 

The Brush:
I'm comfortable with smaller, hard plastic bristles and I am usually in a rush when applying, so using this brush quickly was a bit difficult. It's on the larger side and I have to be careful when applying in order to avoid getting it on my eyelids. Application takes longer than it does with my other mascaras because the brush is springy and flexible, making it harder to control, and harder to press up against your lashes. I found it kind of flings around when using it, and I don't really have the patience for it.

I've actually found a way to use this to get both volume and long lashes! I like to apply this first to separate my lashes, and Maybelline's Rocket Volum (Waterproof) on top to add tons of volume... (not pictured below, below is just using the Miss Manga Mascara)

loreal miss manga waterproof mascara review worn swatched
Loreal Miss Manga Waterproof Mascara in Blackest Black

The Miss Manga Mascara is a decent mascara for those who want natural looking lashes, not too much thickness, and less clumping. It isn't ideal for a night out, unless it is used under a more volumizing mascara, in which case it works well for me. Perhaps with a different, non-flexible brush, the formula might give a bit more volume. I likely would not purchase again because I am looking for something that will give me both volume and length, not just one of the two.