Sibu Beauty Sea Buckthorn Nourishing Facial Cream

sibu beauty daytime nourishing facial cream for face review

Sibu Beauty is a natural skincare company that uses a very special key ingredient in their product line. Sea buckthorn berries, from the Himalayas. You may have never heard of this type of berry before, I know I hadn't, but it is actually known as the 'beauty berry' across Europe and Asia, and contains many beneficial ingredients for the skin. Sea buckthorn contains '190+ bioactive compounds that restore, revitalize, and protect skin from the inside and out'. The berries contain powerful antioxidants and essential fatty acids including Omega 7, which is rare and plentifully found in sea buckthorn berries. Omega 7 is ideal in achieving and maintaining healthy skin, nails, hair, and weight. See more on the effects and benefits of Omega 7 here.

Sea buckthorn is such a unique berry because of all it's benefits. Although I didn't believe this at first, I did some research and they have indeed documented many different health and skin benefits of the berry. You can read a bit more on the science behind sea buckthorn berries here, it is way too much to type!

sibu beauty daytime nourishing facial cream for face review

Sibu Beauty's Sea Buckthorn Nourishing Facial Cream is suitable for all skin types and is directed for use in the daytime, however I used it for both day and night. The face cream is said to help boost collagen production and create a healthy and natural moisture barrier. It also promotes tissue recovery and healing, restore blemished skin and contains 100% natural ingredients. After reading about all the great features to this moisture, I was so excited to try it! 

sibu beauty daytime nourishing facial cream for face review

My first impressions of the nourishing facial cream is that the bottle is frosted glass and on the heavier side, but it is compact and sleek. At 30ml/1 fl oz., there is not as much product in it as I would have hoped, but after using it for a month it seems I'm using it slower than I thought I would, which is good. The pump is easy to use and I usually use 1 1/2 to 2 pumps for my face. It is a light yellow cream with a medium thin/thickness, and it doesn't absorb instantly but it feels very lightweight. It has a light citrus + earthy scent, There is no SPF, which is a bit odd for a cream that claims for daytime use (seeing as everyone wants a cream with SPF so they can skip a step!), but I didn't mind that as I usually just get my SPF from my bb cream or foundation.

It is light and can be worn under makeup with or without a primer, and I didn't notice a difference in oil production throughout the day. A huge factor in skincare is whether or not it has broken me out, and I am happy to announce that this did not break me out, it also didn't sting or burn my skin! I've also been using this cream at night too and found it to be hydrating enough (at least during the summer). I haven't yet noticed any major changes to my skin but it looks healthy and clear, as I have not have any major breakouts since using this. I love that many of the ingredients are natural and feel safe applying the cream to my face knowing that it contains many skincare benefits.

sibu beauty daytime nourishing facial cream review swatch

I will definitely consider repurchasing this facial cream, and am interested in some of their other products such as the toner, eye cream, and 100% sea buckthorn seed oil. Unfortunately, their products are not readily available in stores, but they can be found online at, and! They've also recently introduced some of their products to select Loblaw locations in Canada. The nourishing facial cream is $20.95 for 30ml/ 1 fl oz.

This product was received for consideration. All opinions stated are my own and are not influenced by any affiliates.