Herbal Essences Naked Collection

herbal essences naked collection review

Herbal Essences has recently launched their new Naked Collection for the hair featuring 3 lines: Naked Volume, Naked Moisture, and Naked Shine. The products I have here are mainly from the 'Naked Volume' line which has a slight larger product selection... but I am not complaining! Volume is the biggest struggle I go through everytime I wash my hair. The entire Naked line prides itself on no parabens, heavy residues, or dyes.

herbal essences naked volume shampoo conditioner cleansing conditioner review

Naked Volume: Shampoo
The Naked Volume Shampoo is one of my favourite products in the collection. It doesn't leave my hair feeling weighed down and it has a nice fresh citrusy scent. It is paraben and silicone free with no added colorants and contains white grapefruit and mint extracts, but it does contain SLS. I thought it lathered well and my hair felt light and clean afterwards in comparison to more heavier shampoos. I wouldn't recommend it for those who are looking to add moisture or tame frizz, however, because it didn't do that for me.

Naked Volume: Conditioner
This is a paraben free formula as well, but the scent is not as strong as it is in the shampoo nor is it as sweet. It didn't leave my hair feeling super soft and I didn't find it to be anything special.

Naked Moisture: Cleansing Conditioner
I was so excited to see this product but in the end i wasn't too happy with it.  It was very thick and felt heavy on the hair. I felt like it weighed my hair down and didn't cleanse it at all. I had to wash it the next day because it just felt like it was greasy and still dirty. It might be more ideal for coarser or thicker hair, or hair that doesn't need much volume. I thought it smelt like the conditioner but much fainter (they both have stearyl alcohol and cetyl alcohol as the 2nd & 3rd ingredients), and not pleasant and fresh like the volume shampoo. 

herbal essences naked volumizing souffle, flexible hold spritzer, dry shampoo, shine mist review

Naked Volume: Volumizing Souffle
I don't typically like foaming products that are made to volumize after showering, but I actually like this souffle. It says it is weightless and volumizing which I can agree with. I apply it to my roots on damp hair. It didn't give me huge hair but it definitely gives me a noticeable lift. It also doesn't feel sticky or crunchy once it's in the hair which is a hugee reason why I don't usually use these types of products, so yay. It didn't weigh down my hair and was very light. When I didn't use this after one wash, I seriously regretted it when my hair was dry because I noticed it lacked the volume that I'd just started getting used to! Although the line does claim free of parabens, this souffle does contain a menthylparaben. 

Naked Volume: Flexible Hold Spritzer
Can you say beachy waves!? I used it in the photos in my post here, very sparingly and then combed my fingers through afterwards. It smells citrusy like the shampoo, but a little too much of alcohol (being the first ingredient). It doesn't make your hair crunchy, and gives you a light hold. It's ideal for creating beachy waves, and I would recommend using it only on the ends of your hair not at the roots. 

Naked Shine: Sheer Shine Mist
I'm not totally sure if this really does anything for my hair. It is suppose to be lightweight, and nourish and condition your hair while adding shine. I found myself going a little overboard with spraying it to try to get the shine effect. I did see some shine with continuous sprays.. or opening the bottle and dumping a little into your palm (heh). It is slightly sticky which I don't like but it smells minty and refreshing and is a great pick me up for wet or dry hair. 

Naked Volume: Dry Shampoo
The Naked Volume Dry Shampoo has natural tapioca which claims to absorb excess oil. At first I was so frustrated because the formula was very wet when it is sprayed out and I couldn't see or feel any powder. But then!! I kept trying and trying and it finally worked! I saw the white powder and felt it in between my fingers, finally! It revived my oily 3-day old hair and surprisingly worked similar to my Batiste dry shampoo. I had to work it in to hide the white residue but I did notice my hair had more body, and looked cleaner, but left my roots feeling a little stiff. 

Herbal Essences Naked Volume, Moisture, and Shine collections are currently in stores where the brand is sold and the products in the collections are priced very affordably, I believe everything is within the $4-10 CAD range, and maybe if you're lucky you can catch them on sale! My favourite collection would have to be Naked Volume, as that is what my hair desperately needs, and my favourite products were probably the Volume Shampoo and Volumizing Souffle, so if you are thinking about what to pick up, those are my first recommendations!

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