Joules Posh Premium Welly Review

joules posh premium welly review
joules posh premium welly review

I hadn't owned a pair of rain boots since before I can remember, but I knew it was time to get some. When I was presented the offer to test out this Premium Welly from Joules, I just couldn't say no! Joules is a popular clothing company in Great Britain that is very welly (hehe) known for their Wellies. They have over 70 store locations in the United Kingdom and deliver to many countries throughout the world. Fortunately, they do deliver to Canada and the United States. Shipping is $9.95 USD for the United States, and quite pricey at $30 CAD for Canadians. 

The Premium Welly is 'designed to be more fitted and built to last season after season'.

  • New tread pattern for enhanced grip
  • Hardwearing rubber sole
  • Exceptional cold weather resistance

When I opened the box, I was immediately in love, but they looked huge! They were heavier than the typical pleather boots I was used to wearing throughout the winter, although this seems to be a pretty common feature that comes with rubber rain boots! The design and look of these boots, with the floral lining, vertical stripe on the back, and the signature 'Joules' plaque on the front gave the boot a more classy look. I actually adore the coloured stripe going down the back of the boot, as it gave it differentiation from other brands of rain boots. 

joules posh premium welly review
joules posh premium welly review

The wellies were quite comfortable and a bit roomy as they didn't have a half size, so I ordered up to a UK 6 (US 8) just to careful. I'd rather have them too large so there is room for thicker socks, and insoles. The boots claim to have exceptional cold weather resistance and I did find them to be warm enough to wear during a Canadian winter.

Now did they serve their main purpose and prevent my feet from getting soaked in the rain?! Well, I don't often take long walks in the rain.. but my feet did stay dry from the wet ground and puddles. I also put these to the ultimate test and soaked them in a sink filled with water for a minute, and the interior stayed dry.

The main issue I had with these boots were that they were too large for my calves. I initially had chosen this style, the Joules (PoshWelly) Premium Welly, because the more affordable (FieldWelly) was sold out in the size and colour I was interested in. Also, these looked as if they could be adjusted to a smaller circumference with the strap at the top of the boot. It turns out that it is just for looks, as the strap had no adjustable holes in it, and I couldn't see this working well with rubber boots anyway. Because these boots were a little too large on the tops of my calves, they were a bit difficult to walk in.

Tips for boots that are a bit too large for you:
  •  If the boot is too large lengthwise, add a sole insert, it will also add more comfort to your step :)
  • If the boot is too large on your calves, adding welly socks is a must, and looks cuter too! Also wearing jeans (instead of thinner leggings) gives the illusion and feel of a better fit.

joules posh premium welly review

Overall, I think these boots are an excellent choice if you are looking for stylish wellies that are made to withstand puddles and mud, and can also keep you warm during the colder months. The look of this welly is probably one of my favourites (I'm obsessed with black and gold), and it's definitely something you want to have in your closet, unless you live where it never rains! I do wish these had fit my calves better, but I'm pretty petite and all boots are typically quite large on me.

I have gotten compliments from friends and even my family on these wellies. I even had a male friend tell me they were stylish and he was instantly obsessed with them!

So far the wellies have been holding up fine as we are just beginning to have a ton of rain here in Toronto and I haven't been able to wear them as often as I'd like, but I will definitely update the post as I go on wearing them. The Posh Premium Welly is $148 USD on in either black or green, available in US women's sizes 5-10.

I received these wellies for consideration :) All opinions stated are my own and are not influenced by any affiliates.