Tony Moly Party Lover Coloring Browcara in Light Brown

tony moly party lover coloring browcara brow mascara in light brown
tony moly party lover coloring browcara brow mascara in light brown

I was at Pacific Mall with a few friends during the winter, and I remembered that I had run out of my Palty Eyebrow Mascara. I scoured the internet for it, but unfortunately could not find it anywhere and came to the conclusion that it has been discontinued, or at least is not available for sale online. I was desperate to find another, but all of the brands offering eyebrow mascara in Sephora were way too shimmery or focused on making the eyebrows appear thicker, rather than coating them with colour. I walked by the new Tony Moly store and found this Party Lover Coloring Browcara in 2 shades. I picked up Light Brown, as the other option was Grey Brown. 

If you are unfamiliar with eyebrow mascara, it is essentially a mascara for the hairs on your brows. It can help with darkening, lightening, or altering the colour of your brows. I think it works best on those with thin-medium brows. If your brows are too thick, it might give them an undesired thickness. Also, it will likely never completely change the colour of your brows because it is difficult to coat the small hairs on your brows.

tony moly party lover coloring browcara brow mascara in light brown

Although my eyebrows are not properly groomed here (and a nuisance I might add!) you can clearly see the difference from before I applied the Tony Moly Browcara, and after. The before shot is of my eyebrows slightly filled in with Maybelline's Define-a-Brow in Dark Blonde.

Tony Moly's Browcara in Light Brown is more of a medium ash brown and is matte. I think a matte brow mascara definitely give more of a natural look, as your brows won't be shimmering in the sunlight. It lasts all day on my brows and I usually apply it as a last step after filling them in with a brow pencil. It dries quickly and once it is dry, it is quite hard to rub off, but it comes off like a breeze with makeup remover. It helps to fill in and groom my brows while adding a natural tint as well.

A minor issue I have with the brow mascara is the brush! I wish the brush was made thinner and more dense so more product could be applied to the brows. Another problem is that it currently only comes in 2 shades of brown, which gives consumers such a limited selection.

Browcara can be purchased online at multiple asian cosmetic retailers. I have also seen it on eBay but I am not sure how credible the sellers are so I cannot recommend one until trying it. I purchased this for about $10-11 at the Tony Moly boutique so I wouldn't expect to pay more than that. Overall, I will purchase this again and not only does it look very natural, it is very affordable in comparison to the brow mascaras at Sephora.