Make Up For Ever HD Cream Blush in 215 & 410

make up for ever hd cream blush in 215 flamingo pink and 410 coral

I'm no expert on blush, I am actually quite a beginner when it comes to applying it. I've spent the past few years trying to hide my redness and naturally flushed cheeks, and I always think to myself.. why would I want to add any type of red/pink back into my skin? Recently I've become more of a powder blush user, but only when applied LIGHTLY.. and subtly. So you can imagine my panic at the HD Blush event I previously attended, when I was forced to apply MUFE's new HD Cream Blush myself, in front of other beauty experts! Thankfully, I did a decent (but a bit heavy..) job, and the experience has helped me overcome my fear of cream blushes!

make up for ever hd cream blush in 215 and 410

The new Make Up For Ever HD Blush was created with a blend of silicone oils, dry oils, and waxes, and is suggested to be either worn under or over a powder. I've done both, and it applies no differently. It claims to melt into the skin for a natural finish and look great on camera. The collection consists of 16 shades, perfected for every skin tone.

make up for ever hd cream blush in 215 and 410
make up for ever hd cream blush in 215 and 410 swatches
MUFE HD Blush in 215 (Flamingo Pink), & 410 (Coral)

As you can see, at the time this picture was taken I had not yet even touched the 410 blush! I think it was just a bit intimidating to me. The 410 blush is what they call a 'universal shade' that is made to be suitable for all skin tones. When I got around to testing it out, it did end up being much darker than the 215, but with control I was able to apply a subtle amount and build it as I pleased.

My Thoughts: 215 seemed to be a light mixture of a coral pink, and I find it very suitable for my fair skin tone. I actually wear this blush every day that I have the time to apply blush. 410 is a darker, true coral and I think would be more suitable in the summertime. The texture of these blushes are very lightweight, super easy to blend, not sticky, and dries to a powder finish. I am able to apply it with MUFE's 148 Artisan Blending Blush Brush subtly and effortlessly, or build it for a stronger look. When applied above my bronzer, it gives my face more definition and a natural glow. I don't notice the wear time, but it is very transfer resistant when I attempt to rub it off once it has dried.

make up for ever hd cream blush in 215 flamingo pink cheek swatch
make up for ever hd cream blush in 215 flamingo pink face swatch
MUFE HD Cream Blush in 215 (Flamingo Pink)

make up for ever hd cream blush in 410 coral cheek swatch
MUFE HD Cream Blush in 410 (Coral)

In the photos above I applied the blush a lot heavier than I would on a daily basis to show the colour better. If you use a sparse brush and a light hand, applying this cream blush will be foolproof, and it can be as light or as dark as you want! I haven't ever been frustrated with applying too much and I love the blend-ability. I would definitely re-purchase if I ever run out of the 215. Make Up For Ever HD Blush is available at Sephora locations and online, as well as Make Up For Ever Boutiques, for $31 (CAD).

I received this product for consideration. All opinions stated are my own and are not influenced by any affiliates.