Dyeing my Hair with L'Oreal HiColor in Magenta

As many of you may have seen, I dyed my hair red roughly near the end of September 2013. For some reason I've avoided blogging about it, but I'm finally going to share my experience with you all (from what I can remember!).

Pictured above are the main products I used. L'Oreal HiColor HiLights for Dark Hair Only in Magenta, L'Oreal 30 Volume Developer, & a measuring cup. Not included in the photo: brush, gloves, vaseline, mixing bowl, comb, old t-shirt, newspapers.

Why did I choose this colour? Well I was debating to go either a burgundy-purple colour, or do a balayage ombre. I knew that red faded quickly and so I wanted something a bit more vibrant - so that when it faded, it would be the colour that I wanted.

Now we all know the drill. Apply vaseline just after your hairline, neck ears (if you so please, I find it a bit of an annoyance sometimes). Cover your floor with newspapers, and put on those gloves!

I mixed one bottle of the hair dye with the required amount of developer. I don't remember how much, but there were precise instructions on the box! I actually bought 3 boxes, but I ended up only using 1 and a half. Anyone want the other box? :)
The colour turned a very bright red and I became a little unsure about this whole thing, but began anyway. It was a little annoying because it was a lot thicker than the box dyes I was used to, and it was so hard not to get the red dye on my skin.

After applying, I should have saran wrapped my head to keep the heat in, but didn't bother. That might have resulted in a brighter colour, for those of you who are aiming for that!

loreal hi color magenta hair dye dark hair red without bleach

Tada! The pictures do NOT explain how embarrassingly bright my roots turned out but I have a few photos below. I guess I left the dye on a little too long in certain spots... After applying all the colour I left it on for 40 minutes or so, but it took me an hour to cover my whole head, so certain spots were already being lightened.

loreal hi color magenta hair dye dark hair red without bleach
Before & After

loreal hi color magenta hair dye dark hair red without bleach

I wasn't able to get a perfect application probably because I did it myself. I had a lot of patchiness underneath the top layer of the back of my head and it can be seen in the top left in the photo above. I'll really recommend you get someone to help you or at least watch you so you know whether you have missed any spots.

Here are some photos with different lighting, and mainly taken using my phone throughout the first month or so since dyeing my hair. 

loreal hi color magenta hair dye dark hair red without bleach

The photos above were taken the same day I had dyed it. As you can see in the photo on the right the lighting from my classroom, or even the sun made my hair super bright, especially on the roots. 

The photos below were taken a few weeks to a month after dyeing.

loreal hi color magenta hair dye dark hair red without bleach
loreal hi color magenta hair dye dark hair red without bleach

The colour did fade a lot but stayed pretty red and never turned orangey on my hair. I quite liked it up until I had to dye it a few weeks ago because my roots were so terrible. Even my guy friends were telling me I needed to do them! Anyways, my overall experience with this hair dye was stressful! I wasn't comfortable using the red but it didn't turn out as bad as I thought it would have. The colour was bright, but mainly on my roots. I have seen other bloggers and youtubers and their results seemed much brighter, and more vibrant. I was happy with the colour when it began to fade, as it reminded me of red velvet cake, and it was more of the burgundy I was hoping for! Also, it never stopped bleeding in the shower, so I'd recommend a dark towel, every time you wash your hair, and be careful with the clothes you wear while your hair is still wet! Will I ever do this colour again? Probably not as it is too high maintenance, and I am very lazy and low maintenance when it comes to my hair. But I do love having a red/purple tint, so I will likely be staying a dark burgundy!

Would you dye your hair a vibrant red, or burgundy? 
For those of you that have any questions please feel free to ask me in the comments below :)