Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap Review

dr bronner's magic soap peppermint bar almond liquid review
dr bronners all in one castile soap peppermint almond review

I've heard so many rave reviews about this soap, and I finally took the plunge and ordered it off Well.ca! For those of you who don't know, Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap has many purposes, 18 to be exact. But how many of those are realistic?

18 Uses For Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap:
"washing your face, body, hands and hair, for bathing, shaving, brushing your teeth, rinsing fruit, aromatherapy, washing dishes by hand, doing laundry, mopping floors, all-purpose cleaning, washing windows, scrubbing toilets, washing dogs, controlling dust mites, and killing ants and aphids"
- Made with organic oils, no detergents, and a vegan product.

So only a few of them sound a bit ridiculous. But realistically, we all know you want it for one reason- brush cleaning. Does it live up to it's reputation? Yes!

My brushes have been the cleanest they've ever been since I've begun using this magic soap. It was very easy to clean my eye and powder brushes, but when it came to liquid foundation brushes, I had to redo them a few times because of all the buildup my previous brush cleaner failed to remove. But the result was worth it, I have never seen my brushes close enough to white since the day I purchased them. I was impressed with how well, and quickly Dr. Bronners cleaned my brushes. You do not have to use a lot of product to get a good lather. I bought the bar soap for cleaning my Beauty Blenders (which also works great and saved me a ton of money), although I do use it for brushes too. The brushes feel a little too squeaky clean after washing but are back to normal and soft when dry. I also would like to mention that if you notice your brush has hardened when dry, it is because you haven't washed out all the soap. I'd suggest just giving it another rinse and squeeze!

I've also used this as a face wash to remove makeup. I was surprised to see that it did not break me out and took off my makeup very easily, without being drying. As for the scents, I have here peppermint and almond! They are lovely and smell quite accurate, however, don't expect them to smell once you have washed the soap away. The scent will not linger on the brushes, unfortunately.

The bar was $5.49 for 5oz and the bottle of liquid soap was $13 for 472ml/16oz which is more than reasonable when compared to the price of other brush cleaners, and in my opinion, does a better job. I'd definitely recommend this soap to those of you who are unhappy with their brush cleaner, or want an affordable, natural, alternative!