My Christmas Wish List: Fashion Edition

christmas wish list fashion edition 2013

I have a pair of UGGs, but I want something easier to walk in, and less silly looking for school. Sorel is a slightly more affordable alternative that claims waterproof and warmth!

The blanket scarves by Wilfred are such popular scarves, but I can't help but stare every time I see someone wearing it! I love how versatile it is and I have resisted from buying one for so long. 

My flat iron has been consistently damaging my hair for years, and I think it's about time for me to invest in a new one. After doing research, CHI seems like the best option in my budget, and I love the ombre look of the Elite Gold Rush!

The Mackage Adali really looks like a classic coat that offers warmth and style at the same time. I can't help but want one, after seeing how fashionable it looks on others.

I've loved the look of this Blazer for ages, and although the colour I want is not currently in stock, it is definitely something that I hope I can find on Kijiji or eBay.

Opelle's made-to-order handbags are designed to be functional and fashionable, composed of real italian leather and produced with quality in mind rather than mass production. I saw this bag on Instagram and I immediately wanted it! I love how simple yet elegant it looks, and it looks to be big enough for all my necessities!

Do you like any of my picks? What are you hoping to get for Christmas?