Sell Your Unwanted Clothes & Blogger Fashion Week on Trend Trunk

trend trunk blogger fashion week

I'm sure you all have unwanted clothes, bags, or jewellery that you would like to sell, but can't seem to sell on Kijiji without getting ridiculously low offers.. or even worse.. you have buyers that are interested that aren't even in a nearby city to you? I was recently introduced to online fashion marketplace, Trend Trunk, by the founder himself, and I am already pretty addicted to the concept of it!

Trend Trunk is essentially a way for Canadians to safely buy/sell their clothing and accessories. Their membership base includes 30,000+ buyers/sellers so far, meaning there are plenty of items to choose from! They were previously featured on Dragons' Den and did receive an offer, but ultimately decided not to go through with it. 

So you might be wondering what makes this online marketplace any different from Kijiji? Well first of all, there is no inconvenient stress of having to meet up, and the seller will ship the 'sold' item to the buyer using a shipping label provided by Trend Trunk themselves. This is paid by the buyer (flat rate of $8), and is added to the cost of the item the buyer sees on the listing, so there are no additional costs to the buyer. The buyer's payment is held by Trend Trunk and released to the seller when the shipment is received. Trend Trunk only takes a 20% commission from each sale, which is a small percentage in comparison to traditional consignment stores. Trend Trunk offers the buyer and seller both a guarantee, leaving the transaction smooth and allowing you to feel safe.

Trend Trunk lets you give back too! They are actively working with roughly 60 charities in Canada, to which they run a Closets & Causes program. This program allows the seller to donate up to 100% of their net sale proceeds to any charity in Canada!

featured on blogger fashion week on trend trunk

I'd also like to introduce #BFW (Blogger Fashion Week) to you all! From December 9th to 15th (go check it out! its on now), Trend Trunk is hosting the world's first Blogger Fashion Week! They will be featuring about 10 bloggers a day at where members will have the ability to visit and conveniently shop their favourite bloggers' closets! 

I will be featured on the last day, this coming Sunday December 15! You can check out my closet here, there will be more items up throughout the week. I've actually just sold a Coach Wristlet that I've been trying to sell for ages in 2 days!

If you haven't already signed up for Trend Trunk, you can use my invite code by clicking here! Otherwise, stay tuned for a potential giveaway for new subscribers!