My first time at IMATS 2013, Toronto!

Quick update on blogging: I haven't been able to post at all really for the month of November :( I have plenty of reviews and a Hunger Games inspired look coming, but it has been a busy month (school-wise) and it was my birthday a few days ago (I celebrated by watching the premiere of Hunger Games: Catching Fire courtesy of Beauty United!) I will definitely get back into things within the next few days, I promise ^_^

Two weekends ago I attended my very first Toronto International Make-Up Artist Trade Show (IMATS) 2013! I was so nervous to go but I had so much fun, despite having to wake up so early. I've definitely acquired a few new makeup tips and got to hear from some of the best in the business. 

Last year I missed out because I procrastinated and didn't buy my ticket in time, and the price at the door was crazy at $50. This year, my friend made sure we bought our tickets in September, which were considered Advanced Tickets, and at the lowest price of $30!

I'm by no means a make-up artist, although my friend is an aspiring make-up artist... does that count? I just have been longing to experience IMATS for quite some time... and discover and shop some good deals! 

imats 2013 toronto canada

The day began by meeting my friend, Sandy, at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. We quickly snapped this pic before going in and managed to catch the ending of Eve Pearl's makeup tutorial on stage. 

imats 2013 toronto canada

Afterwards, I dragged my friend straight to Nigel's Beauty Emporium. I heard all of the nice lashes go fast, and I wanted lashes! (Despite the fact that I don't ever wear them..heh) 

imats 2013 toronto canada

Not even sure if this is it.. but I think that is Nigel's on the left! It was a bit frustrating to squeeze through people in order to pick out what lashes I wanted, but nowhere near as chaotic as I was expecting.. no one was pushy or rowdy, thank goodness!

imats 2013 toronto canada

While I was in line to pay for Nigel's (the line was ridiculously long), my friend snapped this photo of the makeup artists hard at work, preparing for 'Battle of the Brushes'! I believe this is a competition for students currently enrolled (or graduated) from makeup artistry school.

imats 2013 toronto canadaimats 2013 toronto canada
imats 2013 toronto canada

Some of the other MUA's.. painting their canvasses, the one above was my favourite! I'm in love with the colours and detail. 

imats 2013 toronto canada

We shopped around at a bunch of the other booths, however, I felt like there were a ton of booths that I had missed! It was so packed that I didn't really have time to learn about the products. At many of the booths, it was a struggle just to take a look at what they had to offer!

imats 2013 toronto canada eve pearl

Sandy is absolutely in love with Eve Pearl, so we patiently waited to speak with her. Unfortunately, many people kept stepping in before us so we were only able to speak very briefly (I mean, 20 seconds briefly! She was super busy!). We did, however, learn quite a bit from her demonstrations, Sandy bought her HD Pro Palette and we were able to snap a pic with her!

imats 2013 toronto canada eve pearlimats 2013 toronto canada queen of blending

Along with Eve Pearl, I was able to snap a quick pic with the QueenOfBlending! She was probably the first person I ever watched blend eyeshadow on YouTube and inspired me to start! Me and my friend also got the chance to speak to LuckyMakeup and she was very nice and helpful!

I also ran into a few other bloggers at IMATS and got to chat for a bit! It was nice to see some familiar faces :) I spoke to Kelly from Glitter Diaries, Jenn from Procrastinating Pretty, and Elaine from Toronto Beauty Reviews

imats 2013 toronto canada haul

As you can see.. my main goal was to get brushes! I regret not picking up some more makeup items (I'm shooting myself for not getting something from The Lip Bar!!) I was so overwhelmed by all the choices.

I picked up 7 pairs of lashes for $10, and a 3oz Ben Nye Banana Powder for $12 from Nigel Beauty Emporium, Beauty Blender Duo from Virtzu for $24, OCC Lip Tar in Strumpet for $12, Yaby Concealer in Buff for $3 something! 8 BDellium Tools Brushes (prices range from $5-12) and a Real Techniques Foundation Brush for $9 from Shop Glow.

imats 2013 toronto canada haul ben nye beauty blender occ
imats 2013 toronto canada haul bdellium brushes

I'll most definitely be attending IMATS again next year, as long as I have a shopping buddy to accompany me again! Did you go to IMATS this year? Will you be going back? What did you get!?