Kat Von D Lock it Tattoo Foundation Review

After hearing how well this foundation covers, I went to Sephora to purchase my first ever Kat Von D product! I chose this in Light #45 which is a new shade, but supposedly for yellow undertones. At first I was unsure about whether the undertone was right for me, but I realized it was a pretty close match to my skin. I ended up returning it after a few days because it just wasn't right for me...

I only tried this for 2 days, so I am unsure of whether it will break you out or not.. Sorry I can't be of help in that category :( But I can say that it is a very thick and matte foundation. It really did make my skin look dead when I put it on, so I'd recommend contouring, and using bronzer and highlighter with this. A little really does go a long way, and I used a thin layer to (almost) flawlessly cover my entire face. It does a great job of concealing under the eye as well. I did find it a bit heavy, and it was definitely super hard to take off. Although what made me return this product is the smell, and the way it accentuated my dry spots. I really didn't like the siliconey scent! It made me look very flaky, and to be honest, I felt like a cheaper foundation would be just as good.

I wanted an everyday foundation, and this is definitely something you'd use for special occasions, where you need high coverage. Overall, this would probably work for you if you want flawless coverage; don't have dry spots or flakiness; and don't mind the heaviness of this product.

Thin layer of foundation on left, bare face on right. As you can see it has very good coverage. Please ignore how scary I look with my makeup incomplete!

Have you tried Kat Von D products? How do you like them? I'd love to try something else from her line.