Sugar Skull Girl: Last Minute Halloween Makeup

I'm notorious for doing things last minute.. so it's no surprise I waited until the day before Halloween to test out a look. I attempted a (half) Sugar Skull Girl because I thought it looked the most intricate while still simple to do at the same time. The majority of the look was done with eyeliner, and all products used were from my daily makeup stash, nothing special!

I've never done Halloween makeup. This is my first shot, so be nice! :p It actually came out better than I expected. 

I basically followed this tutorial by Youtuber 'courtneylittleCHOREO' and added some colour to it. It was very helpful to watch her create the look step by step.

I am going to explain in detail the skull side only! The other side is personal preference and can be either sublte or more dramatic. I just did my daily routine on the normal side. I was going to add lashes and darken the eyes a bit more, but I didn't have enough time (I did this before class!) If you'd like to know how I typically do my makeup, leave a comment!

For the Look:

I started by drawing the black line down the middle with a Mufe black eyeliner. Blending it out onto the normal side to create a gradient effect. Then I used a the lightest concealer I had, L'Oreal True Match Anti-Fatigue Concealer in Ivory Beige, all over the skull side just to lighten it a bit.

Since I don't have face paint, I used Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Milk all over, including my lips, to lighten the one side of my face. It isn't as white as I'd like, but it would have to do. I powdered my face and then went over the line down the middle (carefully) a few more times. For the cheekbone, I used both a brown and grey eyeshadow by MAC (Night Manoeuvres & Print). Make sure the eyeshadows are matte, and not sparkly!

To cover the brow, I know there is this glue stick technique, but I couldn't find a glue stick so I just used an eyebrow wax to go over the brow a few times and used the Nyx Pencil in Milk over it, which covered it pretty well because I have thin eyebrows.

For the rest of the eye I used the black eyeliner to draw a large circle around it. You can fill it in with some fun colours or black! I used my Coastal Scents 252 Palette and Urban Decay Vice Palette and just messed around with some pinks, yellows, and purple. I then created the flower-like design around the eye using a liquid liner, and blended some black eyeshadow into it. I finished the eye off with liquid eyeliner and mascara. I would suggest using some dramatic lashes with this look!

I used the same black eyeliner to draw the nose, design on the chin, and lips. I also added some pink on the chin for some colour, and to match the eye.

If you are out of ideas and panicking for tomorrow or don't know what to do for a party this weekend, try out a full or half sugar skull girl! I personally don't think it has to be paired with a costume, just dark clothes!
Overall I had fun trying this out and next time I will definitely attempt a full face! What do you guys think, for a noob?