Montagne Jeunesse Clay Infused Fabric Masks Review

A while ago I was sent these 3 new Montagne Jeunesse Clay Spa Face Masks to try out. After being unsure of some of their other face masks that I have tried before, I delayed trying these out until now.. and I'm disappointed in myself for waiting so long!

These natural bamboo fabric masks are infused with specially sourced clays, are 99% natural with powerful and natural ingredients, and are designed to be used as part of your weekly skincare regime. They are easy to apple and are all suitable for combination, normal, and oily skin.

Dead Sea Mud Spa "To cleanse skin. With Cloudberry (to soothe, protect, and heal, high in nutrients), Red Grape (anti-oxidant to protect skin from damaging free radicals), and Glacial Clay (to cool, rehydrate, and deep clean pores, removing impurities)."
I have used this one before and I wasn't sure if it really improved my face. My skin did feel smoother after using this and my pores looked a bit tighter. It did not help my acne, although I do like that the ingredients did not react badly with my skin. *Trying this a few more times, I do like it and felt like it did deep clean my pores and help to unclog them. However it was not hydrating.

Glacial Clay Spa "To cleanse and help thirsty skin. With Dead Sea Mud (to draw out impurities and open blocked pores), Dead Sea Salt (to heal), Seaweed (to moisturize, revitalize, and firm skin), and Kelp (with vitamins and minerals to nourish and moisturize skin, regenerate cells, and help anti-aging)."
I felt like this one was more similar to the Dead Sea Mud Mask, as it seemed to tighten my pores, and didn't dry out my skin. It also put a bit of radiance back into my skin.

Red Earth Clay Spa "To deep cleanse. With Pomegranate (for healing, and anti-oxidant rich, protecting skin from damaging free radicals), Cinnamon (for natural anti-bacterial properties), and Mediterranean Clay (to detox and draw out impurities and excess oil)."
I was actually afraid of this one the most because the ingredients include a couple things I am unfamiliar with; Cinnamon and Pomegranate. I felt like these were very powerful ingredients, and I was right... in a good way! Not sure if it was a coincidence, but this mask literally cleared my face up, and it felt smooth for weeks after. Something I haven't actually experienced in a while. I can't see it being anything else, because my skincare regime and my diet, for the most part, stayed the same as well. The mask felt very warm while it was on, and afterwards I was super relieved to see that it did not react badly with my skin, and didn't cause redness.

All 3 of the masks felt cold before and after putting them on. They were easy to wash off and I didn't find them messy at all. They are slightly big on my face, but I don't find that to be an issue.. I just fold them over so they don't go into my hairline (see photos!). I do need to moisturize after using these masks, to help put moisturize back into my skin. I was happy to see that my face wasn't burnt or red after trying the 3 of them. I did not experience breakouts or any bad reaction after using these masks, although I did feel that my breakouts drastically improved with the Red Earth Clay Mask. They all have a natural, earthy, and clean scent to them, however, the Red Earth Clay Mask smelt more fruity and yummy!

I will be definitely going to purchase a few more of these when I find them in stores. They are roughly $2.50 each which is super reasonable for a face mask, and can be found in Canada at Walmart, London Drugs, and select Pharmasave, Jean Coutu, Uniprix, Familprix, Guardian, IDA, and Lawtons. I don't believe the Red Earth Clay Spa Mask is available for purchase yet, but I definitely will be clearing the shelves once I do see them in stores.. just kidding...or am I ;)

Disclaimer: I received this product for consideration. All opinions stated are my own and are not influenced by any affiliates.