Missed out on the Phillip Lim for Target Collection? Here are Some Affordable Alternatives

What were you doing yesterday morning? I was sound asleep, but many of you fashionistas all over Canada and the US were lined up for the launch of the Phillip Lim for Target Collection at Target! I sadly didn't even know about the collection until I woke up that morning, which of course by then, was already way too late. 

I had never paid much attention to Phillip Lim's designs but spent all day yesterday looking at them. I checked out Kijiji and eBay, and unsurprisingly found tons of resellers of the entire collection. To be honest, I was kind of mad at first, but I realized that you can't really blame the resellers. Target should know that this happens, and if they wanted to, they would offer more stock... especially in places where online shopping is not offered yet, like Canada. Ok so enough of my rambling, I basically spent all evening deciding whether to buy a 300% marked up bag! I decided to wait, and attempted to find lookalikes on the internet. I found quite a few and wanted to share them with you guys that weren't lucky enough to grab a Target one yesterday (which btw, are not real leather!).

1) JustFab Petite Midtown ($40)
The cheapest and my favourite, is this super mini version from JustFab! It comes in both black and red and I just ordered this last night! I'll update how I like it once I receive it! I received it and I love it! It's tiny but enough space for the essentials, although the only downside is no zipper! For Canadians it actually comes out to roughly $52, which is kind of pricey but I had a credit so it was worth it for me. I'd actually prefer this lookalike over the Phillip Lim for Target mini.... JustFab actually had a bigger-sized version of this bag but it isn't currently in stock :(
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2) Daily Look Zippered Shape Shifting Handbag ($60)
This is my second favourite and the second cheapest! It comes in black and cognac, and is regular sized as opposed to the first one from JustFab. I like that the zippers are on the sides of this bag and you can always add strings to the zipper pulls, to make it look closer to the real thing!
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3) Deena & Ozzy Vegan Leather Winged Tote Bag ($70)
I'm not much of a fan of this one, but I thought it was a good alternative that had silver hardware. Actually, you might have to double check with their CS as I can't really tell if the hardware is silver or gold! The bag itself isn't made of real leather so don't be fooled by the title. Vegan leather is animal-friendly and made out of synthetic material!

4) Zara Trafaluc Messenger Bag with Zips ($70)
I thought this one was pretty basic and classy! It comes in black and multicolour. The multicolour looks pretty interesting on their website, but I do not know if the colour is the same in person! It is made partly of reconstructed leather as well.

5) Zara Leather City Bag with Pocket and Zips ($180)
The most expensive lookalike that I found, but also composed of 100% cow leather. I like how Zara put a bit of a twist on the design and had the zippers only go up the bag halfway. The only drawback is the higher price, but this is also the only real leather lookalike I could find!

Alternatively, if you still want a Phillip Lim for Target bag (which, I don't blame you for! I might even pick up a large taupe one myself if I can) there is always Kijiji for Torontonians and eBay for the rest of the world!

Did you find this post helpful? Are you interested in purchasing any of these bags? Or did you line up for Phillip Lim for Target? What was your experience like?