OOTD(S): June Buffalo Love Culture & Papaya Haul

I picked up some really cute pieces during my one day trip to Buffalo, NY around the beginning of June, and I wanted to share them with you all. The clothing I bought was purchased mainly at Love Culture, Papaya, and a little something from Charlotte Russe. These pieces can look both casual and dressy, and are easy and comfortable to wear for both day and night...

 I hauled and blogged about all of the products/small items that I bought here but promised to do the clothing haul another time. I was finally able to get ahold of a tripod to take these photos with! I find it much more flattering and fun to look at that just laying the clothing out on a bed.

I am an amateur tripod user, outdoor photographer, and definitely not the greatest model!
 I tried my best.. although my face didn't.. so I saved all of your eyes by cropping it out in almost all of the photos haha.

When I saw this dress I fell in love. It is slightly long on me when I wear flip flops (I don't exactly know my height, I assume like, 5'2..) but I still don't need to hem it and with heels it would definitely be perfect. I love that I can wear this both casually as a summer dress and I'll still look classy if I wear it into the night.

Mint Lace Crop Top: Love Culture
Skirt: eBay

This crop top was too cute for me to pass up. Unfortunately, I will have a hard time wearing it because it is so short! You can kind of see in the photo that it shows my bra a bit when it rides up. It looked great with my bodycon skirt, yet the skirt wasn't high-waisted enough to cover enough of my middrift! I think it looks great paired with this flowy skirt, which I got from eBay for about $5. The skirt is slightly see-through, so you definitely need to wear shorts underneath. 

Skirt: Sirens (old)

Clearly my eyes were only on lace items when I went shopping here.. but to be honest they had a ton of lace, and I thought they were the cutest items in the store! The only problem with the lace, is the fact that it is so delicate (cheaply made I guess?) that it gets caught and snags on everything. This top is so cute but with the amount of times that I'm wearing it, I don't expect it to last long :(

Black Lace w/ Pleather Peplum Top: Love Culture
Skirt (Left): Sirens (old), Skirt (Right): Forever 21 (old)

I love the lace on this top and when I bought it I loved the pleather on it too! Now I'm starting to dislike it only because it looks a little bit cheap. I tried to wear it with pants and it looked awful, but it definitely works with bodycon skirts. I probably won't ever wear it with the skirt on the right, but I just wanted to model what the top looked like with a patterned skirt.

Infinity Love Crop Tank: Love Culture
Dip Dyed Shorts (Left): Love Culture, Skirt (Right): Sirens (old)

Love how this top falls on me but it is so thin and delicate that there is a tiny hole in it already! The sides are a bit low cut so you need to wear a bandeau underneath. I am in love with the dip dyed/ombre shorts on the right. I have been looking for ones like these that fit me for FOREVER... when I say forever I mean over a year! These were a bit tight on the waist but I am slowly getting used to them. 

Infinity Love Crop Tank: Love Culture
Black Maxi Skirt: Sirens
Another outfit with the top.. this is the one I have been wearing a lot lately because it is so easy and comfortable. 

Photo On Right: 
Scarf: Charlotte Russe
Romper: H&M (few months old)
The scarf was just an impulse buy that I thought I would include *sigh*

Infinity Ring: Love Culture
Other 2 Rings: Finger/Knuckle Rings from Aldo

All of these stores have websites for online shopping, however I'm pretty positive they only ship to the States, which is a huge bummer because there is so much more of a selection online! I'm sad to see these clothes wearing out so quickly but... I guess.. you get what you pay for. I think these pieces are all  great for summer, and easy to wear.. they are so beautiful on their own, they don't even need to be dressed up with jewellery!

Did you like any of the pieces I picked up? Which one is your favourite?!
If you have any additional questions feel free to comment below! I read all comments!