July 2013 Favourites

It's been a while since I've done a favourites post.. eek! But I finally remembered to do one for the month of July! I've been busy finding a job, debating whether to change my major in college, and figuring out what I really want to do in life! I know you all can relate.. it's a huge and difficult decision to make. I don't know if many of you know, but I have anxiety (which I sometimes think is social anxiety) and I overthink things and situations ALOT... and it always makes things like this so much more complicated for me. Maybe in the future sometime, I will be able to do a post on that. I don't post much about my personal life on here.. but I am thinking of doing that a little more now. I think it helps connect bloggers, and I really enjoy being able to relate to other bloggers when I see personal blog posts, or personal photos.

Also... I have been thinking of doing a giveaway for sooo long, to celebrate 100 followers on GFC and Bloglovin (yay!). I just can't decide on what to give away :( Please give me some suggestions below on what to give away to my readers and I just might pick it up for the weekend!

Real Techniques Powder Brush: This brush is the perfect size for powdering the face with mineral foundation or a translucent powder! It isn't too small but it isn't too big that it overwhelms your face, and it gives you more control than a larger brush.

Real Techniques Buffing Brush: I've been obsessed with this brush! I was applying concealer with it, I use it to blend out under eye concealer, and lately I've been using it to apply my Coola Tinted Moisturizer: I can't tell if this moisturizer/sunscreen is breaking me out but it is suppose to be hypoallergenic. I really do like it and I hope this is not what is causing my breakouts lately. It gives me a slightly darker tint than my skintone, but I think it makes me look a little more sun-kissed!

ModelCo Lip Pencil in Pomegranate: I've been using this lip pencil alot lately to line my lips, and then I fill them in with a slightly lighter colour/tint, which in my case is my Mereadesso Lip Treat in Sheer Pink. I did that in my look here although it doesn't look the greatest because I was in a rush! I think these two together add the perfect amount of natural looking colour on my lips, and isn't noticeable when it starts to fade.

The Wet Brush: This brush is designed to allow easy brushing of the hair whether it is wet or dry! It really does feel nice on wet hair and doesn't tangle like my previous brush did. I picked this up on a trip to Buffalo, I don't think they have it here in Canada yet, but I really would suggest picking one up if you have easily tangled hair and you hate brushing it.

Be Delectable Coconut & Cream Hair & Body Mist: I picked up this 'exclusive to Target' body spray made by Cake Beauty! I'm sure many of you have heard about these affordable, deliciously scented body sprays. It really does have a yummy smelling coconut and cream scent, it's very refreshing. It smells like something I would spray all over me at the beach.

Fromm Eyebrow Shaper: I got a pack of 3 of these from Buffalo. They come in quite handy I must say. Great for cleaning up stray hairs around the brow and I've also used them for a quick fix around my bikini line and underarms, since I do wax my underarms and sometimes I don't have the time to wax and pluck and just need a quick fix!

Yaby Concealer in Buff: I've been using this as a temporary concealer, while still trying to find that HG concealer. It matches my skin perfectly and definitely covers blemishes very well. I just find it a bit too creamy for my liking.

Cailyn Gel Liner in Black: I got this in my Wantable box a few months ago. I haven't used any other liner since. I find it comparable to my L'oreal Gel Liner only the black is less harsh, and it is much easier to take off when removing my makeup!

Loreal 'the touche magique' True Match Illuminating Concealer: I was recommended to try this concealer by a fellow blogger and I really do like it! I use it more for highlighting rather than concealing. But I hate the click pen!

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk: I'm so glad I gave in and bought this! I use it for under the brow, inner corners of my eyes, and it is perfect as a base for any eyeshadow colour! Unfortunately they are almost always sold out in drugstores.

I had to add some extras in here! I'm obsessed with these Ice Breakers Duo Fruity+Cool Mints! I hate boring, regular mints.. they make me feel like I'm brushing my teeth. These are the perfect amount of fruitiness and mintyness :p I have been buying them nonstop since I discovered them!

I also wanted to share my newest bag :) It's from Zara and is called the Bowling Bag with Studs at the Sides (creative, I know!). It was marked down from $130 to $60 and I've been eyeing it since I saw a fashion blogger pair it with a few outfits. It supposedly is 100% cow leather and comes with a hand strap and a shoulder strap. It is a bit heavier than most bags but I love it and can't stop carrying it.. even if it doesn't match my outfit!

Do you use any of these products that I've been loving? What have you been loving? I'd love to see your favourites or empties posts for the month of July! Link them in the comments!

Nars Stick Concealer in Chantilly Review

When I realized I was almost finished my (discontinued, ugh) Maybelline Mineral Power Concealer in Ivory, I ran to Sephora to find something better. I was recommended a few concealers by the Sephora employee, although Nars Stick Concealer in Chantilly was the only one that suited my skintone that was in stock. 

I was actually set on the colour one step darker than this, Vanilla, although the artist at Sephora informed me that it was too pink, and this was the best colour for my skin tone. She actually took me outside of the store, to show me in different lighting, the comparison of Chantilly and Vanilla. I was so happy she was honest, and didn't let me purchase a colour that wouldn't look right when I got home. But anyways, Chantilly is the best match for me but still not a perfect match to my skin tone, as it is a bit light.

I found pretty decent reviews on this concealer, however I don't particularly like it. 

Here is a little bit about it, first:

  • It will cost you $28 Canadian. Nars official website prices it at $23. Although shipping for Canadians is $17-25 *facepalm*. Shipping in the U.S. is $5, or free for the lower 48 states with a $50 order.
  • Nars Claims: "Obscures imperfections and dark spots with a creamy, vitamin-rich formula that nourishes the skin for all-day wear. Crease-proof and easily blendable for a flawless finish. Long-wearing and enriched with Vitamin E." ~ Credit
  • There are 11 shades.

How I apply it: This is a stick concealer, and it looks like it would be fun to apply directly to the skin. But…please..do not apply this directly to the face! It does not work well applied directly and you will just waste product. When I apply this directly to the face and then try to blend the thick layer into my skin, it ends up blending the product off of the blemish I was trying to cover, as if I didn't just apply a really thick layer! I found it to apply the best by applying some product to the finger, and then dabbing the finger on the blemish or dark spot. It is better to apply light and then build.

Below I apply the concealer to my finger and then dab it on the spots that needed concealing. I have used the concealer under the eye only (top right), and then all over in the larger picture (bottom). You can see that it does cover imperfections but that coverage does not last as I have quite oily skin, and it also really accentuates my dry spots. 

My Thoughts: I found more cons that pros for this concealer, but I guess it's only fair to start off with the good things about it! I like that it has a light texture, it feels almost weightless on the skin. It does not feel oily or greasy at all, and the coverage is not terrible oh, and I found it easy to remove.. but by the time I got around to to taking off my makeup, most of the product wasn't on my face anymore anyway.

Why I don't like it: I don't know if you can consider this a creamy concealer. I found it to be a little dry, and it clung onto my dry spots. The thing I hate the most about this concealer, is how easily it wipes off. 30 minutes after I apply it under the eye, over a blemish, especially anywhere oily.. I can wipe it off by running my finger lightly along the skin. Otherwise, it just eventually disappears as the day goes by. It does not blend well, I find that trying to blend it really reduces the coverage you get. My dry spots were really enhanced, and any flakey skin I had was also really enhanced. This was extremely noticeable on the skin around my eyes and nose. I felt like the product separates easily, and kind of disappeared from my face in a few hours, especially on parts that are prone to oiliness (like my nose, forehead, chin.. did it melt off?) :p This concealer definitely feels dry and chalky on my skin. I tried this over a primer, and I found that the application was actually worse.. the primer seemed to make it difficult to cling onto my skin because it made my face much smoother. The price is also outrageous! 2g of product for $28 + taxes!? I've already used.. I don't know, 1/7th of it just testing it out for a few days.

Conclusion: I'm sad to say, this concealer definitely does not live up to its claims for me. It is definitely not for dry skin, or skin that is too oily either. It might work for normal skin.. or really moisturized skin? I have seen other decent reviews on it, however, I just don't like it. The coverage reminds me of my Yaby concealer that I got in my Ipsy bag a few months ago, but with a drier texture, and a shade range that is hard to match for lighter skin.

I'm Co-hosting the Brightside Beauty Blog Hop!

Hi Lovelies :) Lately I have been participating in the Brightside Beauty Blog Hop, and I was contacted by Kristin, the lovely creator of this blog hop, to be a co-host for this weekend! A blog hop is a great way to network and connect to other bloggers that share the same interests as you. Just follow the guidelines listed below to add your blog to the blog hop, and be sure to follow Kristin @ Meet Me On The Bright Side and at least 2 other blogs! Have an awesome weekend!

Meet Me on the Brightside
     Happy Friday Bloggers!  The weekend is here! Come link up to my Bright Side Beauty Blog Hop for a chance to gain new followers and find amazing new reads. Linky list will be open now until this Monday night 11:59 pm, Ohio time. There are only a few guidelines , so read, follow, and let the fun begin.  Don't forget to come back every Friday to join the blog hop and enter future giveaways :)  The blog this weekend with the most views will win a co-host spot on next weekend's hop so get your network on :)

Ipsy: July 2013 Glam Bag

The theme for this month's Ipsy Bag was Beach Beauty. I was super happy with everything that I got. I will be using and trying out all of these products for sure. As you all may know, Ipsy is a monthly beauty box subscription, $10 for the U.S. and $15 give or take for Canadians! If you haven't subscribed already, please use my refferal link by clicking here :) Oh, and thank you very much to the two who used it already! I ended up getting a bonus item this month!

Now I don't exactly have the beach in my backyard to casually take pictures on, but I do have some decently pretty rocks...

Pop Beauty Pouty Pop Crayon in Coral Crush: Full Size! Well.. technically! You can buy the whole kit of 6 lip crayons for $25 at Ulta. I'm not sure where exactly to get it in Canada. I do like that the crayon is a twist up. Although the colour I received is one of the brighter of the 3 options, I do like it, however it would be more suitable for tanned skin. I guess it could be described as a bright coral. It really looks terrible on my lips when they are dry or chapped (which is always), so this definitely would need to be applied on super smooth lips. There is also a minty tingle with this, similar to the Revlon Just Bitten Stains. I feel like this has a bit more pigmentation, but less of a stain than Revlon's.
Value: $4.17, Full Size: Kit of 6 for $25

Coola Mineral Sunscreen Rose Essence Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20: It does have a light rose scent. The sample is super tiny, and is only 7ml of product. Has a shimmer/sheen to it. Absorbed into my skin for the most part but not completely that I couldn't feel it. The tint is very light, when I first applied I thought it would be too dark, but when blended out it seems to even out and adds a nice slight bronze look. I like that the ingredients are natural and if I don't see any noticeable breakouts I would be interested in buying this. The only issue is the high price :( 
Value: 7ml for $5.04, Full Size: 50ml for $36

Bh Cosmetics California Collection Eyeshadow Sample Palette: I was excited to get eyeshadows but these are a little dissapointing, as many other bloggers have been saying. The palette is compact and cute. The purple is basically unusable for me, the pigmentation is so bad. But I do like the bronze and gold colours. If I decide to keep this I can get a lot of wear out of that bronze colour!
Value: 3 Eyeshadows for $2.70, Full Size: Palette of 16 shadows + 4 blushes for $17.95 On Sale for $9.95 here

SexyHair Soy Renewal Beach Spray: I like that there is argan oil in this, and the sample is a decent size however I'm not sure if I can use this! I was hoping for the humidity spray, because I'm not sure if I need more texture in my hair. It's very fine and has no curl or wave, which I assume is the best type of hair for this type of product. Watching Youtube videos, it seems as if you can put this in after curling your hair. I will definitely have to try that!
Value: 50ml for $6.67, Full Size: 150ml for approx. $20 On Sale for $14.50 here

Derma E Microdermabrasion Scrub: This scrub is a very generous size even though the jar is half full! It felt similar to Vasanti's BrightenUp! which used to be quite popular in beauty boxes. The grains are quite rough on my acne prone/sensitive skin, and I cannot use this scrub for anywhere near 3 minutes like the instructions recommend. My skin felt soft and smooth after, but I just think this is a little too harsh for sensitive skin.. or at least, it feels that way.
Value: 28g for $17.30, Full Size: 56g for $34.60 Can be bought at Well.ca here

Total Value: $35.88

I also received a Nicole by OPI Polish from the Selena Gomez collection called 'Pretty in Plum' for having 2 refferals sign up with my link! I wasn't too excited about the colour but it does look very nice when swatched and is a nice plum with subtle shimmer. I didn't include this in the value because it is a bonus item.

California Collection Palette - Hollywood, San Francisco, Malibu || Pop Beauty Pouty Pop Crayon in Coral Crush || Coola Mineral Sunscreen Rose Essence Tinted Moisturizer || Derma E Microdermabrasion Scrub
Nail Swatch: Nicole by OPI Selena Gomez 'Pretty in Plum'
Lip Swatch: Pop Beauty Pouty Pop Crayon in Coral Crush

It got way too hot, so I retreated inside to take the final group photo! :p

Did you like this month's Ipsy bag? What did you get? Are you going to use all of the items?

FOTD: Ferro Cosmetics Ultimate FD & Maybelline Super Stay Concealer

I have my very first Face of the Day to share with you! I have recently been testing out two new face products: Maybelline's Super Stay 24 Concealer and Ferro Cosmetics Ultimate Foundation. I love the coverage of both but I think they look cakey together. I originally bought the Maybelline Super Stay Concealer as a replacement for their Mineral Power Concealer that I recently ran out of. Although the coverage of this one is a lot better, it is unfortunately thicker, cakier, and enhances my dry spots. The Ferro Foundation matches my skin perfectly, controls oil and shine, and is really buildable. It also doesn't look like it's caused any additional skin issues/acne yet.. but I'm still crossing my fingers! I'm having a lot of skin issues right now, mainly tiny bumps/acne on my forehead and random areas of my face, so for some reason I feel like I have to wear a lot more makeup than I normally would on a regular hot summer day. 

Palty Eyebrow Mascara in Natural Brown (old, from eBay) very lightly to add some colour.
Maybelline's Define a Brow in Dark Brown (discontinued) to outline and even out my brow shape. 
MUA Pro-Brow Kit lighter shade to fill in and wax to keep them in place. 
Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter (from June 2013 Ipsy) to highlight.
'Virgin' from Naked Palette to highlight the brow bone.

Prestige Eye Primer to prime lids.
Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Milk inner corners and lower lash-line.
Naked Palette: Naked in and above crease. Buck on crease. Darkhorse on outer crease and lower lash-line. Virgin in inner corners.
Cailyn Gel Liner in Black to line upper lash-line.

Garnier Anti-Dark Circle Roller in Light under the eye.
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser in Neutralizer under the eye (inner).
Maybelline Super Stay 24 Concealer in Ivory applied all over the face, focusing on blemishes.
Ferro Cosmetics Ultimate Mineral Foundation in Light Honey (from Topbox shop).
NYC Bronzer in Sunny to define cheekbones, then on temples, outer cheeks, chin..
The Balm Instain in Houndstooth very lightly on apples of cheeks.
Besame Brightening Violet Powder (from Wantable box) all over to mattify and brighten.
The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer to highlight bridge of nose, cheeks.
'Naked' from Naked Palette to contour nose.

Not pictured: (Sorry! I forgot :p) 
Maybelline Volum Rocket Waterproof Mascara in Very Black
ModelCo Lip Liner in Pomegranate (from January 2013 BB5) 
Mereadesso Lip Treat in Sheer Pink

Any recommendations for similar products that I use? For those of you in Toronto, were you affected by the flood and blackout a week ago? Oh and just for fun, look at the huge sinkhole I instagrammed that JUST appeared on my street!

Real Techniques Core Collection Review

For months I have been scavenging various Walmart locations, multiple times a week, looking for the Real Techniques Core Collection Brush Set. Ever since their appearance in Canada, Walmart has been either low on stock, or sold out. Eventually, there was more stock and I did see the two other sets in Walmart, but the Core Collection was always missing! I was recently given the opportunity to test and review the Core Collection, and I cannot explain how happy I am to finally try them out!

You might be wondering... these brushes have been out for a while now, why are they still sold out everywhere?? Well they only recently were made available in Canada. The three collections: 'Core Collection', 'Travel Essentials', and the 'Eyes Starter Set' are available at Walmart stores. The three collections as well as some individual brushes are available online at FarleyCo, the Canadian distributor of Real Techniques.

If your not wondering that.. then you must be thinking, what is Real Techniques? But the picture may have given that away! Real Techniques is a brush line designed with pro makeup artist Samantha Chapman from Norwich, many of you may know her on Youtube as pixiwoo. 

The brushes are made with taklon bristles which are ultra-plush, with soft fibers, and smoother than most synthetic brushes. They are 100% cruelty free. 

The brushes are hand-cut to fit comfortably in your hand. They are very light, due to the majority of the handle being aluminum, and the bases are flat so they can stand on your countertop, which is a plus if you have a lot of countertop space, or like to be decorative! The smaller brushes don't stand up for me though. In this collection, only the buffing brush stands on its own. Actually, all of the brushes in this collection aren't very large.

I can tell you now... I am absolutely in love with these brushes, and the few other Real Techniques brushes that I own! There are a decent amount of brushes in the collection, and it is my goal to collect them all! ..seriously though.

Buffing Brush: "Use for cream to powder foundation, or a mineral foundation. It can also be used to apply bronzer, blush, and highlighter."
This is my favourite brush in the set! I find it to be quite dense, similar to the expert face brush, also by RT. I mainly use this brush to buff liquid foundation on my face. It does a good job of evening out the foundation on my face, so it looks more natural, and less harsh/caked on. It does such a good job of blending out my foundation that I don't have to use as much product because the bristles have little/quick contact with the foundation, and doesn't cling onto it too much. I do find the expert face brush does a better job of not absorbing too much foundation, but they work very similarly, and I find this brush to be a bit softer. This brush does work well for blush, highlighter, and bronzer if you want a pigmented application. I however, didn't like how the brush picked up powder, especially a loose powder, and with bronzer it definitely isn't for the cheekbones, and more for all-over bronzer.

Pointed Foundation Brush: "For liquid foundation, and concealer under the eyes."
This brush is way too small for me to use with liquid foundation. It is actually my most unfavourable brush in the collection because I really only have one use for it. I use it for under-eye concealer. When I first tried it out I found it to apply quite streaky.. then I tried a dabbing technique, and my results were much better and it gave me so much more coverage. It is soft and flexible but I wouldn't recommend this for all over foundation. Aside from concealing under the eyes, it could also be good for concealing blemishes.

Detailer Brush: "Precision cut for concealer, under-eye concealer, or to define lips with lipstick."
This is the thinnest and tiniest brush ever! It's probably able half the size of typical eyeshadow brushes. If it weren't for the orange handle it would get lost in all of my other brushes. At first I thought, this is so tiny what could I possibly use this for? It's too time consuming for concealing under the eyes, although it can be good for spot concealing. I found it to work best for fixing and concealing precise areas on the face, such as the sides of the nose, and corners of my eyes. I also really like it for applying primer on my lower lashline. Because the brush is so small I don't have to worry about putting the primer too far below my lower lashline. I usually use Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Milk for priming my lower lashline, and I can use this to blend it out so the shadow goes on evenly. It works well for brightening the inner corners with eyeshadow as well, but I noticed a bit of fallout and don't love it for eyeshadow. 

Contour Brush: "With bronzer to define the cheekbone, contour the crease above the eyes, for highlighter."
I love this brush for contouring the cheekbones and I almost regret buying a $40+ Mac brush for that purpose! I find this one so much easier to contour with; it places nicely underneath the cheekbone and blends easily. I was scared to use this at first because of the shape, but it ended up being easier than my Mac 109 (contour) brush because of the smaller size and ability to fit in the hollows of my cheek. I haven't used any other brush for defining my cheekbones since trying out this one.

I didn't really mention that all of the Brush Sets come with a panoramic case, which they fit snugly into. Maybe a little too snug.. I chip nail polish while trying to slide these brushes in!! It is a great accessory, and I love that it is quite innovative.. meaning you can fold/open the case to have it stand/lay flat, but it's not necessary for me. If I am bringing brushes with me, I am going to bring a lot more than what can fit in this case! EDIT: Over a year later, and I notice this post is still pretty popular. I am still totally in love with these brushes and use the Buffing Brush very often. Just wanted to update, I still feel they are worth it :)

If you are interested in these brushes but need visual tutorials on how to use them, Samantha has tutorials on all her brushes on the official Real Techniques website.

The prices of these brushes are very reasonable to me, I don't think you can get quality even close to this for any cheaper.. any cheaper and you'd be looking at brushes from the dollar store. This set is roughly $20 give or take.. that is basically $5 a brush! I would definitely recommend this set. I don't think I have a Real Techniques brush that I don't like (I currently have 10 including these so 5 that aren't pictured here.) As I mentioned before, they can be bought in Canada at Walmart stores, or FarleyCo, in the US at Ulta.

Have you used Real Techniques? Do you have any RT brush recommendations? What'd you think of this set?

Disclaimer: I received this product for review. All opinions stated are my own and not influenced by any affiliates.

OOTD(S): June Buffalo Love Culture & Papaya Haul

I picked up some really cute pieces during my one day trip to Buffalo, NY around the beginning of June, and I wanted to share them with you all. The clothing I bought was purchased mainly at Love Culture, Papaya, and a little something from Charlotte Russe. These pieces can look both casual and dressy, and are easy and comfortable to wear for both day and night...

 I hauled and blogged about all of the products/small items that I bought here but promised to do the clothing haul another time. I was finally able to get ahold of a tripod to take these photos with! I find it much more flattering and fun to look at that just laying the clothing out on a bed.

I am an amateur tripod user, outdoor photographer, and definitely not the greatest model!
 I tried my best.. although my face didn't.. so I saved all of your eyes by cropping it out in almost all of the photos haha.

When I saw this dress I fell in love. It is slightly long on me when I wear flip flops (I don't exactly know my height, I assume like, 5'2..) but I still don't need to hem it and with heels it would definitely be perfect. I love that I can wear this both casually as a summer dress and I'll still look classy if I wear it into the night.

Mint Lace Crop Top: Love Culture
Skirt: eBay

This crop top was too cute for me to pass up. Unfortunately, I will have a hard time wearing it because it is so short! You can kind of see in the photo that it shows my bra a bit when it rides up. It looked great with my bodycon skirt, yet the skirt wasn't high-waisted enough to cover enough of my middrift! I think it looks great paired with this flowy skirt, which I got from eBay for about $5. The skirt is slightly see-through, so you definitely need to wear shorts underneath. 

Skirt: Sirens (old)

Clearly my eyes were only on lace items when I went shopping here.. but to be honest they had a ton of lace, and I thought they were the cutest items in the store! The only problem with the lace, is the fact that it is so delicate (cheaply made I guess?) that it gets caught and snags on everything. This top is so cute but with the amount of times that I'm wearing it, I don't expect it to last long :(

Black Lace w/ Pleather Peplum Top: Love Culture
Skirt (Left): Sirens (old), Skirt (Right): Forever 21 (old)

I love the lace on this top and when I bought it I loved the pleather on it too! Now I'm starting to dislike it only because it looks a little bit cheap. I tried to wear it with pants and it looked awful, but it definitely works with bodycon skirts. I probably won't ever wear it with the skirt on the right, but I just wanted to model what the top looked like with a patterned skirt.

Infinity Love Crop Tank: Love Culture
Dip Dyed Shorts (Left): Love Culture, Skirt (Right): Sirens (old)

Love how this top falls on me but it is so thin and delicate that there is a tiny hole in it already! The sides are a bit low cut so you need to wear a bandeau underneath. I am in love with the dip dyed/ombre shorts on the right. I have been looking for ones like these that fit me for FOREVER... when I say forever I mean over a year! These were a bit tight on the waist but I am slowly getting used to them. 

Infinity Love Crop Tank: Love Culture
Black Maxi Skirt: Sirens
Another outfit with the top.. this is the one I have been wearing a lot lately because it is so easy and comfortable. 

Photo On Right: 
Scarf: Charlotte Russe
Romper: H&M (few months old)
The scarf was just an impulse buy that I thought I would include *sigh*

Infinity Ring: Love Culture
Other 2 Rings: Finger/Knuckle Rings from Aldo

All of these stores have websites for online shopping, however I'm pretty positive they only ship to the States, which is a huge bummer because there is so much more of a selection online! I'm sad to see these clothes wearing out so quickly but... I guess.. you get what you pay for. I think these pieces are all  great for summer, and easy to wear.. they are so beautiful on their own, they don't even need to be dressed up with jewellery!

Did you like any of the pieces I picked up? Which one is your favourite?!
If you have any additional questions feel free to comment below! I read all comments!