Sleek Candy Collection Palette Review & Swatches

I was so excited to find out that Sleek had released a new, bright coloured palette that actually ships to Canada! This palette is called the i-Divine Candy Collection Palette, and is limited edition. Sleek also released 2 other limited edition products to go alongside with this palette; the Pout Paint Lol-Lip-Pop and Blush by 3 in Sweet Cheeks. The Pout Paint in Lol-Lip-Pop is a bright and fun baby pink. The Blush by 3 in Sweet Cheeks is a 3 pan blush with 1 cream, 1 shimmer, and 1 matte blush!

The palette is said to have sweet sorbet shades that look good enough to eat! I think I'd rather eat what's on the packaging though :p

I really adore the box this palette comes in! It looks fun and eye-catching, and I was hoping the palette would be somewhat similar..

So the actual palette is Sleek's typical matte black casing! Bummer, I was hoping for something a little brighter but that's ok!

The palette has a few different types of shadows, the main focus is on the matte shadows, but there are a few shimmer and pearl/frost type shadows. 

Strawberry Sorbet // Bon Bon // Parma Violet // Apple Sour // Pear Drop // Flump
Liquorice // Blue Fizzle // Aniseed // Bubble Gum // Mint Cream // Cream Soda

Sorry in advanced for the bad swatches below, I have a hard time with closeups with this kit lens!
I also attempt to describe these colours as best as I can :p

Strawberry Sorbet // Bon Bon // Parma Violet // Apple Sour // Pear Drop // Flump
Swatched over Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer

Strawberry Sorbet: Matte Pink, there is a little more shimmer to it compared to the other colours, but I wouldn't say its completely a satin.
Bon Bon: A shimmery light mauve
Parma Violet: Matte Dark Purple, good for the crease/a purple smokey eye
Apple Sour: A vibrant mint shade that looks like a frost to me, 
Pear Drop: A satin green leaning towards the yellow side 
Flump: Matte purple that would work well with Parma Violet

Liquorice // Blue Fizzle // Aniseed // Bubble Gum // Mint Cream // Cream Soda
Swatched over Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer

Liquorice: Matte faded black, only colour I am really disappointed with, it does not seem opaque at all.
Blue Fizzle: A satin navy blue
Aniseed: Shimmer/frosty darker pink with gold shimmer, reminds me of the Nars Orgasm blush but darker :p
Bubble Gum: Vibrant matte blue
Mint Cream: Matte teal
Cream Soda: A satin white shade, ideal for highlighting the brow bone.

I was expecting a bit better but I am impressed with the colour payoff except for Liquorice, but when doing eye looks I noticed that the colours were easiest to be applied with my finger, and required a bit of layering for them to be opaque. I thought they were a bit more vibrant over a white base. I don't think I would use them without a white base actually, after seeing how much better and more vibrant the colours go on with it. I definitely prefer it over a regular, clear/skin coloured primer. The only issue with using a shadow stick pencil as a base is the longevity and how long it would hold before creasing.

Here are a couple looks I did... just testing out the colours! Both were done over NYX Shadow Pencil in Milk (a white base). 

NYX Shadow Pencil in Milk as a base. Bubble Gum on lid, and Apple Sour on crease. Pear Drop on lower lashline. Cream Soda in inner corner. Cailyn Gel Liner in Black on top lashline.

NYX Shadow Pencil in Milk as a base. Flump on lid. Parma Violet in crease. Strawberry Sorbet on lower lashline. Cream Soda in inner corner. Cailyn Gel Liner in Black on top lashline.

I definitely wouldn't use colours like these on a daily basis. I am typically a neutral type of girl. It seems a little difficult to use these colours together because they are so different, but they are definitely an affordable asset to my eyeshadow collection.

At only $10, the Candy Collection Palette is the same price as all of Sleek's other palettes but again is only a limited edition palette. Shipping to Canada was roughly $4.30 for 2 items, which is very inexpensive! It also took about a week which really surprised me, as I was expecting to wait at least 2! If you are out of the UK and have always wanted to try one of Sleek's colourful palettes I would pick one up as this actually ships internationally, unlike their other ultra matte bright palettes. If you already own a handful of them, there may not be a need to pick up another, unless you are looking for colours that are bright but not so neon!