My Experience With A False Fiber Mascara

Image is NOT of a false fiber mascara.  :p

I have noticed quite a few promotions going on about false fiber lash mascaras, and I realized that I never had the chance to write about my experience with this type of mascara.

I had quite a bad experience with a false fiber lash mascara about a year ago! However, these pictures are not of the fiber lash mascara. Just using them for something to look at!

I do not remember the exact mascara that I tried out. I probably would not call it out even if I did because I actually LOVED it. I began to use it daily. I loved this new technology and thought it was just about the best idea ever, next to putting on fake eyelashes.

If you don't know what a false fiber lash mascara is.. it basically is a mascara with a mixture of a bunch of various sized tiny fibers in it. The fibers add thickness and can also elongate your lashes.

I have thin, sparse, straight asian lashes and this mascara did wonders for me. It really lengthened and thickened them, more than I can get with a normal mascara, obviously due to the fibers that you are adding onto your lashes. As you can see above, my lashes are thin, boring and straight (this picture was taken today). I also clearly had trouble removing my mascara from the night before :p

But after a few weeks of use, I went from loving this mascara to hating it :(

One day, my eye felt very uncomfortable and I couldn't figure out why. I thought it was one of those little bumps (cysts?) that you can get on your waterline from bacteria, so I didn't think too much of it.

That night I realized there was no bump and that something must be in my eye. After minutes of staring into my eye I noticed a tiny fiber in it! Now, these fibers are such tiny things, and it stuck to my eye like glue. I was rubbing, wiping, using my finger and a q-tip to try and get it out for hours. Nothing worked and I was very frustrated. I'm pretty sure I started crying... I'm a big baby shh. It was just taking so much time and I was getting nowhere.. except putting it further into places in my eye that I could not get to (it ended up on the very inside of my bottom lash line).

I gave up hoping it would somehow come out overnight but unfortunately the next morning it was still there, bugging me even more now. I was so determined to get it out this time so I stood in front of the mirror for an hour, trying to get it closer to my waterline so I could get it out with a q-tip. I finally was able to wipe it out, it hurt but it was finally gone! 

I was just so unhappy that I had to stress myself out so much to do this! And I couldn't believe how hard it was to get out one tiny little fiber. I threw out the mascara right away and didn't even wear eye makeup that day because I felt like my eye was sore from me rubbing and playing around with it for the past 24 hours! 

This has never happened to me with a regular mascara. Even getting invisible fluffs in my eye isn't even close to that bad. I have a fear of fiber mascaras now and I will never buy one again. I don't know if this is a practical mascara because if this happened so easily to me, it likely will happen to others. And it is definitely a pain in the butt to get out.

It is a great invention, but definitely not for me. If you use these, be careful! And I hope this doesn't typically happen so it doesn't happen to you!