Empties #3: May 2013

These aren't actually only my MAY empties.. but they've been accumulated from the past few months since my last empties post.. (which was February, oopsies)

All of my empties since March! Should I be embarrassed?

Bath & Body Works Stress Relief Eucalyptus Body & Shine Shampoo: Okay I can admit I did notice a bit of volume with this! Nothing drastic though. I love the smell of eucalyptus, it helps me relax. I would buy again as a body wash or something, because I didn't really like my hair smelling minty :p
Purchase? Maybe, as a body wash?

Pantene Aqua Light Silicone Free Shampoo: This definitely wasn't anything special for me and and didn't feel very weightless like it claims to be. It was just a regular shampoo to me.
Purchase? No

Pantene Aqua Light Conditioner: Nothing special either, I am just pretty neutral about it. 
Purchase? No

Coolway Boost: Smells like sweet tart flavoured medicine.. I don't really know what this is suppose to do besides condition. I think it is suppose to make blow drying and flat ironing easier on your hair. Regardless it didn't do anything for me, didn't make my hair smooth or soft, is pricey, and I had to apply a lot of it. 
Purchase? No

Tresemme Split Remedy Shampoo/Conditioner: Claims reduces up to 80% of split ends after 3 uses. Okay, I'm not sure but maybe I did notice my ends looking a little better? Regardless I didn't get any volume from this product which is what I am more concerned about, so I wouldn't buy it.
Purchase? No

La Coupe Volume Shampoo/Conditioner: I really like this, and I have tried it before and it does give me much needed volume. It is affordable as well. I will definitely buy this and see if it works for me in the long run!
Purchase? Yes

Free Your Mane Sulfate Free Shampoo/Detangling Conditioner: I would definitely need to try this more to see if I liked it. I don't normally use sulfate-free products so I wasn't sure what to think of this. It wasn't amazing though, but there are a lot of oil type ingredients and protein in both the shampoo and conditioner!
Purchase? No, would need to try a bigger sample. 

Nude Perfect Cleansing Oil for Face & Eyes: I love the scent and texture of this. I also like the lack of too many ingredients. If they took out the fragrance, it would be even better for my skin! But I don't know if I can justify spending almost $50 on a bottle of this. It did take off all my makeup and eyeshadow, except not so much my waterproof eyeliner!
Purchase? Not likely.

Pure + Simple Sensitive Skin Face Wash: I got this in my SwagBag from the Beauty Board Event that I went to at the beginning of May. I didn't think it would work but I really like it! It does remove my makeup, although it takes 2 tries to completely get it off. The scent is lemony and a lot of the ingredients are pretty natural (or so they seem!). It hasn't broken me out, but hasn't prevented my regular breakouts either. I don't blame it though, because it isn't medicated. Anyway, I will make my way downtown to their store to purchase this asap!
Purchase? Yes!

Vasanti BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator: I didn't like this before and thought it broke me out, but gave it another try. Haven't noticed any major breakouts from it this time. I do notice it feels a bit rough on my skin and I have to be gentle when using it.
Purchase? Maybe in the future, if I still don't get any breakouts and when I finish up some of my other exfoliant samples.

Yves Rocher Express Eye Makeup Remover: This is like my HG eye makeup remover. It is very oily but quick. I still have a hard time removing waterproof mascara but I haven't found anything better yet! Especially for the $5ish price tag!
Purchase? Yes! I stockpile on these.

Simply Delicate Feminine Cleansing Cloths 24 wipes: My aunt got me these through Avon. Uhm.. not sure if they still have them!? But I assume these are a bit old heh.. probably shouldn't have been using them.. but they are pH balanced, gynecologist-tested, and hypoallergenic!
Purchase? Yes! If they still sell them. 

Ahava DeadSea Water Mineral Hand Cream: I thought this smelt a little too mature for me, it is thick and I don't really like it. I pretty much had friends finish it for me! The tiny sample tube did last forever though.
Purchase? No

Dove Go Fresh Burst Body Wash, Nectarine & White Ginger Scent: I really liked the scent at first, but then I started to dislike how creamy it was, and the scent started to seem artificial to me. I don't know. I don't really favour it, and it is a little pricey when it isn't on sale.
Purchase? No

Clearly I have an issue with using up full sized products.. but that's ok! I need to shop my sample stash for a while as I have way too many small samples to use up right now. 
Link me to your empties in the comments!