Buffalo Haul

I actually got to go across the border to Buffalo, NY, twice this week! Although the first time was for a commercial pickup, and I did not have the opportunity to stop anywhere besides Target... It's too bad I wasn't the one driving hehe. But I luckily got to go back for the weekend :)
*PS. Pic Heavy!*
Anyway, not so lucky, because my company was not exactly the 'shopping' type. Although I did pick up quite a few things I was looking for and many that I cannot get here in Canada.

I did not include the clothes I bought in this post. I will do a separate post where I am able to show how the clothes look on me!

I'll start with my Target purchases!

Sonia Kashuk Satin Luxe Lip Color in Pink Punch: I took a chance with this lipstick and it is quite bright/vibrant on my lips! I do like it however, and I think it looks great when I mix it with a little lighter pink.
Nivea Lip Butter in Vanilla & Macadamia Kiss: I don't like lip balms where you have to use your finger, but I wanted something different. I'm glad I chose this as it smells amazing!
EOS Lip Balm in Pomegranate Rasberry: This was a last minute impulse buy at the checkout! I saw it and had to have it to add to my collection!

Vaseline Cocoa Radiant Vitalizing Body Gel Oil: I saw a vlogger rave about this, I can't remember which one but I had to get it! I love the Vaseline Cocoa scent but I have no use for any of their other products, so I'm glad I found this.
Suave Dry Shampoo Spray: This was a little under $3 which I thought was a steal for a dry shampoo.   I can't wait to get up a review about it!
Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Clear Mist Spray Sunscreen SPF 15: I liked that this said 'clear mist' as I hate having to rub in the sunscreen after I spray it on (even though I know you should anyway). Also I hate the smell of sunscreen, so I figured this to be the best smelling one in the store!
*Bonus* Free Hawaiian Tropic Lip Balm SPF 45: I got a free bonus lip balm with the sunscreen! I will definitely be using this for the beach and tanning.

Curel Hand & Cuticle Therapy and Foot Therapy Set: I heard some good things about this foot cream from those who got it in their Glossybox in the past (I believe). Not sure if I am noticing am improvement yet but my dry spots do feel a bit softer.

Anddd just some snacks! I really do not like the Starbucks Very Berry Hibiscus. There are 6 flavoured powder pouches in this box, for a whopping $7! I like that it is naturally sweetened with cane sugar, but  to me this tastes terrible! There is ginger in it and all I can taste is the ginger. I also learnt after I bought this that green coffee extract is ideal for losing weight, which is not what I want to do! I will be giving this to my aunt, who actually loves the taste of ginger! I had to get the Ice Breakers Watermelon because I haven't seen it in Canada, and these are my HG mints! Also picked up this amazing popcorn! It is a little pricey but the best popcorn I've ever had! I can't even explain, its buttery and salty, but not overly salty. If you love popcorn I'd suggest trying out Pop Secret Homestyle if you ever spot it!

Then I went to Sally's Beauty, mainly to pick up the Wet Brush! I'm so happy I got my hands on one because I haven't seen them in Canada. I love it so far, it easily detangles my hair.

This Palladio Rice Powder and Rice Paper looked interesting, and it was $3 off 2 Palladio products so I picked up both. I also got this $2 Beauty Secrets Non-Acetone Nail Polish Remover. Not sure how well it works but it doesn't have that great of reviews on MUA, oh no!

I went to Dollar Tree and got both of these for $1 each. Sorry the packaging is a bit ugly! I was too eager, and had already opened them!

At the Fashion Outlets Mall, I just picked up this Yankee Candle for $5! It is a decent size, says it will burn for 35-45 hours. I had to be held back from getting anymore!

I tried this Arizona Sparkling Drink before, in Cherry or Rasberry, and it was alright but I didn't find it to be flavourful enough! I saw that they now have a few more flavours, and I got this one. Hey, it was only $.99!

I wanted A LOT of things at Ulta but I limited myself and ended up with only two of these Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrubs. Top is Coconut Lime and bottom is Tropical Mango. Thank you Beauty Box 5 for introducing me to this amazing stuff!

And of course I had to get my 5 for $5 sanitizers from Bath and Body Works! They are 3 for $5 in Canada, so I always try pick some up when I go to the States. They are so addicting!

I hope this wasn't too boring! I didn't really get any makeup products, but I limited myself to things I will use! I will definitely get my clothing haul up soon!