Batiste Dry Shampoo Review

Batiste is internationally known for their dry shampoo, which has recently become a big hit with women of all ages. I actually was not too big on Batiste, or any dry shampoo for that matter, until I really experimented with this one. I realized it really does work, and I was just not using it the right way.

batiste dry shampoo original review

On their website they currently have 14 different types of dry shampoo! How different can you really make dry shampoo!? It seems as if the reason for this is the variation of scents, such as cherry and tropical. A few of them actually have different properties, such as the XXL Volume which, obviously is suppose to give you volume, and the coloured ones for blonde, medium, and dark brown hair.

I do have the XXL Volume, which is what led me to initially dislike Batiste. However, after spraying the 'Original' at different distances from my hair, I realize the product needs to be sprayed very close to the hair so that you can see the powder for it to work for me.

batiste dry shampoo original review

The product comes in a hairspray type can, and it definitely sprays out like it is too! I found it to be quite powerful and you have to wave your arms quickly while holding the trigger so you can distribute the powder evenly!

I put this dry shampoo to the ultimate test by using it on 3rd day hair, 2nd day hair, and 2 days in a row. But I only have example photos from one test where I used it on 3rd day hair below! I have also brightened the exposure on a few of the photos below, oh, and blurred out my skin as I was not wearing makeup and I don't want to showcase my terrible, pimply forehead!

batiste dry shampoo original review before after

I put it EVERYWHERE. Looks a little bit silly when you first spray it on, I feel like a skunk, or like I effed up on highlighting my hair, but you definitely need to take some time to work out the white powder. I found that it took a little time to finger comb out the white powder, which is fine for me, but might be time consuming for others.

I know some people don't need to use this much for the product to work, but through trial and error I found that using this much was really the only way that worked for me!

batiste dry shampoo original review before after

Above are photos of my 3rd try using this. I actually noticed a huge difference. The oiliness of my hair was gone, and I did not have to wash my hair to look presentable for public :p I do think I used a lot of product though, but it definitely worked! There is a powdery residue which can look like dandruff on my hair. I tried to work it out as best as I could but I definitely do not think this is ideal if you are going to get photographed! Can you see how lightened my hair looks? It definitely did add a little 'dullness' to my colour and you can see that my scalp is lighter because I got some of the dry shampoo on it.

You can definitely use less product than I did, where you won't have as much white residue to work out, but I found that using less was not working for me and my hair would still look oily.

I also tried this product 2 days in a row on 2nd and 3rd day hair and the dry shampoo did last me throughout the day. The next day I still felt presentable, but I put a little more on closest to my forehead, because that is where I run my fingers through my hair the most. The 4th day I actually still felt ok to leave the house, but my hair was looking pretty dull and dry and definitely needed a wash! It was impressive to see that the dry shampoo actually did make a difference, I usually can't go past 2 days without it looking pretty bad. 

batiste dry shampoo original review

My Conclusion: I do really like this dry shampoo, although it does give my hair a little dullness and I wish it gave me volume. Used properly, this definitely works, although like I said, it takes a lot of 'running your fingers through' to get the white residue out (or at least most of it out). This isn't ideal for me on a night out or where I am going to be photographed, but good for a typical day where you still want to look presentable but are too lazy to wash your hair! The white residue does look a little like dandruff, so you need to run your fingers through and get enough of it out, or 'rubbed in' I guess you can say. If you have dandruff or a dry scalp the powder may latch onto it and make your scalp look drier, so try to avoid the scalp! I need to spray close to the head, to get enough powder on my hair. I still don't think I got all of the white residue out, but enough that people will not notice! Update: The can does not last long at all. I have already gone through about 3-4. It is pricey for the amount of product in the can but it is worth it and I will continue to purchase it.

I know this dry shampoo is not a miracle and cannot cure my oily hair but it definitely has helped during those days where I don't want to wash it (aka third or second day hair). I will continue to use it when I notice my hair getting oily. You can find Batiste products and many other beauty brands such as EcoTools and Real Techniques on

Have you tried Batiste? How do you feel about it? Do you have any other dry shampoo recommendations?

Disclaimer: I received this product for consideration. All opinions stated are 100% my own and not influenced by any affiliates.