Philosophy 27 Wishes Multi-Purpose Balm Review

I have recently been testing out an oil-based balm by Philosophy on a daily basis. I have actually tested it on quite a few different areas of my body and I will post more information about that below. The balm is called 27 Wishes, if it isn't already evident from the title, and Philosophy claims it to be a multi-purpose skin nurturing balm. I actually have heard of this product before but never looked into it. I was actually contacted on behalf of QVC to review this balm!

Of course, the number 27 comes from the many different ways the product can be used, which is conveniently listed on the box!

I like how they placed the skin concerns this balm will address in a unique way, all over the box, as opposed to listing I did below!

Below is a list of the 27 skin concerns Philosophy claims that this multi-tasking balm will address (taken from the box and categorized):
- Stretch Marks, post-shave skin, post-wax skin, post-peel irritation, sunburn, windburn, skin irritation, chafing, tattoos

- Cracked heels, between toes, dry patches, blisters
- Minor Scrapes, little scratches
- Ring fingers, rough cuticles, chapped knuckles, dry elbows
- Earlobes, helps soothe, helps condition, extra dewiness, helps tame, makeup mistakes
- Hairline prior to colouring
- Rebellious eyebrows, split ends, flyaways, chapped nose

I actually counted 30 skin concerns above, however, some are repetitive and I also don't see how some can be used for that purpose! I mean, post-shave and post-wax skin are extremely similar concerns, as well as skin irritation and chafing. Also, many of these concerns cannot be applied to everyone.

First Impressions: I was surprised at the thickness and oiliness of this balm. I was expecting somewhat of a vaseline consistency, however it felt slightly thicker. It feels much oilier, and a little sticky compared to vaseline. Both seemed to have the same sheen on the skin. It took a while to absorb, I noticed the shine on my hand die down about half an hour later although I could still feel the oil where I rubbed in the balm. The smell came across as a strong, lavender herbal scent to me. 

Pictured above is a pea sized amount of the multi-purpose balm. This is actually a TON of product and I can use this for my cuticles on both hands and feet, heels, dry spots on my feet, elbows, and knuckles.  A little goes a long way. A problem I had at first was feeling as if there wasn't enough balm and I kept adding more then realizing I used too much. It is best to put a small amount on the back of your hand or finger, and use a finger on your other hand to dab the product on problem areas first, while rubbing it in. 

Put to the Test: As mentioned before, I tried this on a few different body parts...
- I did not like the feeling of putting it on my hair and thought it was too thick of a product for this purpose. 
- I did use it on a cut on my finger and it healed within two weeks while still scarring. I don't think it did much better than polysporin could have done. 
- I tried it post-waxing, and although I usually have red bumps for at least 24 hours, the bumps seemed to have diminished in a few hours! 
- This definitely cured dry spots on my upper foot, elbows, and skin between thumb and index finger! 
- I can't say it has done anything much for my cuticles, as I still seem to have issues with dryness and peeling.
- I did not try putting this on my face as I'm prone to breakouts especially when there are so many ingredients in a product. 
- Oh, I saw somewhere that someone even puts this on their lips. Yeah, don't do that unless you want a  funky bitter taste in your mouth!

I dislike that this product takes a while to absorb. It is also extremely oily. The ingredients are a blend of natural oils and botanicals, which makes perfect sense as it is an oil-based product! However, I don't think I've used a product so oily! I am bothered by oily hands, so I have to really wipe my hands quite a few times or wash them after applying this.

I do like the fact that this product is so versatile, and has quite a few different uses. It worked best for curing my dry spots and reducing the red bumps I get after waxing. I believe it goes for $19 for 30ml which is quite pricey but if you use it sparingly or only when needed (which I strongly suggest!) it will last much longer. I don't think this is a must have, but if you have some of the many skin concerns adressed on the box and love Philosophy it would not hurt to try this out. It is also formulated without petrolatum, so if you are prone to break-outs, then this could definitely be a great alternative!

I'm not exactly sure where you can get this product in North America, please inform me if you have seen it at a store that sells Philosophy such as The Bay or Sephora! I could not find it on Sephora's website, although it is available for purchase on QVC UK here (UK only) and I have also spotted it on here.

You can browse (and shop, if you are located in the UK) many other Philosophy products on QVC UK!

Disclaimer: I received this product for review on behalf of QVC UK and Philosophy. All opinions stated are my own and not influenced by any affiliates. I did not receive monetary compensation for my review.