Blush Pretty Beauty Board Event 2013

I'm kind of embarrassed to even be posting this so late... I have had quite a few changes recently and it has only made me procrastinate even more. Between getting a new camera, changing the name and URL of my blog, and trying to find a job, I have found little time to actually sit down and type!! But I figured I might as well, it is only like a month late... you know... no big deal.... :p

And.. sadly.. I accidentally deleted all the photos I took at this event. :( I formatted my SD card for my new camera not realizing that I had a bunch of unsaved photos on there, ugh! Anyways, I will link the amazing girls who I met up with at the event and their blog posts so you can see more photos of the vendors at the event!

Blush Pretty Beauty Board: The Toronto Beauty Board is an event hosted by the Blush Pretty team! 2013 is actually the seventh annual Beauty Board Event. Having learnt about this event last year, I had the opportunity to attend this year's event. (Pft. making myself look special here. It is actually an event open to the public, you can buy tickets for it, which is about $35 plus taxes!) The event is set up with skincare and beauty product vendors and you basically play the role of a beauty editor for the day! You are given 3 brands chosen at random, and are encouraged to do a quick review of them by the end of the event to receive your SwagBag!

Photo from Christine

Photo from Christine

Photo from Christine

Beatrice of Beatrice Trang, Samantha of Gemstone BeautyChristine of Little Red BowSteph of Fun Size Beauty, & Myself
Photo from Samantha

We spent the few hours walking around gazing at the vendors, testing out some of their products, and learning about how and what they use to create their formulas. The event was hosted at Loft 404. There was a DJ (Dj Bloo), amazing food by SomeGuys Culinary Co (my first time trying Pigs in a Blanket was amazing and I want more!), and awesome macaroons by MANcarons Inc. (Also my first time trying macaroons, they were delicious and super sweet!)
I do believe I saw a few other recognized bloggers there, but I did not get the chance to say hi (slash I was too nervous to come up to you!) so I hope to see them and the girls in the picture above at events in the future! Also thank you to Samantha, and Beatrice, for meeting up with me. I would have been going by my lonesome self (due to my friend bailing on me) if they hadn't!

I wish I had more photos to show, but in the photo above I have linked to their blog posts about this event, so hopefully you can get a better understanding of the event! (Sorry Christine, I couldn't find your blog post!)

And here is what I left with! 

An overview of what I bought: 2 Real Techniques Brushes, Consonant 10% Clay Exfoliating Cleansing Bar, and a KonaKare Lip Butter Balm! (+ Samples in the background!)

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush & Powder Brush: With the FarleyCo booth just staring at me, I knew I couldn't leave without a couple RT brushes. I actually have been using these since. They are super soft, and too affordable. 

Consonant 10% Clay Exfolating Cleansing Bar: This was quite expensive, but I bought it because I liked the minimal and natural ingredients, and it hasn't broken me out! (To be honest.. I just wanted something fron Consonant heh)

KonaKare Lip Butter Balm in French Vanilla: I got to try a sample of this balm and it was soft, buttery and just amazing! It applied so easy and I had to buy one. I was also intrigued by the company background, and how they displayed all of their ingredients on the table so we know what we are putting on our lips and in our bodies. 

Samples from the Consonant Booth, and a paper story.

Now onto the contents of my swag bag! This was a complimentary bag with products or a coupon from all of the vendors. 

The complete contents of my SwagBag! Wow right?

Pelle Beauty Multi-tasking Facial Concentrate: To be used after the facial mist, can be a lightweight moisturizer, make-up remover, soften hair follicles for tweezing/brow shaping, natural make-up primer, base for clay masks, or after-shaving treatment!
Pelle Beauty Botanical Facial Mist: For hydrating, keeps skin fresh and revitalized. Alcohol-free!
Kaia Naturals Gluten-Free Anti-Aging 24hr. Booster Serum: I was surprised to see this! It is said to be a 2 in 1 primer+skincare.
Cheeky Monkey Polish in Cheap Whore: A deep red/wine polish! Yay, I've been wanting to try Cheeky Monkey.
Pure + Simple Sensitive Skin Face Wash: I already finished this and will be going to get a full sized bottle! It is a little expensive, but has kept my breakouts to a minimum and doesn't irritate my skin.

KonaKare Lip Butter Balm Original: Yay, another one!
Sweet Leaf Bath Co. Peppermint Beeswax Lip Balm: I love the packaging this company uses! It is like one of those freezies I had as a kid, where you squeeze the bottom to get more until you finish it. It is also biodegradable!
Crawford Street Skin Care Spearmint-Vanilla Lip Balm: Love the minimal ingredients I see in this one as well. I am happy to be able to try something from this company, as I have heard great things about their lemon deodorant.

Dot & Lil Rose Soap: Nice light rose scent, I have been wanting to try this brand for a while as well!
Ella's Botanicals Beauty Bar Soap Lavender Bliss (Lavender & Rose): Says this can be used for both face and body! 100% from Nature and it smells great and not too strong!
Consonant 100% Organic Olive Oil Body Soap: Says this will leave your skin feeling clean but not stripped of oils! This had a very strong scent when I brought it home but it seems to have died down. I think I should use it before it is too late!

Splat Hair Chalk in Silver Moon: I'm happy I got this colour! I tried it at the event, but unfortunately it wore off when I got home. I'll have to try it all over, and see if it lasts longer than just one strand did!
Flexitol Blistop: To be applied before going out to prevent blisters! It is a spray and kind of acts as a protective layer (like a liquid bandaid!)
imPRESS Press-on Manicure in Over the Moon: I don't wear false nails, but I love the design of these! I am thinking of trying them as accent nails or something! They look quite fun and easy.

Paper Plus Cloth Washi Tape: I love this tape! I don't mind the colour I got, but they have a huge selection on their website (which is now available on their website for $3!) I might just have to get some more..
Montagne Jeunesse for Men Morning After Scrub: I don't know if any guy will use this so I probably will.. but I hope it is fine for girls and won't make me start growing more facial hair! :p
Revolution Organics Freedom Glow in Bronzed: A cream bronze colour for lips, cheeks, forehead, nose. I would only use this as a bronzer. 85% organic ingredients and 100% natural.

a paper story Thank You Cards: 2 Sets of thank you cards that are simple and blank to write all your thanks in!
Miyu Beauty hydrate mi beauty tea: I sampled this at the event and it tasted so good! I have never had tea that wasn't sweetend that actually tastes good. Oh, it's also good for you and your skin. 10% Coupon!
Featherband10% Coupon! $25 off Coupon!

Again thank you to the BlushPretty team, they were very welcoming and friendly, as well as the girls and vendors I had met and were able to chat with! I had a great time and hope to attend again next year!