Blush Pretty Beauty Board Event 2013

I'm kind of embarrassed to even be posting this so late... I have had quite a few changes recently and it has only made me procrastinate even more. Between getting a new camera, changing the name and URL of my blog, and trying to find a job, I have found little time to actually sit down and type!! But I figured I might as well, it is only like a month late... you know... no big deal.... :p

And.. sadly.. I accidentally deleted all the photos I took at this event. :( I formatted my SD card for my new camera not realizing that I had a bunch of unsaved photos on there, ugh! Anyways, I will link the amazing girls who I met up with at the event and their blog posts so you can see more photos of the vendors at the event!

Blush Pretty Beauty Board: The Toronto Beauty Board is an event hosted by the Blush Pretty team! 2013 is actually the seventh annual Beauty Board Event. Having learnt about this event last year, I had the opportunity to attend this year's event. (Pft. making myself look special here. It is actually an event open to the public, you can buy tickets for it, which is about $35 plus taxes!) The event is set up with skincare and beauty product vendors and you basically play the role of a beauty editor for the day! You are given 3 brands chosen at random, and are encouraged to do a quick review of them by the end of the event to receive your SwagBag!

Photo from Christine

Photo from Christine

Photo from Christine

Beatrice of Beatrice Trang, Samantha of Gemstone BeautyChristine of Little Red BowSteph of Fun Size Beauty, & Myself
Photo from Samantha

We spent the few hours walking around gazing at the vendors, testing out some of their products, and learning about how and what they use to create their formulas. The event was hosted at Loft 404. There was a DJ (Dj Bloo), amazing food by SomeGuys Culinary Co (my first time trying Pigs in a Blanket was amazing and I want more!), and awesome macaroons by MANcarons Inc. (Also my first time trying macaroons, they were delicious and super sweet!)
I do believe I saw a few other recognized bloggers there, but I did not get the chance to say hi (slash I was too nervous to come up to you!) so I hope to see them and the girls in the picture above at events in the future! Also thank you to Samantha, and Beatrice, for meeting up with me. I would have been going by my lonesome self (due to my friend bailing on me) if they hadn't!

I wish I had more photos to show, but in the photo above I have linked to their blog posts about this event, so hopefully you can get a better understanding of the event! (Sorry Christine, I couldn't find your blog post!)

And here is what I left with! 

An overview of what I bought: 2 Real Techniques Brushes, Consonant 10% Clay Exfoliating Cleansing Bar, and a KonaKare Lip Butter Balm! (+ Samples in the background!)

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush & Powder Brush: With the FarleyCo booth just staring at me, I knew I couldn't leave without a couple RT brushes. I actually have been using these since. They are super soft, and too affordable. 

Consonant 10% Clay Exfolating Cleansing Bar: This was quite expensive, but I bought it because I liked the minimal and natural ingredients, and it hasn't broken me out! (To be honest.. I just wanted something fron Consonant heh)

KonaKare Lip Butter Balm in French Vanilla: I got to try a sample of this balm and it was soft, buttery and just amazing! It applied so easy and I had to buy one. I was also intrigued by the company background, and how they displayed all of their ingredients on the table so we know what we are putting on our lips and in our bodies. 

Samples from the Consonant Booth, and a paper story.

Now onto the contents of my swag bag! This was a complimentary bag with products or a coupon from all of the vendors. 

The complete contents of my SwagBag! Wow right?

Pelle Beauty Multi-tasking Facial Concentrate: To be used after the facial mist, can be a lightweight moisturizer, make-up remover, soften hair follicles for tweezing/brow shaping, natural make-up primer, base for clay masks, or after-shaving treatment!
Pelle Beauty Botanical Facial Mist: For hydrating, keeps skin fresh and revitalized. Alcohol-free!
Kaia Naturals Gluten-Free Anti-Aging 24hr. Booster Serum: I was surprised to see this! It is said to be a 2 in 1 primer+skincare.
Cheeky Monkey Polish in Cheap Whore: A deep red/wine polish! Yay, I've been wanting to try Cheeky Monkey.
Pure + Simple Sensitive Skin Face Wash: I already finished this and will be going to get a full sized bottle! It is a little expensive, but has kept my breakouts to a minimum and doesn't irritate my skin.

KonaKare Lip Butter Balm Original: Yay, another one!
Sweet Leaf Bath Co. Peppermint Beeswax Lip Balm: I love the packaging this company uses! It is like one of those freezies I had as a kid, where you squeeze the bottom to get more until you finish it. It is also biodegradable!
Crawford Street Skin Care Spearmint-Vanilla Lip Balm: Love the minimal ingredients I see in this one as well. I am happy to be able to try something from this company, as I have heard great things about their lemon deodorant.

Dot & Lil Rose Soap: Nice light rose scent, I have been wanting to try this brand for a while as well!
Ella's Botanicals Beauty Bar Soap Lavender Bliss (Lavender & Rose): Says this can be used for both face and body! 100% from Nature and it smells great and not too strong!
Consonant 100% Organic Olive Oil Body Soap: Says this will leave your skin feeling clean but not stripped of oils! This had a very strong scent when I brought it home but it seems to have died down. I think I should use it before it is too late!

Splat Hair Chalk in Silver Moon: I'm happy I got this colour! I tried it at the event, but unfortunately it wore off when I got home. I'll have to try it all over, and see if it lasts longer than just one strand did!
Flexitol Blistop: To be applied before going out to prevent blisters! It is a spray and kind of acts as a protective layer (like a liquid bandaid!)
imPRESS Press-on Manicure in Over the Moon: I don't wear false nails, but I love the design of these! I am thinking of trying them as accent nails or something! They look quite fun and easy.

Paper Plus Cloth Washi Tape: I love this tape! I don't mind the colour I got, but they have a huge selection on their website (which is now available on their website for $3!) I might just have to get some more..
Montagne Jeunesse for Men Morning After Scrub: I don't know if any guy will use this so I probably will.. but I hope it is fine for girls and won't make me start growing more facial hair! :p
Revolution Organics Freedom Glow in Bronzed: A cream bronze colour for lips, cheeks, forehead, nose. I would only use this as a bronzer. 85% organic ingredients and 100% natural.

a paper story Thank You Cards: 2 Sets of thank you cards that are simple and blank to write all your thanks in!
Miyu Beauty hydrate mi beauty tea: I sampled this at the event and it tasted so good! I have never had tea that wasn't sweetend that actually tastes good. Oh, it's also good for you and your skin. 10% Coupon!
Featherband10% Coupon! $25 off Coupon!

Again thank you to the BlushPretty team, they were very welcoming and friendly, as well as the girls and vendors I had met and were able to chat with! I had a great time and hope to attend again next year!

Ipsy: Official May 2013 Glam Bag

I am quite late on my Ipsy beauty box post this month! Many of you may already know what Ipsy is if you are familiar with beauty boxes. You are sent 4-5 beauty products a month for $10 (+ $5 shipping if you are in Canada). Most of the products are deluxe sample sizes or even full sized products! It is a U.S. based company and curated by Michelle Phan, youtube make-up artist. 

For those of you interested in signing up, my refferal link is:
(I don't have any yet, so help a girl out! :p )

Zoya Nail Lacquer in Gie Gie: This polish is from the Lovely Collection, and is a shimmery pearl pastel pink! I like that they have a Big5Free Formula notice on the box, meaning no formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, dibutyl phthalate, or camphor. I have recently become more cautious of nail lacquers because I do lick my fingers a lot (heh, bad habit!) and I do not want to be putting unsafe chemicals in my mouth! I tried this on my toes and 2 coats was good enough for an almost opaque colour! Despite not being a fan of pink I really like this colour, and just purchased the purple pearl shade called "Julie" on NailPolishCanada! You can find this shade on there as well!
Received: Full Size! 9.76ml   $8.75

Yaby Concealer Refill in Buff: This is a concealer refill, which is likely why it comes in a plastic packaging rather than an actual compact. I have to say, the colour matches me perfectly! I know some people were unfortunately having issues with being sent the wrong colours, but I was lucky to get a perfect match. It is a cream concealer and claims flawless colour. Although it does cover my blemishes well, it is not flawless and I believe does oxidize on me after a few hours. It is very tiny, perhaps the size of a nickel and you do need to use a lot of product. I have been using it for a week and a half and have already made a large dent in the pan, I can't see this lasting for much longer.
Received: Full Size! 3.5g   $4.85

Mirabella Colour Sheers Lipstick in Pixie: I actually already have this in Daydream, but I was excited to receive another one, until I saw the colour! It is vibrant in the tube, and a little on the orange side. Picture above is a bit of an exaggeration, it is not THAT bright but gives you an idea right? I am afraid to try this, as oranges do NOT go well with my face at all, so I was thinking of putting this and a few things together for an upcoming giveaway!
Received: Full Size! $22

Pacifica Tahitian Gardenia Perfume Roll-On: I really don't like this! Kind of smells like typical old lady flower perfume. Maybe slightly better! I was really hoping for vanilla, as I hate floral scents (and it's just my luck to always get floral scents in beauty boxes).
Received: Full Size! $11

Anastasia Clear Brow Gel: I don't think this brow gel is the best, but I do use it. I have one from a previous Glymm bag that I am still using as I don't use it often. I prefer to use my tinted brow gel to lighten up my brows a bit. I was bummed to get this in another subscription but I will put it to good use, or give it away!
Received: Deluxe Sample Size 2.5ml   $8.76, Full Size is 8.28ml for $29

Total Approximate May Glam Bag Value: $55.36

I received the standard "Official May Glam Bag" because I signed up after May 1st. I was hoping for the St. Tropez self tanning lotion or another Pacifica lotion, but I am satisfied with all of these products except the rollerball!

If you are with Ipsy, what did you get in your bag? Did you like yours better, or the standard one that I received? 

Wantable Beauty Box Subscription Review!

I know what your thinking, another beauty box! I'm obsessed with these monthly beauty subscriptions. However, Wantable has a little bit of a different concept. They offer a few alternatives when creating your account with them and there is much more personalization!

International Shipping Info: Wantable had recently only shipped to the US, but have recently announced that they are going to ship to Canada, and Australia! The boxes are typically small enough to fit inside a standard mailbox, and they will be shipping with Canada Post for Canadians, (or Australia Post for Australia). The boxes are trackable, and shipping is an extra $5 for Canada, and $9 for Australia. All taxes, duties, and handling fees will be clearly charged at checkout, so nothing is paid at the door upon arrival.

First of all, you have the option to decide between a Jewelry Box, or Makeup Box. I have not yet seen a subscription service that offers both of these. Pictured below is a preview or example of items you may, or may not get.

Images taken from's May Box Preview

The Jewelry Box contains "4-5 boutique jewelry pieces, hand picked to perfectly match your preferences".
The Makeup Box contains "4-6 full size premium makeup products, hand picked to perfectly match your preferences".
Both boxes are valued between $80 - $100, and includes some tips and tricks for wear/application.

When signing up, Wantable will provide you with a short quiz so they are able to match you with suitable products. I know many beauty box subscriptions claim to do this, but I have a little more faith in Wantable. From what I have seen, people are highly impressed with what they are sent and the same products are not sent to everyone.

You are then given the option to purchase a one time box for $40, or begin a monthly subscription for $36. The monthly subscription, can be either skipped or cancelled. This attracts me, because I would have loved this option for some of my previous subscriptions.

Okay, I have a ton of pictures, so let's get on with those and first impressions of the products! (Wait! Please take into account that I just got a new camera, and if some of the colours are a bit off, I do apologize. I don't quite know how to properly use it yet!)

My box came with a velvet pouch with all of the products inside, a card and a product info sheet.

All 6 of the items in my box!

Besame Brightening Violet Powder: "A translucent loose powder that adds brightness, sets make-up, and leaves a soft matte finish. Made in USA, Paraben free, for all skin tones." $22
I really enjoy this powder and not just because it smells like lavender! It is a light faded purple in colour, and goes on the skin clear. It mattifies my skin perfectly and helps control my oil. The packaging is so pretty and classic, I couldn't stop playing with the box :p The clear plastic lid holds the powder from escaping when the lid is on which really minimizes the fear you have of getting the product all over you when opening a loose powder! I would definitely purchase this in the future as I seem to have a lot of fun using it. Keep scrolling for swatches.

Three Custom Color Specialists Mini Pressed Powder in Cool Bronzer: "Finely milled powder appropriate for all skin types, minimizing shine while providing sheer breathable coverage. For a fuller application try the same shade in loose form." $22.50
I found this to be pretty pigmented when first applied but a little hard to build the colour (oh, that explains why, it is suppose to be a bit sheer). It was less orange than my NYC Sunny but not as brown as my Too Faced Chocolate Soleil (In Original Chocolate). It is matte, which I was happy about, and I also liked that it is a pressed powder. It is definitely suitable for lighter skin tones but the price for size is quite pricey (5.7g, it's a little more than half the size of a Too Faced Bronzer). Keep scrolling for swatches.

Face Stockholm Pearl Eyeshadow in 45 (Lightest Apricot): "Can be mixed and matched to shade, shadow, and define. Hyper-pigmented for long lasting colour. Made in USA" $19
This is such a pretty pearl pink which has gold sparkles giving it that duo-chrome look. I thought it showed up very nicely and pigmented over my Mirabella Face & Eyes Primer. I definitely think this can be used as a blush as well, if you want a bit of a highlight too and you don't mind the sparkles. I wish I had received more of a neutral colour though because I don't typically wear pink on my lids. Keep scrolling for swatches.

Cailyn Line-Fix Gel Eyeliner in Black: "Offers perfectly smooth glide lines. Water resistant. Smudge-proof. 24 hour wearing. Safe for sensitive eyes. Made in USA" $21
This liner glides on easily, is easy to work with, and the brush was super soft when I first opened it. I have sensitive eyes and this gives me no issues. It is not the deepest black, but I like this for a more natural or less harsh look. The packaging is a bit bulky. It's twice the size of my Annabelle Smudge Paints but also has twice the amount of product! I don't find it to be 24 hour wearing, although it does last throughout the day with minimal fading, and once it sets it doesn't smudge or budge!

Mia BelleZZa Automatic Long Lasting Eyeliner in Indigo 05: "Colour that will show all day without smudging, fading, or smearing. Requires no sharpening. With aloe vera and chamomile." $16.50
I hate twist up liners as they hurt my eyes but this went on smoother than expected. This is the only item I am a little disappointed with. It smudged instantly to the touch and didn't really set. I do love the colour however. Be aware, not to twist this all the way up, as it does not twist back down!

LA Fresh Travel-Lite Makeup Remover Wipes: "Can easily remove the most stubborn makeup and leave your sin immaculate in one easy step. Moisturizing formula with Vitamin E. Made in USA" $1.35, Reg. 3 Packets for $2
I am glad to receive these because I always hear about them. The only downside is that I realized they have Mineral Oil in them, and the ingredients seem likely to break out my skin. Will have to give it a try.
Total Approx. Value: $102.35!

Bisame Brightening Violet Powder, Three Custom Color Specialists in Cool Bronzer, Face Stockholm Pearl Eyeshadow in 45 (Lightest Apricot), Cailyn Gel Liner in Black, MiA BelleZZa Eyeliner in Indigo
Swatched over bare skin

I was super excited when I received this, as all the items were makeup products I will actually put to use. I actually use the Besame Violet Powder, Three Custom Color Specialists Bronzer, and Cailyn Liner on a daily basis since receiving them! Also, these were all brands I either have never heard of, or were unfamiliar with, which I like when receiving a beauty box. I also noted which products were made in USA, and the majority of them surprisingly were.

There is such product variety because Wantable hand-picks the products just for you. The Wantable team is quite small, with about 14 developers, designers, marketers, and entrepreneurs. They also have recognized stylists and beauty experts who, If I am not mistaken work alongside them to choose unique products. 

What did you think of this box? Will you or have you already subscribed to Wantable?

Disclaimer: I received this product for review on behalf of Wantable. All opinions stated are my own and not influenced by any affiliates. I did not receive monetary compensation for my review. This post may contain referral links. 

Philosophy 27 Wishes Multi-Purpose Balm Review

I have recently been testing out an oil-based balm by Philosophy on a daily basis. I have actually tested it on quite a few different areas of my body and I will post more information about that below. The balm is called 27 Wishes, if it isn't already evident from the title, and Philosophy claims it to be a multi-purpose skin nurturing balm. I actually have heard of this product before but never looked into it. I was actually contacted on behalf of QVC to review this balm!

Of course, the number 27 comes from the many different ways the product can be used, which is conveniently listed on the box!

I like how they placed the skin concerns this balm will address in a unique way, all over the box, as opposed to listing I did below!

Below is a list of the 27 skin concerns Philosophy claims that this multi-tasking balm will address (taken from the box and categorized):
- Stretch Marks, post-shave skin, post-wax skin, post-peel irritation, sunburn, windburn, skin irritation, chafing, tattoos

- Cracked heels, between toes, dry patches, blisters
- Minor Scrapes, little scratches
- Ring fingers, rough cuticles, chapped knuckles, dry elbows
- Earlobes, helps soothe, helps condition, extra dewiness, helps tame, makeup mistakes
- Hairline prior to colouring
- Rebellious eyebrows, split ends, flyaways, chapped nose

I actually counted 30 skin concerns above, however, some are repetitive and I also don't see how some can be used for that purpose! I mean, post-shave and post-wax skin are extremely similar concerns, as well as skin irritation and chafing. Also, many of these concerns cannot be applied to everyone.

First Impressions: I was surprised at the thickness and oiliness of this balm. I was expecting somewhat of a vaseline consistency, however it felt slightly thicker. It feels much oilier, and a little sticky compared to vaseline. Both seemed to have the same sheen on the skin. It took a while to absorb, I noticed the shine on my hand die down about half an hour later although I could still feel the oil where I rubbed in the balm. The smell came across as a strong, lavender herbal scent to me. 

Pictured above is a pea sized amount of the multi-purpose balm. This is actually a TON of product and I can use this for my cuticles on both hands and feet, heels, dry spots on my feet, elbows, and knuckles.  A little goes a long way. A problem I had at first was feeling as if there wasn't enough balm and I kept adding more then realizing I used too much. It is best to put a small amount on the back of your hand or finger, and use a finger on your other hand to dab the product on problem areas first, while rubbing it in. 

Put to the Test: As mentioned before, I tried this on a few different body parts...
- I did not like the feeling of putting it on my hair and thought it was too thick of a product for this purpose. 
- I did use it on a cut on my finger and it healed within two weeks while still scarring. I don't think it did much better than polysporin could have done. 
- I tried it post-waxing, and although I usually have red bumps for at least 24 hours, the bumps seemed to have diminished in a few hours! 
- This definitely cured dry spots on my upper foot, elbows, and skin between thumb and index finger! 
- I can't say it has done anything much for my cuticles, as I still seem to have issues with dryness and peeling.
- I did not try putting this on my face as I'm prone to breakouts especially when there are so many ingredients in a product. 
- Oh, I saw somewhere that someone even puts this on their lips. Yeah, don't do that unless you want a  funky bitter taste in your mouth!

I dislike that this product takes a while to absorb. It is also extremely oily. The ingredients are a blend of natural oils and botanicals, which makes perfect sense as it is an oil-based product! However, I don't think I've used a product so oily! I am bothered by oily hands, so I have to really wipe my hands quite a few times or wash them after applying this.

I do like the fact that this product is so versatile, and has quite a few different uses. It worked best for curing my dry spots and reducing the red bumps I get after waxing. I believe it goes for $19 for 30ml which is quite pricey but if you use it sparingly or only when needed (which I strongly suggest!) it will last much longer. I don't think this is a must have, but if you have some of the many skin concerns adressed on the box and love Philosophy it would not hurt to try this out. It is also formulated without petrolatum, so if you are prone to break-outs, then this could definitely be a great alternative!

I'm not exactly sure where you can get this product in North America, please inform me if you have seen it at a store that sells Philosophy such as The Bay or Sephora! I could not find it on Sephora's website, although it is available for purchase on QVC UK here (UK only) and I have also spotted it on here.

You can browse (and shop, if you are located in the UK) many other Philosophy products on QVC UK!

Disclaimer: I received this product for review on behalf of QVC UK and Philosophy. All opinions stated are my own and not influenced by any affiliates. I did not receive monetary compensation for my review.

Lisa's Cosmetics Spring 2013 Haul

Lisa's Cosmetics is a 12-day sale which I believe is held twice a year, first in the Spring and again in the Fall! This is my second time attending this semi-annual sale. If your interested in seeing my first haul from November 2012, click here!

For those of you that would like more information on the sale, you can visit the official website here!

The sale is open to the public except for the very first day, which is a friends and family sale. I did not attend that day, although I did go on the grand opening, the following day. I arrived at around 4:30 PM, because I learnt from the last sale that I do not need to go first thing in the morning! I did pick up some new essential items :) 

Be warned! There is only one makeup item in this haul!!

Below is a complete list of what I picked up and their prices:

- Annabelle Smoothie Eyeshadow Pencil In Mauve-tion (Purple) $2
- Marcelle Essentials Gentle Makeup Remover for Sensitive Eyes $5
- Sally Hansen All Day Foot Powder $3
- Softsoap Body Butter Coconut Scrub Exfoliant $3
- Febreze Air Effects Limited Edition Cinnamon Sugar & home $2.60
- Nair Roll-on Wax Milk and Honey $7
- Nair Quick & Easy Wax Strips for Face, Bikini, & Underarms $4
- Colgate Total Gum Defense Toothbrush (x2) $2 = $4
- Reach gentle Gum Care Floss $2

Subtotal came out to $32.52, with taxes $36.75!

I have the Annabelle Smoothie in the blue shade, Acaidasiac, which I love so I was excited when I saw the purple! It appears more vibrant on the skin. I decided to try the Marcelle Eye Make-up Remover as well, hoping that it would take off my mascara more easily!

Just some boring, essentials. I couldn't resist the Coconut Scrub since falling in love with their Vanilla body wash, although I'm sure this can be purchased in stores on sale for about the same price! I went with the Nair wax strips over Veet because they were cheaper, but I regret not picking some of those up too! They were $10 I believe, I'm not sure whether they were the small or large pack however.

Some more boring, teeth essentials. I saw gum defense, and since mine seem to be quite sensitive I picked up 2, in girly colours, so no one gets confused and uses it! And the hidden package is indeed empty, but.. it didn't come like that.. I just already have been using it!

If you have scrolled to the bottom looking for the product list with prices, scroll back up to right underneath the first photo! 

 I was hoping to see some La Coupe there, but no luck again this time around! I refrained from purchasing things I won't use, like anything from the Stila section... There were the usual brands such as H20, Elizabeth Arden, Marcelle, Annabelle, & Schwarzkopf. They had the regular large section of like every perfume ever made, and section with belts, boxers, plain t-shirts. I saw some Joico and Osis, but nothing that I needed. There was no Smashbox this year, however there was Stila. They had a few things from a Winter collection; a brush set, eyeliner sets, a huge palette, and a ton of glosses. I also spotted the 'In the Garden' Palette although I was hoping for the 'In the Light' because the colours would suit my brown eyes better.

What do you think about these prices, amazing, decent, or could be better? If your from Toronto, what did you pick up from this sale?!