Sephora Chic Week VIB Spring 2013 Haul

I'm sure all you beauty gurus know about Chic Week at Sephora! Those signed up as a Beauty Insider (BI), or a VIB (when you spend $300+ yearly) are able to shop a 15% off promotion on anything for 12 days at Sephora in stores in Canada, or both online and in stores in the US! Thursday, April 11th was VIB Early Access Shopping Day where VIB's are presented with a cute tote, and 8 exclusive samples. 

Chic Week is on until April 22nd! Hurry in to your local Sephora if you have any beauty products you've been wanting to pick up!

I limited myself and only picked up 2 products!

I've been wanting to try either the Cake Dry Shampoo or Principessa! I am so glad the 15% gave me an excuse to pick one up. I had been trying it and I actually really like it. I typically only use aerosol dry shampoos, and I find they either a) don't work, or b) work for an hour or so. The only issue is my hair is very dark brown, and this is lighter than that. I have to be careful not to get it on my scalp or it literally looks like I threw a bunch of light brown powder on it. The Cake Dry Shampoo is regularly $18.

I've spotted a similar product at Marshall's actually for somewhere around $10! It was a Cake Strawberry Body Powder I believe, but it said 'can be used as dry shampoo/for hair as well'!

The next product I picked up is the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette! I love how small, light, and compact it is. I've already started to use it daily. This palette is regularly $32.

I received 7 packet samples with my purchase and although I was expecting 'deluxe sized' I am happy with what we were given! Considering the HUGE line-up to pay (even at 5:30 pm!) I was happy enough to even have gotten the bag of samples because I had assumed they were already all gone. 

What did you pick up for Chic Week!?