Beauty Box 5: April 2013 & March Box!

I know these posts can be repetitive because there are so many bloggers who subscribe to beauty boxes, but I thought it would be worthwhile to post my very last beauty box from BB5! I have cancelled all beauty boxes for now; Topbox, BB5, & ipsy. I hope to stay unsubbed from these boxes so I can cut down my monthly spending, and focus on putting my money towards products I am more interested in reviewing.

I actually thought I had cancelled at the end of March, but somehow I was charged for another quarterly subscription. I quickly emailed them and received quite a rude reply. Granted, I was acting quite frustrated in my email, although the CS representative seemed to want to prove me wrong, stating that this is my third quarterly subscription and because I did not notify her when I was charged the second time, I cannot receive a refund.
I was kind of upset with her reply, because I had actually subscribed for a quarterly sub and then cancelled (Oct-Dec), then resubscribed for another quarterly sub. This is why I did not realize it would charge me automatically if I did not cancel. Also, I was not offered a refund for the remaining 2 boxes, which it states in their FAQ that I could get back. I let her know that and she then refunded me. I just felt like they weren't being as friendly as they could have been!

I included a quick review of my March box at the very bottom of this post as well!

We received 5 products this month! I find that BB5 does typically give their subscribers 5 different samples, despite that some may be smaller sizes!

Minxxette Brush Hanger (Small): I think this product speaks for itself! It can be hung or stuck to a door for convenient brush drying. It is small however, so it will only be useful for drying eyeshadow/concealer brushes. 
Received: Full Size @ $4.69 

Jean Pierre Oil-Absorbing Facial Tissues: I will probably need to use these a lot more than usual in the summer, due to my terribly oily face! I tried one and they do seem to work, but I am not liking the bulky packaging!
Received: Full Size @ $2

LA Fresh Instant Body Smoother: Another LA Fresh product this month, I wish they would have included facial wipes rather than body wipes. I will likely save these to try out after tanning!
Received: 2 Wipes @ $0.84, Full Size: 24 Wipes @ $10

Brazen Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Birthday Suit: Another Brazen Mineral Eye Shadow this month, I don't think I opened the previous month so I can't tell you the quality, but from what I've heard it is pretty good! The colour looks like a light sandy brown. 
Received: Sample Size @ $0.50?, Full Size: 5.1g @ $7.50

Model Co Illusion Lip Pencil: This pencil is suppose to be used for outlining your lips to give the illusion of natural and fuller lips. I am kind of upset about this because it would be a great product, if only I had small lips. I wish they had included a light nude, so those of us with big lips, can make them look smaller!
Received: Full Size @ $20
Total April Box Value: Approx. $28.03

That's it for my April Beauty Box 5! Here is a quick look at what I got in my March box!

LA Fresh Nail Polish Remover Wipes: I actually have the LA Colors version of this which are $1 for 32 pads (which makes out to be 3 cents a pad!) so I'm interested in seeing as to whether these are dupes or what for 67 cents each!
Received: 2 Pads @ $1.34 || Full Size: 6 Pads @ $4

Brazen Cosmetics BB5 Eyeshadow: I think this colour was unique for BB5 this month! I have not tried it but it looks to be a neutral type of brown.
Received: Sample Size @ $0.50?

Tree Hut Shea Moisturizing Lotion : This smells like real mangoes to me and I can't stop smelling myself when I put it on. It absorbs quick and nicely and I think I am falling in love with this brand!
Received: 59g @ $1.50 || Full Size: 255g @ $6.50

H20 Aqua Firm Eye Lift Concentrate : I had quite a bad experience with this. I noticed the cream had a rainbow shimmer to it and didn't have a good feeling about it. Unfortunately, I began to break out around my eyes (which never happens!). I immediately stopped using it and the breakouts disappeared. I have tried 2 eye creams since and neither had this effect on me. 
Received: 4ml @ $12 || Full Size: 15ml @ $45

H20 Spa Sea Salt Body Wash: I typically like sweet scented body washes, but I do not mind having to try this. However, I would never purchase the full size as I don't think it is worth it considering the ingredients seem to be nothing special.
Received: 30ml @ $1.74 || Full Size: 370ml @ $21.50

Total March Box Value: Approx. $17.08
The value of this box for me is actually worth less than what I paid, since the eye cream that broke me out was worth $12 of the value. This box is actually what led me to cancel. The product companies are just becoming repetitive. Only Brazen and LA Fresh were new to me for the month of March, and only Minxxette was new to me for the month of April.