March 2013 Buys & Beauty Products to Come!

I don't like to post hauls because they don't include a review of the products, and I tend to buy a few things here and there which aren't big enough for a haul. But here are just some things I wanted to share, and a sneak peek of products that will be up for review soon!

Here are just some things I picked up on a couple recent trips to the mall :)

Balea Masks from Shoppers! They are 3 for $5 which makes out to $1.67 per mask. I haven't tried these yet but hope to include them for my March Empties once I do. I didn't know the Warming Foot Balm is actually a lotion *bummer* but I guess I will use it after the Smoothing Foot Peel!

I believe this was from 2 Saturdays ago, B&BW was having a promotion, buy any home fragrance and get a candle for free! I got Pineapple Mango and Tiki Beach for $6 and the Market Peach for free! Market Peach smells like Peach Milk Bubble Tea to me haha, but I really love Tiki Beach.. it smells like vanilla and coconut water mm.

I have a hard time finding clothes and colours that will look good on me because of my weird slim shape, but I really liked this yellow blazer from H&M for $30 and got a colorful top for $10 to go with it. 

Ran into Topshop before close and found these cute studded flats for $25, showed my student card and got an extra $5 off! They aren't the best quality but neither is the way I walk :p for $20 I think they were a steal!

Here is a sneak peek of a bunch of things I have picked up or received over the past few months and am hoping to review in the next little while!