L'Oreal Infallible Gel Lacquer Liner Review

Swatches using different strokes/sides of the brush to show how easily it can be controlled:

Wear: I have very thin lashes right now, result of curling too much :( 
Bottom 2 photos were taken 13 hours later (in artificial lighting). You can see the liner has faded mostly in the inner corners. But I think it stayed put for how long I wore it, considering my oily lids and eyes that like to randomly water up all day.

This liner is dark, definitely a deep black to me. It's my darkest liner so far and it doesn't tug or hurt my hooded eyelids. It was almost instantly opaque for me. I really love the brush and how you can control a thin or thick line very easily. I'm not sure how the 24hr thing works out, but it seemed to last pretty long without retouching. I have slightly sensitive eyes and the liner doesn't bother them at all.

The liner itself was really creamy, and no pressure is really needed to transfer the product onto the brush or onto the lid/upper lash line.

Ease of Use & Control: It definitely is mistake proof like the package claims (at least for me), and I think this is great for both beginners and those that are already accustomed to gel liners. The brush is amazing to me because I've never used one in this shape. I feel very in control using the brush and it is super soft on my eye area.

I'm not sure how this works on the lower lash line because I stay away from dark, harsh eyeliner there due to my eye shape. Packaging could be improved to be more 'fancy' but I think it looks important (hehe) and it doesn't bother me.

Edit: I forgot to mention, that it is quite difficult to remove. But I used an oil-based remover (Yves Rocher Express Eye Makeup Remover with Cornflower Water) and I only really have trouble with the liner closest/between my lashes. Sometimes I actually just give up and hope it'll disappear in the morning. It's bad but when I rub my lashes too much they all fall out :p The brush is also harder to use and less precise since washing a few times. I now prefer a thinner brush. 

Overall, I would definitely purchase this again and am glad I have something to replace my super old Elf gel liner with!
What did you think of this Loreal Gel Liner? Do you have any gel liner recommendations?