LA Colors Nail Polish Remover Pads Review

la colors nail polish remover pads review

L.A. Colors Nail Polish Remover Pads are small pads used to remove your nail polish conveniently and acetone free! The pads are about the size of a cotton round (about a 2" diameter) and come in this travel-friendly compact case! Each case comes with 32 pads in a variety of 6 different fruity scents to choose from: Lemon, Strawberry, Grape, Peach, Melon, & Pear

I was given these by a family member because she thought they looked cute. I have been using them to take off my polish for the past month or so, and I think they are a great alternative to an acetone polish remover. The 3 scents that I have are Strawberry, Grape, and Melon. I personally have only opened Strawberry because I don't want the other 2 to dry out before I can use them! But I will update this post about how I feel about the scents when I do try them!

Ingredients: Propylene Carbonate, Butyl Acetate, Alcohol (Ethanol), Water (Aqua), Parfum (Fragrance)

As you can see these wipes are extremely thin and oily with perforated holes. They are so thin you can see I'm guessing these holes are to prevent the wipe from being so smooth, and help to grab onto the polish.

I personally like to use these, because I want to refrain from using acetone as much as I can. I know others have said these are easy to use, but I find them time consuming, and I have to rub my nail for maybe half a minute to a minute to get all of the polish off, depending on how much pressure I apply. The smell is like strawberry candy, and it is very light.

Because the pad is very oily, it tends to smudge around the polish. It can get under your nails if your not careful (I get it under my nails every time, but it washes off under running water) or leave some nail polish residue on your nail. You can just use another pad or acetone if you'd like to remove the remaining residue, if there is any. For light coloured polish 1 pad is sufficient, but for darker colours you may need 2 or 3. I have to rub a bit at first to see the colour start to come off, it does not just instantly wipe off. To me these are very different from a typical acetone nail polish remover.

These are a complete pain to take off glitter polish.. the fabric get stuck on the glitter because it is so thin, it just falls apart. I would definitely not recommend them for glitter polish because it will frustrate you and make you think it'll never come off, although I have done it.

Thought I would show a photo of the residue it sometimes leaves..

- Pre-moistened
- Removes polish without acetone
- Super cheap/affordable
- Gentle
- Easy to use
- Minimal ingredients
- Isn't drying
- Compact; travel and purse friendly
- Lovely and lightly scented
- Only 1 or 2 pads typically needed for 10 nails

- Time consuming
- Pads are super thin
- Can get messy with darker colours, and under nai
- More rubbing necessary than acetone removers
- Can leave polish residue
- Very oily
- Can't easily remove glitter polish, but it is possible with patience

Where to Buy: These are about $1 in the States (apparently can be found in some dollar stores! so it wouldn't hurt to check here), but here in Canada I believe they can go anywhere from $1-$4. For anyone located in Toronto that is interested in these, my aunt claims she found them at the Holt Renfrew Centre in one of the smaller shops there for under $5 each (she couldn't remember the exact pricing). I'm sure they can be found at other shops (specifically downtown) but I have yet to see them in larger department stores.
They can also be found on eBay, but are extremely marked up at about $7 and up.
Edit: Spotted them at Buck or Two at Centerpoint Mall! I'm guessing many dollar stores that have L.A. Colors will have these. It doesn't hurt to try to them for the $1, if you have patience & don't mind oily fingers!