Hard Candy New Spring 2013 Collection: Swatches & Mini Review

First of all, I wanted to say Happy Easter!
I hope everyone enjoyed, and are still enjoying their Easter Weekend!

I finally was able to go to Walmart to check out the new Hard Candy Spring 2013 Collection! Of course, a lot was already gone or really low on stock.

I wasn't able to find the Shadowaholic eye pencils which is what I was looking for but I did discover a new favourite product! Read on for swatches and first impressions!

I'm not one to go around purchasing things from brand new collections because I like to read other reviews first. I don't have the budget to be purchasing a ton of products that won't work for me. So I only picked up 4 things from their new collection. I actually bought a palette as well, but realized it isn't from their new collection..

All Lid Up Cream Shadows in 575 Purple Heart & 572 Tidal Wave

All Lid Up in 575 Purple Heart (swatched over bare skin)
First 2 Swatches are Purple Heart: swiped, then dabbed on. Last 2 are with Urban Decay's Flash over it.

All Lid Up in 572 Tidal Wave (swatched over bare skin)
First 2 Swatches are Tidal Wave: swiped, then dabbed on. Last 2 are with Mac's Surf USA over it.

Keep in mind, I had to be very patient and may have pressed harder than I usually would with these colours to get this colour payoff...

Shadows I used over the swatches

You can really see how much stronger the cream shadow is when you pat/dab it on rather than swipe it.  I think the colours worked beautifully as a base for the 2 shadows. Purple Heart was quite difficult to work with at first. Tidal Wave was a breeze to work with compared to Purple Heart. I don't personally think they are comparable to my favourite Maybelline Color Tattoos. I had to press much harder and use a lot more product to get an opaque colour. They were harder to blend and you kind of have to dig out the product to get some colour payoff. I just felt like they felt more rubbery? and less creamy. Overall they aren't bad for the price, but I think that Hard Candy could do a lot better! These were $5 each.

I've yet to wear these colours on my eyes as I just picked them up yesterday but I hopefully will have enough time to wear Purple Heart tomorrow and test out the crease-proof claims and see how long they last!

Crystal Confetti Nail Polish in 656 Fireworks (2 Coats)

I adore this nail polish and the picture doesn't do it justice. It looks much more opaque in person. I think it could be worn alone with 2 thick coats and a colour underneath probably wouldn't be necessary. The bottles are similar to Maybelline's Color Show polishes, but the selection of polishes are much different! This polish was $4.

All Glossed Up Hydrating Lip Stain in Pout

I applied the lip stain on my hand and wiped it off after taking the photo and it left an immediate stain! I was really surprised! Next is a picture of my bare lips (please don't mind the red spots, my lips aren't doing so well lately, result of a lip picking habit) and my lips with the stain on. 

It was much brighter and pinker than the colour in the tube and I actually can say I love this stain! Pinks and vibrant colours don't usually look good on me, but I feel comfortable enough in this to wear it in public! The wear time: I didn't wear this for long before wiping it off to eat (I hate wear lip products while I'm eating), but I did notice the stain was left for at least half a day, and I was able to apply lip balm on top of it. This lip stain was $5.

Below is the stain wiped off after 10 minutes or so of wear, and then a picture of me wearing the stain :) P.S. The last photo may look slightly brighter than the colour in person!