Empties #2: February 2013

Most of these empties are actually travel sized or samples, but I am trying to use those up right now! Honestly  I don't know how others can finish huge bottles of empties in a month! I like to hoard the 1/4 of product I have left for some reason and start using something else.

Aveda invati Solutions for Thinning Hair Shampoo & Conditioner: So I can't say I like these. I love the idea of preventing thinning hair but their samples are just to small to realize whether it is working or not. Personally, my hair is thin and weak, breaks easily, and I didn't notice any difference with this. The smell is strong and very herbal/hemp-like, doesn't bother me but may bother others. Formula is very liquidly and runny, hard to lather and I needed to use the full 10ml samples for both shampooing and conditioning my long hair.
Purchase Again? No

Evolvh UltraShine Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner: I don't see all the hype about these. To me, they smelt like bleach, especially the conditioner.. I hated it. Shampoo did not lather well, I don't know if this is it due to being sulfate-free? I like that the product claims to be sulfate/paraben/sodium chloride free but I just wasn't fond of the texture and the way it felt on my hair in the shower. It did feel soft and detangled afterwards though.
Purchase Again? No

Pssssst! InstantDry Shampoo: I originally got this in Buffalo at UO for $1! It was marked down from $5. It lasted me quite a while, I don't use much product because otherwise it will make my hair greasier.  This one is an on-the-go size, air travel friendly, and claims to build volume and preserve colour. It doesn't spray too overpoweringly strong. It does add a little bit of volume and I find it to be better than Tresemme and Batiste Volume xxl on my thin, oily hair.
Purchase Again? Yes!

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser: Was recommended at Sephora when I wanted something natural for sensitive skin. I mentioned break outs and was told this would help too. It didn't do anything, I broke out a lot while using this. It isn't very natural at all either, and too expensive for how much product is given. It takes off my makeup but not as easily as I would have expected.
Purchase Again? No

Crystal All Natural Body Deodorant: This is super old, I honestly felt like it did nothing to help stop me perspiring, but then I realized it isn't suppose to do that, just eliminate odor. There are only 2 ingredients; aqua (water), & potassium alum. It seems to have some good claims on the bottle but I didn't think it was anything special. I bought it for my back and I didn't find it helped in any noticeable way. I didn't finish the bottle completely, but the spray nozzle stopped working, so I decided to put it to rest anyway!
Purchase Again? Maybe, to properly review and test it out again.

Diesel Loverdose Eau De Parfum: I love this scent! Smells just like a strong vanilla-licorice to me. It settles down to smell like candy. I adore it but couldn't find myself wearing this everyday. It's a fun scent and I am thinking of picking it up one day but not for the retail price.
Purchase Again? Yes, but only at a discounted price!

Fresh Picked Strawberries Hand Sanitizer (Bath & Body Works): I love all BNBW hand gels/sanitizers! They always come out with new ones so I doubt they'd have this one. But I buy these all the time and they do last me a decent amount of time if I use them sparingly!
Purchase Again? Yes!

Everyday Minerals Finishing Dust: I got this a while ago, it has 1g of product, they don't give out samples like this, they come in packets now. This honestly lasted me a while, it worked well as a finishing powder. I don't think it really stopped or hid how much oil my face produced.
Purchase Again? Yes!

Dead Sea Mud Spa Mask by Montagne Jeunesse: This mask was super cold and cooling on the face. I left it for 5 minutes too long so it dried up before I could massage it in. When I washed it off my skin was literally cold to the touch, even after 10 minutes of washing it off! It didn't burn my skin or cause redness. But it did feel very moisturized afterwards. I'd have to try it again to see if it helped or caused breakouts.
Purchase Again? Yes!

KT Tape: Honestly I don't understand this product. It is suppose to help soothe the muscle with targeted pain relief. All it is is a stretchy tape you use to tighten the skin which tightens the muscle. Followed the instructions properly and it actually hurt my wrist and was making the muscle crack. Tried it on my bicep and it wouldn't stick on, I think this is just a waste of money and it comes off quite easily.
Purchase Again? No

Burt's Bees Nourishing Milk & Honey Body Lotion: Supposedly 99% natural.. this smells terrible though. I couldn't stand it. Smelt like expired milk + flowers. I don't know if the sample was old or Burt's Bees just wasn't thinking. My bf has to finish this for me, he didn't seem to mind it.
Purchase Again? No never!

Cuccio Naturale Butter Blend in Pomegranate & Fig: I loved this cream. It goes on very light and absorbs into the skin so quickly. The only issue I found is that it doesn't seem so natural, the entire back of the tiny sample is full of ingredients. I would purchase again if they came in small sizes like this, but I have too many creams right now I need to use up before thinking about purchasing any more.
Purchase Again? Not right now! But I would recommend.

Pure'n Gentle All Purpose Wipes Travel Pack: These wipes are alcohol free, hypoallergenic. The ingredients seem safe enough to use for the face but I haven't risked it for that. I just used this for freshening up. I like that it's a travel pack, but the downside is it dries up pretty quickly.
Purchase Again? Yes

If you have done an empties post for February, I wouldn't mind you linking it in the comments! I love discovering new products!