Hard Candy New Spring 2013 Collection: Swatches & Mini Review

First of all, I wanted to say Happy Easter!
I hope everyone enjoyed, and are still enjoying their Easter Weekend!

I finally was able to go to Walmart to check out the new Hard Candy Spring 2013 Collection! Of course, a lot was already gone or really low on stock.

I wasn't able to find the Shadowaholic eye pencils which is what I was looking for but I did discover a new favourite product! Read on for swatches and first impressions!

I'm not one to go around purchasing things from brand new collections because I like to read other reviews first. I don't have the budget to be purchasing a ton of products that won't work for me. So I only picked up 4 things from their new collection. I actually bought a palette as well, but realized it isn't from their new collection..

All Lid Up Cream Shadows in 575 Purple Heart & 572 Tidal Wave

All Lid Up in 575 Purple Heart (swatched over bare skin)
First 2 Swatches are Purple Heart: swiped, then dabbed on. Last 2 are with Urban Decay's Flash over it.

All Lid Up in 572 Tidal Wave (swatched over bare skin)
First 2 Swatches are Tidal Wave: swiped, then dabbed on. Last 2 are with Mac's Surf USA over it.

Keep in mind, I had to be very patient and may have pressed harder than I usually would with these colours to get this colour payoff...

Shadows I used over the swatches

You can really see how much stronger the cream shadow is when you pat/dab it on rather than swipe it.  I think the colours worked beautifully as a base for the 2 shadows. Purple Heart was quite difficult to work with at first. Tidal Wave was a breeze to work with compared to Purple Heart. I don't personally think they are comparable to my favourite Maybelline Color Tattoos. I had to press much harder and use a lot more product to get an opaque colour. They were harder to blend and you kind of have to dig out the product to get some colour payoff. I just felt like they felt more rubbery? and less creamy. Overall they aren't bad for the price, but I think that Hard Candy could do a lot better! These were $5 each.

I've yet to wear these colours on my eyes as I just picked them up yesterday but I hopefully will have enough time to wear Purple Heart tomorrow and test out the crease-proof claims and see how long they last!

Crystal Confetti Nail Polish in 656 Fireworks (2 Coats)

I adore this nail polish and the picture doesn't do it justice. It looks much more opaque in person. I think it could be worn alone with 2 thick coats and a colour underneath probably wouldn't be necessary. The bottles are similar to Maybelline's Color Show polishes, but the selection of polishes are much different! This polish was $4.

All Glossed Up Hydrating Lip Stain in Pout

I applied the lip stain on my hand and wiped it off after taking the photo and it left an immediate stain! I was really surprised! Next is a picture of my bare lips (please don't mind the red spots, my lips aren't doing so well lately, result of a lip picking habit) and my lips with the stain on. 

It was much brighter and pinker than the colour in the tube and I actually can say I love this stain! Pinks and vibrant colours don't usually look good on me, but I feel comfortable enough in this to wear it in public! The wear time: I didn't wear this for long before wiping it off to eat (I hate wear lip products while I'm eating), but I did notice the stain was left for at least half a day, and I was able to apply lip balm on top of it. This lip stain was $5.

Below is the stain wiped off after 10 minutes or so of wear, and then a picture of me wearing the stain :) P.S. The last photo may look slightly brighter than the colour in person!

Topbox: March 2013 & Jan 2013

Here are the contents of my March 2013 Topbox. I know you have probably seen so many of these but I took the pictures so I thought why not share! I was actually very unimpressed with this and the previous few boxes and cancelled after a year of being subscribed.

I recently have had many problems with them, they forgot to send my box once when I switched payment methods (from directly taking the payment from my bank account to Visa instead), and I live so close to their location yet I get my box after everyone else. Also I got a duplicate product in my December Topbox (the Kellett acne gel stuff), and a MUFE powder fd that is way too dark for my skin in my February box. I just feel like we have been getting leftovers and duplicate products lately, and to me Topbox has really gone downhill. It seems like it is way more about highly increasing profit rather than keeping and pleasing their loyal customers. April will be my last box.

Maskeraide Pre Party Prep Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask: I actually won the same mask from xLaMaria's giveaway a few months ago and I've gotten others from Topbox and BB5 before. I wish I had gotten one that I haven't already tried. I am upset that they sent these again, even though it is a different "type" I think they should have focused more on sending up different products/brands to try.

Aveda Caribbean Therapy Body Creme:  I wasn't too happy with this either, mainly because I didn't choose the Aveda box so I was not at all expecting something from Aveda. Many people have said this cream smells terrible, however, I can stand it in the bottle, but then when you put it on it smells a lot more like grass.. or fertilized dirt.. I don't know! I don't really like it and would not be able to sleep with it on. Hopefully I can get the bf to use it. The price is outrageous!
25ml @ $5.25, Full Size: 200ml @ $42

Marc Jacobs Discover Kit/Sampler Pack: When I saw this I was like "omg the bag is so cute!" But then, I realized you can't use it for anything! Can barely stick my fingers in it. Just a bad design and waste of manufacturing.. the zipper should have gone down a lot more.
1.5ml x3 @ $4.75 (Approx.), Full Size: Anywhere from $50-90+

L'Oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil: I don't mind a LOreal product. But I haven't seen this anywhere. I get Topbox and their whole "we never sample drugstore brands', but if your going to anyway, at least make it so its affordable and conveniently available! This is only available at professional salons, and again, way overpriced. Although I did like the way it felt on my hair.
(Approx.) 3ml @ $1.25, Full Size: 125ml @ $26

Topbox, what is with sampling us with overpriced products lately!? 3 things in this box are priced way out of my budget and I don't like floral fragrances so I wouldn't buy the Marc Jacobs perfumes anyway! I just feel like, their business practise has changed, and they are less focused on having us try new things or develop interests in new brands. I'm really disappointed, because I was so impressed with them a year ago, but now, I will likely stop getting these beauty boxes altogether, as they just aren't worth it for me.

Total Value: $16.25 (Approx.)

Here is my January 2013 Topbox. NOTE that the lipstick is a replacement for a duplicate product from the month before.

Above is a photo of my lips before and then with the Clinique Different Lipstick in Think Bronze. I don't like it too much, I think the photo makes it look better than it really is. Eyeshadow duo is: Like Mink.
I didn't even take the time to value this box I dislike it that much! I just placed it at $40 based on what others were stating the value as. Anyway, I was never really fond of Clinique since it gave me skin problems when I tried my aunt's toner and cleanser.

Total Value (Approx): $55, $40 not including the lipstick replacement

Beauty Box 5: February 2013 & January 2013

I've been quite behind on my beauty box reviews, possibly because I haven't been too impressed with any of them lately. I have decided to try the products first before posting about them so I could kind of add a bit of my input about them!

However I really liked the contents of my February Beauty Box 5 and thought I would share! I added my January box below this post as well incase anyone was curious as to what I received. 

I received an amazing box this month, for BB5's 1 Year Anniversary! Although nothing was completely full-sized, the box was heavier than ever before! 

H20 Bath Aquatics Shampoo: This is actually formulated for fine hair, which is great because I have really fine hair! On the website it says it is ideal for cleansing hair brushes/synthetic brushes. I find that a bit odd because I feel like that means it would do a good job in stripping natural oils. When I tried this, I didn't notice any significant difference in my hair.
37ml @ $2.96, Full Size: 250ml @ $20
Coolway Boost Serum/Conditioner: This smelt really chemically to me. Like an artificial berry candy. I didn't notice it doing anything spectacular to my hair. I also think it is way overpriced. I will likely finish it though.
30ml @ $5.06, Full Size: 237ml @ $40

Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub Coconut Lime: I love the scent of this scrub! I tried it and it feels nice and soothing. I like that is is a bit natural, and also very affordable!
156g @ $2.14, Full Size: 510g @ $7

The Brush Guard 1XS, 1SM, 1M: I actually have been wanting to try these, so I am super glad we received them! I bought something similar to these on eBay but they were pretty much the same material that you find fruits in at the grocery store! They are quite stiff and much different/stronger from my eBay 99¢ guards (although they do work decently!).
3 Guards @ $2.75, Full Size: $5.50 (1XS, 2SM, 2M, 2L)

iTrain $50 Gift Card: I am pretty excited to have received this because I have been meaning to start working out again but can't find the motivation to do so. I hope this will motivate me once again! I can't believe we were given such a large amount! I will be sure to use this.
Beauty Box 5 Brush/Mirror Compact: This is in honour of BB5's 1 year anniversary! I absolutely love it and although it doesn't comb my hair the best, it is a cute compact that is light and easy to carry around.

Total Value: 62.91  ||  12.91 w/o iTrain Giftcard

Here is what I got in my January BB5...

Pencil Me in Cosmetics 24 karat liner, Model Co Pomegranate Lip Liner, Ferro Cosmetics Blush x3 in Desert Rose

Perfumies Solid Perfume Stick in Stardust: It has an odd fruity scent and overall I would not typically use this. I didn't find the scent to be strong enough and you can really only smell it when putting your nose right up to where it was applied.
Full Size: 2g @ $7
Pur Lisse Pur Delicate Gentle Soy Milk Cleanser: I used this cleanser for a while. It did take off all my makeup but I feel like it either didn't do anything to my skin or made it worse. It is soap-free and non-irritating which I can vouch for because it didn't dry out my skin and felt gentle, athough it is nothing special in my opinion.
50ml @ $12.05, Full Size: 166ml @ $40
Pencil me in Cosmetics Liner in 24 Karat: I heard that this is a creamy liner, however I didn't find it too creamy. I haven't tried it on the eye yet because I hate the smell of pencils like these.
Full Size: @ $7
Model Co Lip Liner in Pomegranate: I actually don't really like this lip liner. It kind of accentuated my dryness and made my lips look tight. I also don't like the shine to it, I prefer matte lippies.
Full Size: @ $18
Ferro Cosmetics Blush x3 in Desert Rose: This can be used for cheeks, lips, eyes, and nails. I'm not so sure how well it would work on anything but the cheeks, but I actually adore the colour and this it goes well with my pale skin.
Approx. 0.4g? @ $1.70, Full Size: 4g @ $20

Total Value: $45.75

Revlon Nail Art Studio Night

On February 20th I had the amazing opportunity to attend a Revlon event! It was hosted at nail expert Leanne Colley's Tips Nail Bar on Danforth Avenue, Toronto. I feel terrible that this post is a month late but I was initially waiting for my nail swatch wheels to come in, and then hoping that Revlon Canada would put up some photos! I completely forgot to bring my camera to the event!! I have never been to one before, so I was last minute rushing and left my camera charging :( I was lucky to meet up with a fellow beauty blogger, Therese from Canuck Beauty Reviews before the event! I will link her post down at the bottom of this post!

Warning: Post is picture heavy!

Upon arriving we were welcomed by the wonderful Lisa Gerardi, Leanne Colley, and the rest of the Revlon team. Leanne is a top manicurist and nail spokesperson for Revlon. Her nail bar, Tips is a top nail bar in Toronto that has been voted best manicures by mediums such as Blog TO, and Now Magazine! After meeting the team we chatted while the rest of the nail VIP's arrived! Until arriving, I had no clue this was only going to be a small group of maybe 10-12 fellow Toronto bloggers. I felt very honoured to have been one of those selected to participate in this event, thank you Revlon!

We then took our places at the table, and were given an introduction about nail art as well as some tips and tricks from Leanne Colley. We were given the essential tools for nail care, and I was very excited about this because I really needed some of this stuff! I confess I've never used a cuticle clipper, or nail groomer before (I was literally too scared) but I absolutely love these tools! We then began to create some exquisite nail art, and I could not believe how amazing the other girls were! I thought I was decent at nail art, and then I suddenly felt terrible at it haha. They were amazing. It was wonderful to see and hear some great tips from Leanne as well, because I learnt quite a few things about nail art that I  did not know before, and it really gave me a greater interest in it.

I wish I had taken more pictures at the event, I think I really only have one (silly me). I will link some of the other bloggers posts down below so hopefully you can get a much better idea of the event!

Here is what I was given to take home with me, after the event:
Revlon: Crazy Shine Nail Buffer, Expert Nail Groomer Cuticle Pusher/Cleaner, File 'N Peel, Cuticle Nipper, Nail Clip, Pink Sparkly File

We were given the full Revlon Nail Art Collection as well!

Revlon Nail Treatments: Treat & Boost, Nail Brightener, Cuticle Softener

Moon Candy Collection: 200 Moon Dust || 270 Cosmic || 290 Universe || 250 Supernova || 230 Satellite || 240 Eclipse || 280 Orbit || 210 Galactic || 260 Meteor || 220 Milky Way

Neon Collection: 120 Neon Light || 110 High Voltage || 160 Hot Flash || 100 Atomic Pink || 180 Killer Watt || 140 Pink Glow || 170 Ultra Violet || 190 Amped Up || 150 Fluorescent || 130 Laser Beam

Expressionist Collection: 330 Silhouette || 380 Post Modern || 390 Pastel Punk || 340 Pinkasso || 370 Jackson Polish || 320 Monet Monet || 300 Pop Art || 360 Vincent Van Gold || 350 Ulterior Motif || 310 Night & Degas

200 Moon Dust || 270 Cosmic || 290 Universe || 250 Supernova || 230 Satellite
2 Base Coats and 1 Coat of Moon Candy

240 Eclipse || 280 Orbit || 210 Galactic || 260 Meteor || 220 Milky Way
2 Base Coats and 1 Coat of Moon Candy

My favourites so far are Orbit and Galactic. I love the pieces in Metoer as well, the colours are very vibrant and not your typical glitter! It is best to let the moon candy sit upside down for a few minutes, and then flip it over when your ready to apply it. Swirl the brush around the edges of the container because it will likely attract more of the pieces onto the brush! I love these for accent nails!

 120 Neon Light || 110 High Voltage || 160 Hot Flash || 100 Atomic Pink || 180 Killer Watt
1 White Base Coat & 2 Colour Coats

140 Pink Glow || 170 Ultra Violet || 190 Amped Up || 150 Fluorescent || 130 Laser Beam
1 White Base Coat & 2 Colour Coats

The neons basically turned out matte, you have to be sure to have the white base underneath, for the neon shade to really show. I noticed that the last 3 darker colours didn't show up as matte/neon as the others. Also High Voltage and Laser Beam I think were a bit dried out so I had a hard time with application (especially High Voltage), I hope it is fixable! Killer Watt and Pink Glow are my favourites and the most opaque!

Expressionist Collection - 2 Base Coats without Step 2

330 Silhouette || 380 Post Modern || 390 Pastel Punk || 340 Pinkasso || 370 Jackson Polish
2 Base Coats, 1 Nail Art Coat

320 Monet Monet || 300 Pop Art || 360 Vincent Van Gold || 350 Ulterior Motif || 310 Night & Degas
2 Base Coats, 1 Nail Art Coat

My favourite base from the Expressionist collection has to be Silhouette, because it is neutral and very versatile. I love the glitter from Ulterior Motif. I can only imagine so many possibilities with mixing and matching these colours! Night & Degas is a matte black which is lovely as a base!

Overall I really am enjoying the different collections and having fun experimenting with them! I'll be sure to bring some blog posts with some NOTD's as soon as my nails stop peeling on me (I had to give them a break for a bit). Thank you again Revlon, and all the lovely bloggers at the event for the great experience. Here are some of their links: