December Haul: BNBW, EOS, Barry M, Prestige & Sephora Boxing Day!

Slatkin & Co. Candles: Apple Crumble, Holiday Gumdrops, Oatmeal Macaroon, S'Mores

So, I can admit that I really loafted on getting my hauls up, so I just made it into one big December haul. Missed a few things since I already scattered them around my room, so my resolution! is to get my posts up sooner. I take tons of photos and a month later I don't like them anymore haha. So my aunt got these for me, not sure when, but this is what started my candle addiction...

Which turned into this! I got 5 small candles for $25, and 2 minis for $5, used a 30% off coupon and paid $21 for these plus tax! I thought it was a great deal. I have only used up one so far, the Frosted Cupcake mmm. It probably has another hour left on it. I have to say, they burn for quite a while. They seem to never finish! Which is a great thing! I actually noticed that these are made by various brands, 'White Barn, Slatkin & Co., and Bath and Body Works themselves. I haven't noticed a different in the White Barn or Skatkin & Co. but have yet to try the BNBW Candles! Hope they are just as good.

From L to R: Fresh Sugar Kisses Mini Lip Duo, EOS Alice in Wonderland Lip Balm Set, Bourjois Bio Detox Foundation in N52 Vanilla, Barry M Ultra Moisturizing Lip Paint in 161 Flamingo Peach, Prestige Brow Perfection Revitalizing Clear Brow Gel, Anastasia Want You To Want Me Eye Shadow Palette, Below: (2) Prestige Total Intensity Eyeliner in Deepest Black

Moving on.. I picked up these around the beginning of the month. Actually, most of it I bought online and had shipped to me, I only bought the liners, brow gel, and EOS Alice in Wonderland lip balm set in store (Rexall). 

The Fresh Sugar Kisses Duo speaks for itself.. I loved it so much in my Freebies post that I found and purchased one on eBay! It was pricey.. I wouldn't do it again. Impulse buy. 

EOS Lip Balms from Rexall I am in love with and will be doing a short review on them in my next few posts!

The next two items I had bought online from Asos, the Bourjois Bio Detox Foundation was terrible.. it was hard to apply as there is no silicone in the product so it is difficult to blend.. I managed to blend it at night but tried again in the morning over moisturizer and it completely failed and came right off. Will try it again, and put up a review of this as well as the Barry M Ultra Moisturizing Lip Paint, I love the colour of this but it was not me at all, I took lip swatches and will post a review of that as well.

The Prestige liners and brow gel are from Rexall as well, all on sale, and are definitely my HG products. I could not believe how well the liners work. They are dark, stay put, and glide on easily. Only paid $3ish each. Definitely would recommend. Review coming soon as well. 

Anastasia Want You to Want Me Eye Shadow Palette I purchased from Glymm and only paid $9 in total with shipping. I used my $40 credit from the Glymm Stocking Stuffer I received in December. I may be gifting this product or giving it away because I have enough eyeshadows, but we will see! It is a cute set but very tiny.

I think the best part of the day was certainly the samples. I was not happy with 2 out of the 3 of the products...

L to R: Buxom Lashliner in Sequins and Brush, Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Flash, Tarina Tarantino Eye Dream Highlight Duo in Amber/Elektron

 Buxom Lashliner in Sequins and Brush

Not happy at all with this product. Main reason, (see photo below) is that the product had already seperated from the sides of the container. I believe it is quite old.. some others have recognized the same problem and returned their product. The only problem is that if I return I lose VIB status due to them forgetting to count purchases made in November.. so I need to call them and figure out what is going to happen... 

The product is nice, you definitely need to go over with black shadow or a pencil liner to avoid smudging, it seemed quite sticky. Only problem is I got a small waterline pimple wearing this, so I'm not sure if it's this or the UD liner I was wearing but I'm almost positive it would not be the UD, since this product is visibly old. 

Product has shrunk away from the sides...

Tarina Tarantino Eye Dream Highlight Duo in Amber/Elektron, Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Flash

I love both of these! The Urban Decay is very pigmented when time is taken to apply it, and to me it's quite lighter than the colour in the pan. Now.. the problem is with the Tarina Tarantino duo... uhm... what are those little dots along the edges of the pan? It looks like spilt coca cola or something. These were final sale at $5 each so I'm not sure if it's exchangeable for something else or a credit...not sure what I should do. EDIT: I ended up bringing the Tarina Tarantino duo to Sephora, we found out the gooey stuff around the edges was the eyeshadow itself and they offered to refund my purchase :) 

But anyway! Here are the swatches. Swatched the duo anyway.

Top to Bottom (swatched over primer): Buxom Lashliner in Sequins, Urban Decay in Flash, Tarina Tarantino in Amber, Tarina Tarantino in Elektron

The liner takes quite a few tries to get it dark, my advice is to take a little at a time and slowly build the colour. 

Ps. Sorry the purple swatch is on what looks like a vein...! :p