Beauty Box 5: December 2012 Box

To be honest, I cancelled Beauty Box 5 for December, because I just wasn't happy with what they had to offer for October and November. Don't get me wrong, they are amazing and they've had awesome samples from various companies since they've started, but I think I just subscribed at the wrong time...because this month was awesome! I even liked it so much that I subbed for another 3 months, a quarterly sub (which allows me to save $6 yippee!)

I wasn't expecting to get mine so early, due to Christmas gifts and such at the border.. but I surprisingly got it Christmas Eve! Was a nice X-mas gift to myself :)

Ummmm did I mention I'm pretty sure the December box was all full-sized products!?!

The 5 products in my box!

Maskeraide Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask: Weather Warrior
I was breaking out around the time I tried this.. I used Benzoyl Peroxide and it really dried out my skin and didn't help things at all. This really helped moisturize it and bring the life back. My skin felt soft and smooth after using it. Not to mention there was a ton of product, the mask was covered in product! I like that it is not a peel mask either, can't do those! However the witch hazel may have irritated my skin (could have been the aloe vera, either or), the mask certainly did not help my breakouts and I noticed a toner I've been using with witch hazel and aloe vera seemed to make my skin worse. So I won't be purchasing this product, but I'd like to try the others that do not have these ingredients!
Full Size: 23g for $5

Demeter Roll On Perfume Oil - Apple Blossom
This is a super cute addition to the box! I do not like roll on perfumes or floral scents, (btw, my wrists are too boney to roll a rollerball over, ugh) I prefer sprays and fruity scents, but the apple in it kind of takes away from the floralness here I go making up words.. I like it as a scent, but not sure if I will wear it. I would really love to find their other scents though!
Full Size: 8.8ml for $10

Everyday Minerals Flat Top Brush
This brush is said to be suitable for applying both mineral/powder and liquid foundation, with super soft synthetic fibers. I've been in need of a new mineral fd brush, I've been using really old Bare Minerals brushes that are completely scratchy and probably were roughing up my skin. I love this brush. It holds the powder well, bristles are very stiff, but when applying I notice that the powder seems to go everywhere (including all over me) but I just figure to use it before changing haha! It gives good coverage, I use it with the Everyday Minerals foundation. It's also very tiny and travel friendly!
Full Size: $13 - CURRENTLY ON SALE for $8.45, click link above which will bring you to their website!

Shows the stiffness of the bristles

Jean Pierre Cosmetics Exfoliating Facial Cleansing Pads
Alcohol free, hypo-allergenic, removes dead skin cells and deep cleans. Contains cucumber, chamomile, green leaf, and aloe extracts. I was actually thinking of trying this product tonight. I thought I had an allergic reaction to chamomile so I will test them other and update here tomorrow! Although, they are a great price and I've seen decent reviews on them!
Full Size: 16 Pads for $1.99

Ofra Cosmetics 3D Loose Shadow - Diamond Glitz
This is a multi-tonal shadow that can be used wet or dry! It gives off a 3D effect using various colours. When I first swatched I noticed the shadow was purple.. then I thought it was green, but on primed skin it is brown with a 3D shimmer to it! On bare skin it doesn't show up the best, more shimmery and less brown. I can only imagine how much better it would look wet! This is another full-sized product and was very generous considering how well pigmented it is. View a swatch below!
Full Size: 4g for $19.90

Swatched without primer on top, with primer on the bottom (brown). Primer really makes a huge difference.

Total value of this month's bag was: $49.90
Sure I've had higher valued boxes before, but I can actually use all of these products and nothing will go to waste! BB5 impressed me and I know they will impress me for January as well as I already know 2 spoilers! Did you like your box? For those of you who didn't subscribe, would you have liked it?