Topbox: December 2012

I got a duplicate product this month, the Kellett Moisturizing Gel, which I received in my August Topbox. I felt like my survey really wasn't taken into account this month either and emailed Topbox about these issues. I was told they would give me a bonus product next month to make up for the duplicate. However my survey wasn't even looked at because I changed my email a few days after doing the survey! Makes sense, but I still think this is a ridiculous reason. Why should you be allowed to change your email so easily on the website if something like that would happen? In that case you should have to email them to change it or something... I was disappointed I didn't receive the foundation, and got products that don't even apply to me. 

Chloe Eau De Parfum:
I don't really consider this a deluxe sample but I guess it is since it's worth $10 and comes in a cute bottle. I don't like the scent, it's just not me (too floral). I got this free from The Bay previously and I'm kind of disappointed I got it again. I'm really tired of the floral samples from these beauty box companies!
Deluxe Sample Size: 5ml for $10, (Full Size: 30ml for $60)

Ferro Blush X3 in Bashful Swatch On Bare Skin, Top=Artificial Light, Bottom=Daylight

Ferro Cosmetics Blush X3 (Cheeks, Eyes, Lips) in Bashful:
This reminds me of Nars Orgasm, I swatched it above. I will definitely try to use this but it's difficult since the sample came without a sifter, and I was warned by others to tap it hard on a table first so it didn't spill all over the place, but there was still a TON stuck in the threads of the lid. I would have potentially bought the foundation since I was looking for a new one, but due to the email change issue I got stuck with this. It's a very pretty colour I just do not look good in blush as I'm pale right now and naturally blush all the time haha.
Deluxe Sample Size: Deluxe Sample Size: 0.4g? for $1.70, (Full Size: 4g for $17)
The reason I valued it so low is that I have FD that is 4.8g and I used that as a reference. It's estimated, please let me know if you have an accurate value!

Goldwell Sleek Perfection - Thermal Spray Serum:
Have yet to try this, I don't usually style my hair but I do like to fix it in the mornings. Will hopefully test this out tomorrow.
Deluxe Sample Size: 20ml for $2.19, (Full Size: 100ml for $10.59)

Kellett Skincare - Moisturizing Gel:
Disappointed, received this in my August Topbox. They said they will make up for it next month so I hope it will be worth it. Heard this burnt the skin of many people tried it.. I am too scared to try it on my sensitive skin. Benzoyl peroxide majorly dried out and burnt my skin so I won't be using any harsh products for acne in the meantime. ALSO I would definitely not purchase the full size for $95. Especially since Kellett cannot respond to my 3 emails about the ingredients list. Just seems a little sketchy.
Sample Size: 3ml x2 for $11.40, (Full Size: 50ml for $95)

Total value of this month's box: $25.29
Wow, so I don't even know what to say about the value of this box. Technically the value of the box for me is $3.89! I just ruined my own day figuring this out... I was okay with the products but now I will just join the completely disappointed club! Reason for this value is I already got the Chloe Parfum free from The Bay, and I don't like floral scents so I guess I'll have to put this one up for trade as well. The Kellett Gel I won't be trying either as I already received it and do not want to risk burning my skin. If January's box isn't much of an improvement I will be forced to cancel.