ipsy: My Glam Bag December 2012

I got my first ipsy/myglam bag last week! Got my tracking code on the 10th, but because Canada Post and the border are so backed up at this time of the year I didn't receive the box until the 17th! I didn't mind as long as long as this doesn't happen every month which I'm sure it won't. I know I haven't blogged in a while! I'll admit I've been lazy... I was so busy with exams but now that they are finally done and I've just been trying to get things done around the house the past week.
I tried out some of the products during the week I've had them, so I can add a little bit of input on whether or not I like!

So here is the overall photo! Sorry for the quality, I think the metallic pink packaging really threw off my camera here...I also apologize for the poorly lit photos, I am experimenting with places around the house to find the best lighting haha.
I really love this bag and in my opinion it's the best one I've ever gotten from a beauty box company! I've been subscribed to at least one for just over a year and I have never been this happy with all of the products. I also love the silver/grey makeup bag and will probably be using it as a pencil case depending on the colour we get next month!

Ipsy was finally introduced to Canadians for November 2012 and I chose not to subscribe because I thought I'd only use one of the products (theBalm Meet Matte eyeshadow) so it wasn't really worth the $15 for me. I just had to sub for December though as a Christmas present to myself!

We got 5 products in this month's bag, 3 being full-sized and 2 being very generous deluxe-sized samples!

Be a Bombshell Lip Gloss in Hot Mess:
Full sized product! So I can't pull off a red gloss, maybe a cherry red lipstick but not a gloss on it's own. I personally can't wear glosses anymore because I don't like the way they feel. See for swatches below (I only swatched it on my hand so I can possibly trade it in the future) but from other examples such as this video on Ipsy's official website it looks like it'd be amazing over any red lipstick. There was also a crack on the tube but I don't think it's deep enough to cause a leak or anything.
Full Size: $14

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil in Zero:
I have a HG pencil liner that is super affordable (won't spoil it as I'll be posting a review soon!) but this is just as good! But for the price, I wouldn't buy it. I use black liners almost every day and that would just be way too expensive for me. It doesn't tug on your eye and it's very gentle and the pigmentation is great. This is my first UD liner and I am thinking of getting one of their set's now that I can see what all the hype is about!
Deluxe Sample Size: $15.33, (Full Size: $23)

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania in Baby Pink:
Full sized product! I don't usually use loose pigments but after seeing so many great swatches with loose pigments I think I am going to start. I swatched this, along with the liner and lipgloss, over the Mirabella primer and I think it's a beautiful sheer pink. I haven't tried it as an eyeshadow yet but I think it'd work best for the inner corners. I want to get the gold now, but these are much cheaper, probably half the price or less in the US and I have only seen them at Rexall for $6 here in Canada.
Full Size: $6

Mirabella Prime for Face and Eyes:
Another full sized product! This is suppose to be good for both eyes and face. It worked well for my eyes but it doesn't help the colour show up brighter, like Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Insurance would. Nevertheless my shadow stayed put all night! It's paraben-free which is great, and the ingredients seem very minimal with most being silicones. I went through a faze a few weeks ago where I thought I was breaking out from silicones, but their in almost every product I use and have used for more than 5 years so I am kind of doubting myself now. I used this all over the face and I really like it! A+!
Full Size: $29

Mai Couture Highlighter Papier:
Small sheets that look like blotting wipes, but are meant to be used as a highlighter for the face or body. They are meant to be compact and non-messy because you do not have to use a brush or powder. Instead you lightly press it on your skin where you want the highlight. Some people are claiming this is making them orange but I used it sparingly and it didn't make me orange, but it didn't quite give me a glow, but some shimmer and sparkles instead! I think that the individual sheets could definitely be saved and used more than once, they have a ton of pigment on each one. I like this but I would not buy it because it doesn't quite seem like a highlighter.
Deluxe Sample Size: $14, (Full Size: $28)

Left: Artificial Light, Right: Natural
Swatches from Top to Bottom: Be a Bombshell Lip Gloss (Hot Mess), Urban Decay Liner (Zero), NYX Ultra Pearl Mania (Baby Pink)
I swiped these all over the Mirabella Face and Eyes Primer. The UD liner was a light swipe and was hard to remove afterwards! The NYX didn't show up too pigmented so like I said I think it would be a lot better over my UD Shadow Insurance.

Ipsy really impressed me this month. Total value of this month's bag was: $77.33. I definitely did not expect the 3 full sized products, and the other 2 products to be very generous samples, but I hope Ipsy keeps this up. I do not expect full sized products by any means, but I do expect deluxe samples, rather than receiving a ton of packet sized samples. Did you like your bag? What NYX pigment did you get?