Topbox: November 2012!

Here is a little preview of what I got in my November Topbox. I know some people have been curious about what's in it so I am scrambling to post these photos first and will add the reviews as I've begun trying the products out.

Cuccio Naturale Butter Pomegranate & Fig (Hydrating Butter Blend)
10x the Moisturizing Power of Lotion. A non-oily intense hydrating treatment for silky smooth skin.
Received: Sample Size @ $0.73
Full Size: 240 g @ $18.95

I'm not one to use hand cream but I really like this. This stuff does what is claims, It actually is non-oily! I can put it on my hands and it absorbs almost instantly and does not make my hands sticky whatsoever. 
I would highly recommend this for those who hate oily creams (making their hands uncomfortable and slippery). I didn't appreciate the bubbles inside making it look like an aero bar (which also means less product) but I def will be purchasing the full size anyway!

Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes (Waterproof Eyeliner)
An award-winning, waterproof, smudge-proof, and fade-proof eyeliner that doubles as a vibrant eye shadow.
Received: 0.7 g @ $12.35
Full Size: 1.13 g @ $20

Pandora's Makeup Box Polish and Perfume Duo 
These paired polishes and perfumes are fabulous for travel or gifting!
Received: Full Size @ $24.50/pair
Full Size: $24.50/pair

I am not interested in trying out the polish, I've seen swatches and the colour is usable but I usually wear bright, pastel colours on my nails. They've been very very brittle lately from wearing polish all summer so I let them breathe for a few months. I tested the perfume. It's really faint, smells like a mix of candy and flowers. It's not too bad, I don't like floral fragrances but I can stand this as it's not too strong.

Total Topbox November Value: $37.58

If anyone wants to trade for the coral/citrus duo please!!! I will love you forever :D